SRH Chapter 199 [Part 1]

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Chapter 199: The Secret Inside the Chip [Part 1]

Looking at the scale of the research base, the sandstorm caused by this level of destruction would continue for at least an hour.

The sky was still covered in sand, and the wind was still as strong as ever. Without a gas mask, it would be difficult to even breathe in this environment. They would inhale sand the second they opened their mouths.

“Czedow, read this chip for a bit.”

Cillin passed the chip inside the metallic box to Czedow. This item must be incredibly important If Shelt had stored it in the same spot as the Aurelio star map piece. At the very least, it was incredibly important to Shelt.


Czedow accepted the chip, and a port appeared on his arm. He pushed the chip inside as light shot out of his eyes and created a hologram before him.

At first, there were some readable data inside the chip. A large majority of them contained Shelt’s research efforts after working for ‘Miracle’ in this research base for many years. They were records of all kinds of experimental bodies be it the successful or failed ones. Five digits of human lives that were progressing steadily towards six digits were sacrificed for the sake of Shelt’s research. The number of animals sacrificed was even bigger. Both large-sized animals and all kinds of precious alien beasts were sacrificed in great numbers.

It could be said that this chip was Shelt’s research records and an important piece of evidence. GAL could officially sue Miracle Co., Ltd with this, and the higher ups would be driven greatly to up their games and reform their ranks.

However, as Czedow continued to read further into the chip, the latter content became riddled with characters. It looked like some kind of code.

Every time he tried to read further into the chip, he would be stopped by these codes.

Czedow attempted to decode them, but made no progress at all after attempting a couple of different methods.

Cillin stared at these characters and fell silent.

He wasn’t unfamiliar with these characters. There were plenty of domains that used these few types of characters, but the characters also represented a different kind of meaning in each area. If that was the case, what would be inside this chip?

Cillin read through these disrupting characters closely. Suddenly, he thought that they looked somewhat familiar.

Why was that?

Cillin wasn’t able to recall the object that triggered this sense of familiarity. The incidents as of late had caused his mind to clutter up a little. There were times when he experienced a clear sense of inspiration, but was unable to grasp it within his palm.

While thinking, the gray cat walked over and brushed itself lightly across Cillin’s hand. It had enjoyed a full meal back at the research base, devouring practically all of the experimental beasts Tang Qiuqiu had encountered along the way. Of course, it spat out those that were untasty. As a result it was now incredibly full, and when it was full it would going to sleep no matter the environment or circumstances.

Cillin cast a glance at the fellow that brushed itself across his hand and understood that it was going to sleep again. He scratched the gray cat’s chin and said, “Good cat. Do find another place to sleep, will you? I need to think on something.”

The gray cat purred twice in disatisfaction. This sculpture was unsuited for napping! After turning its head and casting a sweeping glance across its surroundings once, the gray cat saw Tang Qiuqiu lying beside Snowball and Scarlet Wind. And so it walked over, grabbed Scarlet Wind’s tail and pressed its body against Snowball’s. Snowball’s soft and round body, thick hair and Scarlet Wind’s tail made a good temporary bed.

Once it was satisfied with its handiwork, the gray cat curled itself into a ball and began sleeping.

When Cillin saw the gray cat curling itself into a ball, a memory suddenly entered his mind.

If I use that sequence…

It fits. It actually fits!

Cillin began connecting the sequences in his mind to these disrupting characters. His fingers worked deftly across the window as he reordered and realigned these characters to its proper place.

“Correct, pass.”

“Correct, pass.”

“Correct, pass.”

Czedow’s eyes flashed a series of ‘pass’ passed by the screen in succession. Ever since he encountered ‘Aier’, his desire to absorb new technology had become akin to that of a human’s. The reason Cillin said that Czedow was the AI system with the greatest potential was because Czedow had self-autonomy within a certain baseline.

“Not all codes could be decoded using the conventional decoding methods. Sometimes, you must make decision based on a case-by-case or person-by-person basis.”

“These characters are in fact derived characters commonly used in abbreviation of amino acid transcribed from Shelt’s mtDNA.”

As these characters were decoded one after another, they slowly transformed into a helix similar to Shelt mtDNA.

Once the helix was formed completely, the image changed and displayed some information instead. It was a brief introduction to the latter half content of the chip. Several representative names were recorded inside this content, and they were all people that were related to ‘Miracle’. There were government officials, military personnel, and several famous GAL business groups. Besides that, Cillin also saw a familiar name – Juno!

He was the person who created the AI system ‘Aier’. Cillin didn’t have the time to analyse ‘Aier’s’ final words back then, but he had to admit that they shook him greatly.

If what ‘Aier’ said was the truth, then Juno had created her well enough to be used in the research base of Miracle Co., Ltd. Her capabilities as an AI were undeniable, and yet ‘Aier’ said that she was just a disqualified product by Juno. If that was the case, then where were the rest of the qualified AI systems?

He looked at the names displayed on the window. They were just a small part of the whole list. The latter half of the chip’s content most definitely involved more secrets involving Miracle Co., Litd and even more people. Shelt had not definitely not mistaken the chip’s value and given it the proper regard.

Originally, Cillin was going to pass over this chip to Knight. However, he had to change his mind now not because he couldn’t trust Knight, but because he couldn’t trust the military. He had to insure his safety.

Cillin had also thought of requesting Czedow to copy part of the chip’s content and create a new chip for Knight, but he quickly denied the idea. With Knight and his team’s abilities, they had obtained more or less all of the research content they could get. The chip wouldn’t add much value to the cause, and it might even trigger some people’s suspicion.

There was no doubt that this chip was very important to the higher ups of ‘Miracle’. Right now, Cillin couldn’t expose the fact that he possessed this chip, or it would be very difficult for him to return to Vanguard.

Cillin decided not to tell Knight about the chip after fully mulling over the matter.

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