SRH Chapter 197 [Part 1]

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Chapter 197: The AI System With the Greatest Potential [Part 1]

The infected researcher’s face turned a shade of red, white, and finally green. In the end, a couple of parasites burst out of the researcher’s skull and caused blood to become splattered everywhere.

The splattered blood was not bright red in color. Instead, it was a dark, sticky substance that quickly congealed in a short time.

“These blood cells are all polluted. The toxin secreted by the parasites seeps into the blood and is carried throughout the body by the circulatory system. The brain is eaten at the same time too.”

Cillin explained what happens after these parasites entered the human body. While Cillin’s tone was very calm, the rest of the people were feeling a chill climbing up their spine already. They had faced alien beasts tens of times larger than a human being, and they had charged through hails of bullet rain in battle before. They had brushed past death for many times during their time as soldiers, but they couldn’t help the chill in their hearts when they watched these parasites all the same. They couldn’t shake the feeling that their own brains were starting to experience a similar reaction.

Knight sighed emotionally after killing all three long and many-limbed parasites, “Too fast. Their growth is too fast.”

In just half an hour’s time, these parasites had grown from the size of an ant to a palm. He had to admit that their capacity for growth was shocking.

The reason these parasites could grow this swiftly was because Cillin had tinkered with their genes with this purpose in mind. Just like the previous two kinds of parasites that had eliminated ‘Poison Fang’, these parasites were injected with death inducing genes. Upon reaching a certain stage of growth and breaking point, these death inducing genes would activate and subject the parasites to programmed death. However, there was one difference: these ‘brain eating’ parasites couldn’t reproduce. These parasites didn’t exist naturally. Cillin had created and brought these parasites to life at the workshop Enji had left behind to him. Therefore, Cillin made sure that they had no reproductive ability to avoid a specie invasion.

Sometimes, Cillin thought that he himself wasn’t much different from the researchers in this ‘Miracle’ research base. They were both sufficiently cold blooded to pull off their research. Back then, Cillin already noticed that he was an extremely apathetic person who could watch every person on Poison Fang’s planet slowly succumb to the fear of death calmly.

A human’s selfishness was inborn. He only wanted to treat himself and those he was acquainted with well, and tread his own path. That was all.

“I admit that this kind of parasite is extremely threatening, but this is a powerless researcher. How would they fare if they went up against those human puppets? What about the beast puppets?” a person asked.

“That’s easy. We just catch one and conduct another experiment.” Luther said expressionlessly.

“Time’s not enough.” Knight said, “We don’t have time to conduct an experiment specifically for this.”

“Then let’s draw up several plans now and alternate between them according to the circumstances while we experiment.”

Cillin agreed with Yue Lou’s plan. Right now, he wanted to rescue Snowball and Scarlet Wind as soon as possible, “We start a commotion. This base is mostly made up of human puppets, with the rest being researchers. The moment the human puppets fall into disorder, the guards would naturally deal with them on our behalf. Meanwhile, your team could collect more information and I could save my companions.”

After some brief thinking, the eleven people gathered in a circle and began discussing countermeasures while Tang Qiuqiu and Czedow stood at the side. At first, Tang Qiuqiu’s attention was drawn to the circle as she listened to their plans on how to rescue Snowball and Scarlet Wind. However, her gaze suddenly became attracted to the gray cat because it was wearing a weird look on its face.

Crouched on top of Cillin’s shoulders, the gray cat was currently pondering how to create some commotion of its own and eat some alien beast test subjects that hadn’t been injected with drugs yet. From what it gathered, these alien beasts were all of excellent quality, so logically speaking they should be pretty tasty too. Slurp. It’s been a while since I ate those…

An hour later.

Rolin and another team member disguised as a technician carried two parasite eggs that Cillin handed over to them into the key experiment area. Although entering that place required multiple ID checks and scans, Czedow was right behind them. Earlier, Czedow had hacked into the system to investigate the various information of the researcher who got his head blown off by the parasite, and he had everything from iris, fingerprint and genetic data. Without needing to disguise himself on purpose, Czedow could transform directly into that researcher’s appearance. After putting on a set of work clothes, Czedow led the way not far ahead of Rolin and his team member.

Wherever Czedow went, all guarded entrances and scan system had ignored their presences. The doors opened on their own, and the scanners didn’t trigger the alarm either.

Cillin and the rest of the team continued to hang out inside the staff hostel and watched as the situation unfolded on the displays.

Czedow and the group’s movements were tracked on the displays. An in depth layout was displayed as well.

They didn’t go deep into the area. They simply put the two parasite eggs onto the two human puppets guarding the outskirts of the area noiselessly and waited around a corner. Through the live feed Czedow had intercepted and produced as a holographic image from the security camera at the corridor, they could see that two parasites had quietly hatched from their eggs on the human puppets’ body and slipped inside.

“The parasites look extremely excited. Apparently, the human puppets are a lot more attractive to them than the average researcher.” Cillin said as he stared at the screen.

This was without a doubt good news.

Although the human puppets had lost their ability to feel pain, their control over their brain region had also become more simplistic. Adding that to the fact that they were modified and enhanced, the parasites were absolutely thrilled to enter a brain environment like this.

It didn’t take long before the two puppets’ face began to writhe in response. However, their eyes were as empty, lifeless and emotionless as ever. They had lost their ability to feel pain already.

Ten minutes later, the human puppets’ facial veins began to bulge. The bulging veins gave the them a sinister appearance, and their eyes were starting to turn red as well.

A drop of black blood seeped out of the puppet’s eyes, slid off the faces filled with bulging veins and fell off. Then, it was followed by a second and third drop of blood…

By now the human puppets no longer looked as rigid as they were before. Their arms were trembling, and their heads were shaking slightly too. They looked like they were struggling with their thoughts or something.

Suddenly, one of the human puppets swung his arm horizontally and sent another human puppet flying away with a punch. However, the collapsed human puppet quickly climbed back to their feet. The red-and-black blood in the human puppet’s eyes began to flow faster and faster, the blood that splattered on the ground while they were punched quickly congealed on the ground and emitted a pungent smell. Czedow controlled the defense system around this area and prevented it from sounding the alarm.

When Cillin saw the analysis data transmitted by Czedow, his eyes lit up, “The blood of the human puppets infected by the parasites contains a kind of volatile gas. Anyone who inhales too much of it will experiences unconsciousness, foaming, mental confusion or even severe cerebral contusion!”

Rolin and the other team member had already put on their gas masks at Czedow’s cue. However, they felt a bit strange when they saw that Czedow hadn’t bothered to take any kind of protective measures. Still, they chose not to ask after a brief thought. There were plenty of strange things and people in this world. This guy before them might be one of them.

They didn’t realize that Czedow was a robot and not a human.

“Execute Plan B!”

After laying down the command, Knight led his ops team and split up to execute the operation. Meanwhile, Cillin, Tang Qiuqiu and the gray cat had also begun their next move.


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