SRH Chapter 195

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Chapter 195: Hello Again, Knight

Cillin had just finished speaking when three drug box fragments were thrown right at his eyes, heart and kidney area. At the same time, the attacker himself had charged towards him. A normal person wouldn’t even notice a blur.

Cillin was prepared for this reaction when he said these words. It was just that this person gave him a very familiar feeling. After dodging the three fragments, Cillin raised an arm and blocked the fist flying towards his face.

The second his hand came into contact with the attacker’s fist, Cillin immediately figured out his identity.


The attacker who was about start the next series of attacks stopped at the exclamation.

Knight swiftly backed away until he had put at least ten meters between himself and Cillin. Knight stared at him warily. He had not recognized Cillin because Cillin’s appearance had changed far too much compared to how he looked at Seven Lights.

“Who are you?” Knight had already prepped the silent needles for fire while he was asking this question. The second he confirmed that this person wasn’t on his side, he was going to kill him immediately.

Knight’s reaction couldn’t be faulted. After all, he remembered everyone who accompanied him here very well, and he would be able to identify them even if they had put on a disguise. But this person…

When Knight saw this person for the first time, he was sure he didn’t recognize him. But after they clashed against each other briefly, he was assaulted by a strange sense of familiarity. Now that sense of familiarity was growing stronger and stronger, but he just couldn’t find this person no matter how much he searched through his memory! Moreover, the person standing before him held no malice towards him at all. Even the look in his eyes was the kind that was shared among close companions only.

Who on earth is he?
Knight thought conflictingly.

Cillin let out a low chuckle, “I knew you wouldn’t recognize me.”

It was at this moment the gray cat jumped into the open.

“Hey Cillin, are you done? We have a situation here. Should we start cutting off the power?’

Knight’s eyes twitched the second he heard the name ‘Cillin’. Then, his eyes slowly widened as he stared at him and froze on the spot. He looked like he wasn’t sure how to react.

Cillin walked past Knight and looked at the hologram displayed on Czedow’s hand.

A few experimenters were shown to have entered Tang Qiuqiu’s supervision room. They were also holding syringes and test tubes.

Cillin was just about to say something when Knight came over with an annoyed look on his face, “Don’t worry, we have some men over there.”

While saying this, Knight tapped on the small round disc he wore on his hand a couple of times. It was a secret code they used within the ops team for communication.

Cillin nodded and motioned them to not cut off the electricity first.

Seeing that Cillin trusted the other party so easily, the gray cat cocked its head and looked at Knight, “Who is this enemy of our enemy?”

“He’s Knight, one of my roommates back then just like Lung.”

The second the gray cat heard that Knight was like Lung, it immediately jumped over with bright eyes and patted Knight with its paw, “Aiya, so you’re one of us.”

Knight: “…” Why is there a cat here?

Knight moved his gaze backwards and looked at Czedow, “And who is he?”

The gray cat interrupted before Cillin could answer, “He’s called Czedow. We’re on the same side!”

“Czedow? That reminds me of Shadow X.”

Cillin looked at the gray cat, “See, I told you that ‘Shadow X’ is a good name.”

Knight raised his fist and pressed it against Cillin’s head, “Like hell it’s good. Do you have no shame, you bastard!”

If he wasn’t limited by the environment and circumstances, Knight would’ve beaten Cillin up already. Back then the method Cillin chose to depart pissed him off so much that he was angry for ten days straight. Even today that frustration was still stuck in his heart like an uncomfortable stone that just had to be removed. Once this mission was over, he was absolutely going to beat up this devious bastard. He knew on first sight that this bastard excelled at pissing people off.

“You guys are the ones who tinkered with the monitoring devices, aren’t you?” Knight asked. He might have phrased the line as a question, but his tone was very certain. No ordinary people could’ve tinkered with the monitoring devices, and that included the people in their small ops team as well. At best, they could only copy video footages off them.

Knight held a palm-sized device in his hand. With this device, they could copy all security camera records within a five hundred meter radius without needing to visit the security room. However, Cillin’s group was even greater than he expected, capable of tinkering with the footages themselves in the area. ‘Miracle’s’ supervision network was pretty high-end after all.

“Why did you guys come here?” Cillin asked.

“You should know a bit about ‘Miracle’s’ black reputation, don’t you? They’ve gone overboard in the recent years, and someone up there couldn’t stand what they’re doing, not to mention that some of ‘Miracle’s’ backers had fallen from grace recently. Since someone wants to give ‘Miracle’ a big ‘operation’, we accepted this mission and came over to collect evidence.”

They didn’t know just how bad it was until they came, and no one in the team could calm down after seeing the witnessing the horrific tragedies that went on in this place everyday. Before ‘Miracle’, most of the experiments they saw involved animals, but every test subject here was basically human. If there were animals, they were of the extremely rare and precious kind.

The human test subjects ranged from embryos that weren’t yet fully developed to humans of all stages of development. No one was exempt from atrocious treatment.

The experimenters cared nothing for their lives. To obtain one impressive data, they could sacrifice one, several, tens, hundreds or thousands of innocent lives without hesitation. When they couldn’t find volunteers, they would grab one right off the street. Knight’s team once saw a newborn bleeding to death due to metabolic disorder after being injected with a certain drug before it was thrown away like trash by the experimenters.

After that, they killed two experimenters, and two of their companions disguised themselves as the two experimenters and infiltrated into their midst. Right now, the person giving Tang Qiuqiu an injection was one of those two spies.

“You know, Cillin. Back then I admired researchers a lot due to people like Ci Jincheng and Elder Mo. But after I met these people, I feel like their families should die with them.”

At the same time, Tang Qiuqiu was trapped inside a pillar-like room similar to the supervision room Cillin was locked in earlier. All the human test subjects in this area were young kids, and most of them had been kidnapped directly.

“The test subject is showing signs of awakening, but she has not regained her mobility yet. Keep up the injection.”

Tang Qiuqiu opened her eyes while listening to the unfamiliar voices around her. What entered her eyes were a few people dressed in white work clothes. One of them was holding a syringe and a test tube, while the other two were adjusting the instruments.

“I can’t believe they would send in a non-rank A genotype kid in here this time. That said, this kid’s drug resistance is pretty good. She should make a better test subject.”

Tang Qiuqiu wanted to move, but she discovered that she had completely lost control over her muscles. Even breathing was somewhat difficult for her.

Right now, Tang Qiuqiu’s vision was very clear. While she couldn’t move, her mind was in a state of great clarity. She didn’t scream even after noticing the unfamiliar surroundings. Instead, she kept quiet. Cillin once told her that the more dangerous things were, the calmer she should become.

However, she was just a kid after all. When she saw the syringe she did her utmost to move away her arm. However, she still couldn’t move.

The person giving her the injection pierced the syringe into her arm, and the scarlet liquid inside the syringe flowed into her body. She could feel the liquid flowing to every corner of her body.

However, what puzzled Tang Qiuqiu was that the experimenter who gave her the injection had winked at her when she looked up. His eyes were smiling not in a malicious way, but an encouraging one.

The experimenters hadn’t left for long before Tang Qiuqiu began to experience allergic reactions all over her body. Her temperature rose rapidly, and her heart stopped not long after that.

“Tsk, I should’ve known that trash genes are trash genes. A rank A genotype kid would do better.” an experimenter sneered as he stared at the data displayed on the monitor.

“Let’s process her quickly. What a waste of drugs.”

And so Tang Qiuqiu was sent to the waste processing plant as a failed test subject just like Cillin.

This time, Cillin acted even swifter than before. Just like before, he gave the experimenter who transported the failed test subject the hypnosis treatment. Right now, it wasn’t time to stir things up just yet. While these hypnotised experimenters might recall some bits and fragments of memories later, it would be too late by then.

Cillin pulled open the bag’s zipper. Knight injected another kind of drug into Tang Qiuqiu, and her heart began to beat again after a few minutes later, followed by the recovery of her vitals.

“Big brother Cillin, they took away Snowball.” Tang Qiuqiu said with red eyes. It was because of her gluttony that it turned out like this. Tang Qiuqiu grew even more guilty after she learned that Scarlet Wind was taken away as well.

Cillin rubbed her head and said, “It’s not your fault. They had their eyes on Snowball since the beginning. Even if they didn’t grab it now, they still would’ve grabbed it later.”

“They took away my gun, and my emblem too!!”

“It’s okay. We just need to take it back.”

While speaking, Cillin turned to Knight and asked, “Do you have a spare gun?”

When the military operated, their equipment were definitely customized to fit the mission. It was a lot more convenient to move around here with special guns.

Knight tossed a gun he was carrying directly to Cillin, but to his surprise Cillin tossed it into Tang Qiuqiu’s hands. He didn’t say anything other than raising an eyebrow, though. He might not understand why it was necessary to pass a gun into a kid’s hands, but it wasn’t the time to argue about this either.

“I’ll bring you guys to our hideout right now to research our next step. The important research facilities of the base aren’t easily infiltrated, and there’s no point getting anxious about it right now. We haven’t made any real progress ourselves even though we’ve been here for quite some time. That being said, we got some good news. According to our intel, the research on beast types on the other side are being temporarily halted because they’re lacking a kind of test drug. This gives us at least thirty hours to work with. Thirty hours later, the test drugs they bought would’ve arrived, once your two companions are injected with the drugs they’re basically no different from puppets. Those that failed to become puppets would be killed directly.”

Thirty hours. They didn’t have much time.

Knight led Cillin and his group to a small unit inside the base. It wasn’t a secluded area at the edge of the base, but a technician’s hostel. The experimenter who originally lived here had already been killed by Knight and his team. One of them took over the experimenter’s identity. Speaking of which, the military definitely weren’t lacking in talent considering that they could take over a person’s identity without slipping up.

When Cillin walked inside, he was surprised to see two familiar figures. Although he hadn’t seen them for three years and they were wearing disguises, Cillin still recognised them at first glance.

“Yue Luo, Feng Haicao. Long time no see.”

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