SRH Chapter 189 [Part 2]

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Translator’s Notes: A blabbermouth’s gotta blabber man.

Chapter 189: The First Generation Liquid Nucleus Chips [Part 2]

Cillin picked up the object and gave it a look. It was slightly bigger than a 2nd generation chip, and the results of his analysis told him that its exterior was far tougher than a 2nd generation chip’s as well.

Cillin looked at the gray cat, “When did you kill a 1st generation robot?”

The gray cat immediately puffed up upon hearing this, “I’m not the one who smashed it into the sorry state it was in!”

The reason the gray cat hadn’t followed Cillin into the protected zone and went out for a walk earlier was because it saw some of the big fellows lying on the ground in confusion. Some of the robots were wrecked beyond recognition, and some of their heads were completely blown off their top.

Knowing that Cillin needed the liquid nucleus chips, the gray cat had jumped over to the bodies in search for more. However, it noticed that the nucleus chips were all gone, and saw a type of mini robot unlike any of these generation robots procuring the liquid nucleus chips from the robots’ heads and taking them away. They were headed to the ancient castle. It would seem that Frentz valued these 1st generation nucleus chip a lot.

This made the gray cat even more curious. It went through some places and finally found a 1st generation robot whose head was smashed to pieces and its body destroyed beyond recognition. It dug out the liquid nucleus chip inside its brain directly and swallowed it.

Unless the liquid nucleus chip was spat out, or the gray cat had willingly divulged the information, there was no chance those scanners could glean anything from it at all. That was why Frentz had not discovered anything amiss within the Third and Sixth Squad while searching for the three missing 1st generation nucleus chips. He hadn’t found anything after searching for them throughout the entire globe either. Later on, Frentz concluded that the reason behind the missing chips was ‘Grim Reaper’. This was because he discovered a disconnected segment within the memory section inside a 2nd generation robot’s liquid nucleus chip that contained a footage of the robot transporting the 1st generation nucleus chips to the members of ‘Grim Reaper’.

At first, the gray cat was waiting for Cillin to take the initiative and ask it what’s wrong. This was because it felt that it could hide nothing in front of Cillin. In reality, Cillin had feigned ignorance and pretended that he didn’t notice anything. Since he never asked the question the gray cat was waiting for, it had held back the urge to divulge the news all the time.

What an embarrassment this gray cat was for a so-called universally rare half cyborg lifeform!

In the end, the gray cat could no longer hold it in when it saw that Cillin was getting ready to go to bed. The string in its head snapped, and it swung its paw in attempt to slap Cillin in the face. It was at this moment Cillin opened his eyes and stopped it.

When the gray cat had explained everything it kept cooped up inside its heart, Cillin fell silent for a few seconds before stretching out his hands and rubbing the gray cat’s head for some time. He stopped only when the gray cat was about to puff up again, and as he put away the 1st generation robot’s liquid nucleus chip inside its leaf-patterned ring he patted the cat’s head and said, “Let’s sleep. I’ll give you an extra large meal tomorrow!”

The gray cat instantly sent the questions prepped inside its head off with a flying kick the second it heard the words ‘extra meal’, “I want to eat fish biscuits!”

“Alright, fish biscuits it is.”

The gray cat purred, rolled its body into a ball and pressed itself against Cillin’s arm, getting ready to sleep. It feels so much better after I’ve said what I cooped up inside my heart… but what was I going to ask again just now? Oh, never mind. Let’s think of fish biscuits.

Cillin smiled as he watched the stupid cat pressing close to him and curling up like a dumpling. This guy!

In fact Cillin had thought of attacking those imbecilic robots himself. However, there were a couple of reasons that prevented him from doing so. One, it wasn’t easy to act when Frentz was paying close attention to the 1st generation robots. Two, the 1st generation robots weren’t easy to deal with. Not only were they huge, they were also swift, tough and incredibly powerful. It would take him a while to kill one, and it would be difficult to justify his actions if he was discovered. He didn’t have the time to search for them after the battle had ended either.

This liquid nucleus chip is probably the same as the 2nd and 3rd generation robot’s, except that it uses a different connection method.
Cillin forgot the idea of obtaining some 1st generation liquid nucleus chip for himself since he already obtained some 2nd and 3rd generation liquid nucleus chips. However, he didn’t think that the gray cat would manage to get one. That being said, he couldn’t reveal this liquid nucleus chip to anyone else. If a blabbermouth somehow spread out the news then it was unavoidable that some friction would form between Vanguard and the Robert Family.

After he woke up, Cillin put a large bag of fish biscuits inside the gray cat’s personal locker. Cillin had specifically prepared the locker for the gray cat after it had shown its envy for Cillin’s. Everyday, the gray cat would rub its scent on the locker and the large area around it. If Dough dared set its gaze onto its locker, the gray cat was absolutely going to send that gluttonous chameleon flying with a slap.

The two commanders Falvey and Shawton went away to discuss their next course. As of now, the two squadrons were quite free. There were plenty of people who were testing their new weapons. They might have used them already on the battlefield, but they couldn’t help but caress the beautiful things once they grew idle. It was an itch that they needed to scratch.

Cillin didn’t follow their example. He had something else to do.

After Enji had passed away, his workshop had been inherited by Cillin. All kinds of experiment be it engineering or biochemistry could be completed in this workshop. Of course, it was impossible to conduct large scale experiment in this place. The conditions of the workshop were limiting after all.

Cillin analysed the 2nd and 3rd generation robot’s liquid nucleus chips he had collected briefly. The exterior of the two kinds of nuclei differed in toughness. The liquid chips inside the nuclei were different as well.

The chips inside a 2nd generation robot’s liquid nucleus chip were more complex and were encrypted to a greater degree. Its contained data and data collection ability were also twice as powerful as a 3rd generation robot’s liquid nucleus chip. However, that was all there was to it. Perhaps he shouldn’t forget to include the fact that the building material of the 2nd generation robots was better than the 3rd generation robots’ too, but this wasn’t what Cillin was hoping to figure out.

Right now, Cillin wanted to figure out exactly how different these liquid chips were from the ones inside his body.

Concept wise, the chips inside the 2nd and 3rd generation robot’s nucleus shared some similarities with the liquid chips inside his own body in terms of construct and build. However, they were ultimately vastly different from each other.

The liquid chips inside the robot’s liquid nucleus chip were mainly mechanical. They were mainly made up of liquid metal or nonmetal that could contain a large amount of information and achieve great processing power. However, the liquid chips inside Cililn’s body were biological liquid chips. Their composition was similar to his own genes, and they were capable of conforming to his genetic material, replicating and expressing with them in unison.

Cillin put a hand to his forehead, closed his eyes and pondered after staring at the data displayed on the screen.

A while later, he decided to perform an experiment.

He brought up a variety of robot construction blueprints and component prints related to the Robert Family and more. Cillin had acquired the Robert Family’s robot construction blueprints by scanning them with his abilities directly. After comparing the many types of robots with each other, Cillin made changes to certain areas before fabricating a couple of small parts.

Then, Cillin began assembling these small parts.

He stretched his fingers for a bit. It had been a long time since he felt this sensation. He felt as if he had returned to Mo Heng’s workshop, and that he could see that senior academician and ruffian crossing his legs, holding his tea and watching him assemble the moment he looked up.

Ten fingers danced without any unnecessary movements. Every angle and every applied force was just right every time he connected the parts together. One part after another was tossed into the air, caught and stirred by a single finger when they fell downward. In the next moment, they had already been installed firmly into the most suitable position.

The chip installed in this small robot was a simplified version Cillin had created offhand. It wasn’t a liquid nucleus chip, and its processing and calculation power were a lot smaller. However, Cillin didn’t set the bar too high since this was just his first test product.

There were a lot of parts. After they were assembled into one coherent machine, Cillin checked the circuits and pressed the on button.

There were no overall accuracy tester lying around the corner, but Cillin was confident that his accuracy result was pretty good.

The ten centimeters tall small robot standing on top of the lab bench immediately moved as if it had suddenly come to life. Cillin gave it a series of orders, and the little robot immediately did exactly what he said as commanded on top of the lab bench. Its movements were very fluid, but Cillin couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. He was dissatisfied with the result, but he thought that the outcome would improve once he replaced its core with a liquid nucleus chip.

He turned off the robot and began disassembling the parts. He could discover more problems through disassembling after the initial assembling process.

Cillin altered part of the design blueprint again after he had assembled and disassembled the parts. He would try to build this robot closer to the ideal in his mind.

Finally, he was more or less done with designing the robot’s blueprint and this stage of its creation. Right now, he was lacking some appropriate metals and nonmetals. The exterior materials of a robot were extremely important. They couldn’t be too reactive, but they couldn’t be too inert either. Only then it would be possible for him to mold more designs into his creation.

However, what materials should he use?

While Cillin was worrying over this matter, an incoming transmission informed him that the two commanders, Falvey and Shawton, had decided to search for rare mineral resources.

Right now, searching for mineral ores was good news to Cillin.

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