SRH Chapter 189 [Part 1]

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Translator’s Notes: Technically Wheeze doesn’t use guns, so just imagine this is how Wheeze sees everyone else except Cillin.

Chapter 189: The First Generation Liquid Nucleus Chips [Part 1]

Somewhere at a mountain peak on top of the planet, a person sat on the ground as he tinkered with the instrument before him. He looked very young and very average. He was the kind of person who would be almost invisible in a crowd.

There were the battle scenes of several places others that were on the instrument. In particular, the town where Cillin was at was given the biggest priority.

A 2nd generation robo-bird flew over and put down two egg-sized liquid nucleus chips before the young man. Then, it flew away once more.

The two 1st generation liquid nucleus chips put down by the robo-bird were perfectly intact. Of course, it wasn’t easy to damage a 1st generation liquid nucleus chip. After all, the chip’s exterior could be considered to be the toughest part of the entire machine.

The young man moved his gaze away from the instrument and stared at the two liquid nucleus chips on the floor. He picked them up and examined them closely before putting them inside a specially prepared little box.

After tinkering with the instrument for a moment, he closed the machine and stretched his back, saying, “Alright, that’s that. Let’s go.”

“Why didn’t you infect the 4th and 5th generation robots as well?” a person sitting behind the young man asked.

“There’s no need. Let it be an act of mercy in this incident.” the man packing up the instruments said in a sympathetic tone.

The person behind the young man twitched his mouth. The expression on his face could be deciphered into two lines: Mercy my ass! Only an idiot would believe you!

After he was done packing the instruments, the duo then rode on the spaceplane parked not far away from them and left.

On the other side, the Third B Squadron and Sixth B Squadron were assisting the 1st generation robots in fighting against the rebels. The teams at the outskirts like Cillin’s were faring relatively well, and overall no casualties had been incurred thanks to the high level equipment supplied by Frentz. Those who weren’t injured too badly had also remained on the battlefield to fight.

In reality, the gray cat very much wanted to transform into its machine form, but it didn’t want to be found out by Frentz either. Therefore, it had no choice but to suppress the thoughts in its mind temporarily. Still, the gray cat was more than capable of cutting through the 3rd generation robots’ exterior and killing them in its cat form. The 2nd generation robots were slightly more troublesome, but they didn’t present too much of a threat either. Plus, there weren’t many 2nd generation robots in this place.

Cillin applied both blade and gun into the battle. His near seamless shooting made the dazzling bullets fired from his energy gun look like exploding fireworks. He wasn’t just hanging around in one spot and shooting either. His figure blurred amongst the robots, and his light blade let out constant buzzing noise as it cut through the mechanical bodies again and again.

Not far away, Scarlet Wind scooped out the liquid nucleus chips with his claws from inside the heads of the robots that Cillin destroyed. If a robot were to approach him while he was working, then Scarlet Wind would take it out without mercy. He wasn’t lacking when it came to fighting the 3rd generation robots, and his preferred killing method was to rip them apart.

While fighting, Cillin discovered that the reactions of these robots were getting slower and slower.

“The person controlling the viruses has left, and Frentz’s side didn’t stop working all this time. They are slowly but surely regaining control over the robots.” the gray cat said. It had analysed and extracted all these information from the signals it was receiving. The gray cat was growing more and more impressed with its own analysis capabilities. I knew that I’m a peerless and irreplaceable existence!

It was as the gray cat had spoken. Before long, the 3rd generation robots slowed down like a youngster who had suddenly entered old age. By now everyone noticed that there was a change in the situation.

Shawton’s voice came in from the communicator worn around Cillin’s ears. This proved that the cause behind the slowdown was more or less exactly as the gray cat described.

When the 2nd and 3rd generation robots suddenly stopped moving as if their power had been cut off, everyone paused what they were doing in accordance to Shawton’s orders. However, they didn’t put down their guard just yet.

Five minutes later, the robots fell into formation according to their respective categories. Frentz announced officially that they had regained control over the robots.

The gray cat snorted disdainfully as it crouched above Cillin’s shoulder, “Those who didn’t know the truth might be fooled to think that Frentz had scored a great achievement! If the enemy hadn’t left on their own accord, there’s no chance that they could’ve regained control so easily with their level of ability! Meow, I look down on him.”

Cillin flicked the gray cat’s ears with his finger and said, “Don’t say this in front of Frentz, get it? We haven’t gotten our rewards from him yet.”

The gray cat immediately shut up the instant it heard the word reward. However, its tail continued to stand tall in an incredibly proud fashion.

When Cillin and everyone else returned to the castle, Frentz was already waiting for them at the entrance. The ancient castle from before had already transformed into a robot, encircling Frentz and the others in a protective zone and isolating them from the 2nd and 3rd generation robots with its arms to prevent any unexpected accidents.

Cillin walked into this protected zone, but the gray cat didn’t follow him. Cillin didn’t force it to follow him either.

The two commanders wouldn’t question too deeply about the cause behind this incident. They had completed their mission, and it was time for Frentz to make due his promises.

Contrary to what one might expect from someone of Frentz’s character, he had acted swiftly and without delay. He transferred over the items he had prepared a long time ago to Falvey and Shawton. In reality, Frentz also knew that both squadrons had collected some liquid nucleus chips for themselves, but didn’t mind the action. There were some technology that were privy only to the members of Robert Family, and he was confident that Vanguard wouldn’t be able to figure out the chips they obtained despite their attempts at researching them. At best they would create an inferior copy, just like many others who had attempted to steal the Robert Family’s technology. Let’s also not forget that there were still plenty of people who bought the Robert Family robot from everywhere in GAL despite its expensive price. Those people hadn’t figured out anything despite not missing the chance to extract the liquid nucleus chips for research either, had they?

Right now Frentz was concerned with preventing a second hacking by another virus similar to the kind that had attacked them. After this incident, he would order the connection to the nucleus of every robot on this planet to be built in the same way as the 1st generation robots. He would also notify his family about this and explain the ins and outs of this incident. Frentz believed that his status within the family would rise higher after this incident. After all, anyone else’s planets would’ve been annihilated had they faced a similar situation.

Frentz did have the right to be proud of himself, but Shawton and Falvey didn’t have the patience to chat with a proud and arrogant person like Frentz for long. Frentz wasn’t the only one who was privy to scorn; they were looking down on Frentz as well!

After the two squadrons had received their payment and checked everything, they withdrew from the planet without hesitation.

The starships outside the planet had been attempting to contact with those on the planet since the start. After ‘Grim Reaper’ had left, they quickly reestablished connection and had sent several spaceplanes to fetch them back to space already.

Cillin knew that something was off with the gray cat the second it jumped onto its shoulder. However, Cillin feigned ignorance and said nothing about it.

After they had returned to the starship, treatment was immediately administered to the injured personnel. It was during this moment Tico and Rikulab’s addition to the squad revealed its great effects. The improvement of the medicines, medical operations and treatments all progressed smoothly and efficiently with them around.

The Third Squad and Sixth Squad had become much more acclimated with each other after the incident. After all, they had all fought together on the same battlefield and shared the same joy and hardships. No one had any objections to the distribution of their profits, and the members of the two squads had even huddled together for a drink.

Once the success celebration of this incident was over, everyone returned to their own respective teams to rest.

Scarlet Wind was forced to chug down a lot of alcohol by Cary, so right now he was sleeping like a log. Cillin himself was going to bed, but the gray cat had jumped on top of the bed and walked in many circles. It looked so jittery that its tail was coiled up and its ears were turned backwards. From time to time, it would even scratch its claws against the bed loudly.

Cillin turned around and looked at the gray cat that was just about to slap him, “Sir cat, seriously, did someone piss you off or something?”

The gray cat’s whiskers shook, and its mouth opened. However, it wasn’t sure what it should say. Instead, it put a paw on Cillin’s nose and pressed downwards.

Push, push, push!

Cillin pushed the gray cat’s paw away and lifted it into the air, “You have two minutes to prepare. If you want to say something then say it, because I’m not going to listen once the time is up. Don’t you come crying to me that you can’t shit for a few days because of this later!”

The gray cat moved its ears and said, “I don’t need to shit in the first place.”

What followed after that was silence.

“One minute’s up.” Cillin reminded, because this stupid cat could daydream until Scarlet Wind wakes up.

Tsk, so stupid. Can’t lie; can’t even keep its worry from showing. How can there be such a stupid true cyborg life form in this world?

The gray cat licked its nose and stared at Cillin. Then, it spat out an object the size of an egg from its mouth.

It was none other than the liquid nucleus chip within Frentz’s 1st generation robot’s brain.

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