SRH Chapter 188 [Part 2]

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Chapter 188: Liquid Nucleus Chips [Part 2]

Once the contract was signed, the crowd rushed over to grab a weapon to toy with impatiently.

“This thing is known to be a million credits luxury goods!” Cary carefully caressed the armband on his hand.

While it was true that these items could be sold for millions of credits at certain locations, their costs were in fact much cheaper. Therefore, Frentz wasn’t sorry to give them away. People like him valued technological improvement over obsession towards money.

Cillin followed Cary’s movements and put on an armband himself, and he immediately discovered that it fitted quite well with his arm. It wasn’t one hundred percent compatible, but eighty percent wasn’t out of the question.

Moving the weapons on the armband was as easy as moving his own fingers. Cillin tested and checked out the several kinds of weapons installed inside the armband. There were cold weapons such as sharp blades that were similar to wrist blades, ropes that were extremely thin but possessed incredibly carrying capacity, and excitation type weapons as well. The armband itself offered great protection.

Cillin grabbed an armor-like object and put it on Tang Qiuqiu since her constitution couldn’t compare to the rest of them. This protective armor was very light, possessed great defense and could bend along with one’s body. It could better defend Tang Qiuqiu’s life.

Scarlet Wind played with an armband that looked almost the same as Cillin and felt incredibly uncomfortable when he wore it. He took them off and tossed them aside directly, paying no further attention to the equipment.

Cillin didn’t force him to wear it against his will. After all, Scarlet Wind was different from other people.

Frentz had also provided them with some stronger guns. Everyone made their choices according to their likes and needs.

There was a small problem however, and that was the spaceplane produced by Frentz could only be called mini-sized.After taking a look at the vehicles and discussing things with Falvey briefly, they decided that each small team would take either a spaceplane or an armored car. They would act as a team and maintain communication with each other.

Cillin’s choice of vehicle was the spaceplane. He was going to start from the outskirts.

After all teams had made their preparations, they began to act.

People who were biased towards fighters like Udoze chose to pilot a fighter immediately.

A fighter was very small and could only fit one person. In fact, those who were slightly larger wouldn’t entirely fit into the seat. Thankfully, Udoze’s size was just right. After he sat inside the fighter, a single glance at the control panel was enough to cause Udoze’s blood to boil with anticipation.

Udoze’s fighter flew alongside Cillin’s spaceplane. They took out some 2nd generation flying robots along the way.

The 2nd generation robots were pretty agile and speedy. One mistake, and one might be shot down from the sky.

However, after Udoze slowly familiarized himself with the fighter’s controls, he became more and more skilled at piloting it and was even able to pull off several super flexible movements.

Cillin’s group had flown to the edge from high altitude, so they hadn’t encountered many 2nd generation robo-birds along the way. It didn’t take long before they reached their designated location.

There were still some 4th and 5th generation robots fighting against the 3rd generation robots at this place. The main body of the 2nd generation robots had all ran into the city. Since there weren’t many 2nd generation robots at this place, not a single 1st generation robot could be found in the area.

“The preys here are ours.” Cary gave his armband a look, toyed with his guns and said.

“I want everyone to be alert when we arrive. You are not allowed to act alone, and at the very least you must act in pairs to avoid being trapped without backup.” Cillin stressed.

“Snowball, stay beside Qiuqiu and cover her back! Scarlet Wind, follow me!” Cillin nodded at Snowball and Scarlet Wind. The rest of the people had made their own selections some time ago.

After communicating with Udoze on the fighter briefly, Cillin waved his hand and declared, “Begin!”

Since the 1st generation had left, the former village was left with a bed of ruins. There were bullet holes, burned marks and cut lines caused by laser weapons everywhere amidst the collapsed houses.

They could see that the planet was still in the process of transformation. Otherwise, this land would’ve been mechanised just like how it was in the city.

Tang Qiuqiu’s role was to stay inside a sniper’s nest and snipe the robots, while Snowball destroyed the nearby robots that approached her. Cary, Beaver and Eudy had already charged forth to destroy the robots. The trio cooperated quite well with each other, and the same goes with Tico and Rikulab. In the air, Udoze grew more and more pumped as he challenged the robots lock on techniques at every moment. There was no one in the squad except the two young fellows Scarlet Wind and Tang Qiuqiu that demanded Cillin’s worry.


Cillin sent a 2nd generation robot flying with a single punch, but he had only managed to cause a shallow dent in its plating. It hadn’t been smashed apart directly like the 3rd generation robots. The 2nd generation robot quickly crawled onto its feet after it had fallen to the ground. It pointed a glowing tube towards Cillin’s direction.

Cillin dodged out of the way, and when the robot opened fire at Cillin, Scarlet Wind pounced at the robot from the back. When the robot had turned its head around, his claws pierced right through its eyes and stirred around twice. The robot’s movements slowed even more as if a bug had appeared in its program. Cillin had to throw in another slash to finally make it stop moving.

He dragged the robot to a secluded spot and used a particle cutting blade to cut open the robot’s head, revealing the object within.

There was a hard object the size of a peanut at a spot inside the robot’s head. This hard object was surrounded by many fiber-like threads that functioned as the equivalent of human nerves. However, these threads were not nearly as fragile as human nerves. Even if these threads were cut off, the robot’s movements wouldn’t be affected too much.

When Scarlet Wind stirred his claws inside the robot’s heads just now, he had to cut more than half of the threads around this peanut-sized object before the robot finally slowed down.

The threads that were connected to the hard object inside its brain was the nanothreads and super microfibers, and the hard object was the Robert Family’s special creation, the liquid nucleus chips.

Since this peanut-sized object wasn’t damaged, it meant that the liquid nucleus chips inside were still intact.

Cillin took out a composite blade and cut the object. The blade made of special composite materials failed to cut open the tough shell in a single attempt, and Cillin had to perform a few more tries before he finally managed to create a small opening.

Crack. The tough exterior shell wrapping around the liquid nucleus chips broke apart, and a mercury-like liquid flowed out from inside. This liquid was the real liquid nucleus chips.

Cillin experienced an instantaneous moment of absentmindedness as he stared at the liquid. He felt as if he had returned to the experiment bench back in the lab and was being injected with that tube of liquid again. Didn’t it look almost the same as these liquid chips?

Could that madman Horay be a member of the Robert Family too?

But that couldn’t be right. Cillin had investigated about Horay after that incident, and there wasn’t such a person in the Robert Family like Horay either. After all, no one in the Robert Family had a genotype as weak as Horay’s. After coming into contact with Frentz, Cillin also knew that the duo’s DNA and genetic information were completely different.

The Robert Family had invented this liquid chip technology since several hundred years ago. Back then, there were no news reports about anyone who successfully researched a new type of liquid chip besides the Robert Family. All of the research topics were products that had been researched by the Robert Family since a long time ago.

In that case, had Horay invented that improved version of liquid chip by imitating the Robert Family’s liquid chip technology?

The gray cat came closer and took a sniff and even a lick of the pool of liquid. It was okay as food, but it was nothing once the sense of novelty had worn off. The gray cat shook a paw before Cillin’s eyes after seeing him staring at the pool of liquid and not talking, “Wassup?”

Cillin shook his head, “Nothing.”

After a pause, he continued, “If you guys can obtain an intact nucleus like this one over here,” Cillin pointed at the peanut-sized object, “then bring as many of them as you can to me. I have a use for them.”

Scarlet Wind had no objections to offer. It was a relatively easy task to him since all he needed to do was to put a hand inside those robots’ heads, and stir.

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