SRH Chapter 186 [Part 1]

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Chapter 186: Robot Rebellion [Part 1]

Just now, the gray cat had intercepted a segment of an electromagnetic transmission that indicated that these robots were planning to rebel.

However, Cillin was puzzled: why on earth had they waited until they arrived to rebel? Why had they not chosen an earlier or later time? Also, was ‘Grim Reaper’ behind the robot’s rebellion?

Although he couldn’t confirm this, anything involving ‘Grim Reaper’ still must be treated with caution. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be the chance to regret anything if they were utterly routed.

A person dressed as a servant led Cillin to Frentz’s study.

Cillin didn’t deliberately pay attention to the servant leading the way in front of him. This servant was also a robot, and he was also a member of those ‘rebels’. On the surface, the servant didn’t appear to have strayed from the role Frentz had assigned him. He was polite, he wore a smile on his face, and he looked very friendly. If the gray cat hadn’t intercepted the electromagnetic wave transmitted from this servant, Cillin wouldn’t have known his next objective either.

The servant stood at the door of Frentz’ study and pressed the prompt button. A screen popped out of the door and displayed a middle-aged man’s face.

“What is it?” the middle-aged man asked.

Judging from the tone of his voice, he was obviously a little dissatisfied with the interruption just now. This man was none other than Robert Frentz.

“Master, this gentleman says that he needs to speak to the two gentlemen earlier about something related to the T13 minerals.” the servant said respectfully.

Falvey and Shawton sitting inside the room felt a shiver in their hearts. Frentz hadn’t changed the communication setting to private mode, so they could hear every word said between the master and the servant, and see that the person standing behind the servant was Cillin. This was also why they knew that something must have happened since Cillin wasn’t familiar with the details of the T13 minerals contract, and he wasn’t someone who would say such things for no particular reason.

Falvey and Shawton showed nothing on their faces even though they had something in their own mind. Instead, They actively covered up Cillin’s lie.

The irritation on Frentz’s face cleared up a bit as he nodded, “If it is for the matter of the T13 minerals, then come on in so we may talk.”

Shawton noticed that Cillin’s fingers hanging beside his body seemed to jerk at random. His fingers hadn’t even moved for five seconds, and during this five seconds all Cillin did was to walk into the room from the door, greet and salute Frentz briefly. However, these five seconds were all too shocking for Falvey and Shawton.

The deciphered meaning behind the code Cillin’s finger movements had transmitted was: High alert, robot rebellion, they want to kill Frentz.

Frentz cast a glance at Cillin and was just about to speak. Suddenly, a dozen or so gun barrels popped out of Carl’s arm and open fired at Cillin, Falvey and Shawton at the same time.

Meanwhile, a high energy beam blade popped out of the hand of the servant who came in, while his other hand picked up a disc-like instrument. He charged to where Frentz was sitting at. There was an invisible energy shield blocking the way, and the servant swung the disc-like instrument at the energy shield.

The round disc caused the energy shield to become weaker and weaker, while Frentz was obviously a little caught off guard by the sudden commotion that was happening around him. He seriously could not figure out why these robots had reacted the way they did. It was only until the energy shield had dissipated and the servant was charging towards him with his beam blade that he finally thought of dodging out of the way.

Cillin sent the servant flying with a kick as he cut the servant’s wrist in half with his own wrist blade. The servant’s severed wrist didn’t have blood in it. It was all some composite fiber, conductive circuits and so on.

The wrist blade Cillin was currently wielding had been obtained from the base. It was better than that tragic wrist blade that had been destroyed like tofu, and it had cut off the robot’s wrist rather smoothly.

The robot did not feel pain despite having his wrist cut off. His movements wouldn’t slow because of the loss of a limb.

Cillin avoided the servant’s sudden kick, lowered his body to avoid the beam blade’s attack and swiped his own wrist blade over the servant’s neck like lightning at the same time.


Although the robot’s neck wasn’t completely cut off, the result was almost the same. Some of the servant’s circuits had severed, and the beam blade had vanished into its hilt. However, Cillin didn’t relax just because the battle appeared to be over. He noticed something amiss and reflexively moved his head sideways. Two laser beams passed by the tip of his hair and caused a burnt stench to come off it.

The two high density energy laser beams were fired from the servant’s eyes. Cillin had no choice but to keep smashing the servant after discovering that he was able to mount a counterattack like this even after his throat was severed.

Yes: smash. He smashed his fists onto the servant’s face again and again. He had figured out the toughness of the robot’s external composite materials while fighting him, and he knew that it was fine even if he were to smash it with just fists.

The robot finally stopped kicking and expired after his head was smashed into the shape of a patty.

The trio who were prepared were able to dodge away from Carl’s attack. They were also able to activate the portable energy shields they carried with them. Before they came in, their guns had all been placed at the storage box beside the door. They only had their wrist blade and some small cutting tools with them. However, this was enough. As long as their portable energy shields were activated, they could get close to Carl and find a chance to kill him.

While Cillin was dealing with that servant, the two commander level figures fought against Carl at the same time and forced him to retreat again and again. In the end, Carl seemed to have finally figured out the situation and retreated away from the room.

The room where Cillin was wasn’t the only place to suddenly bustle with activity. A battle had been started at the grand hall as well. The entire grand hall was turned into a complete mess by both parties, and the luxurious dining table had been wrecked beyond recognition into many tiny pieces already.

Scarlet Wind had shedded his innocent appearance since a long time ago, and his entire body was brimming with brutality right now. His extended long claws pierced right through a female servant’s heart before he forcefully split her entire body apart. Despite having watched the female servant’s split body falling to the ground, Scarlet Wind still swiped at her head one more time. Just now someone was hurt by the laser beams shot from these robots’ eyes, and he had no idea if they were fully dead. Therefore, Scarlet Wind had acted very cautiously. He would completely destroy all body parts that presented a threat, and if one swipe wasn’t enough then he would swipe a couple more times.

Not far away, the Third B Squadron’s members felt their eyes twitching rapidly at Scarlet Wind’s actions.

That is just way, way too f*cking brutal!

Tang Qiuqiu might not have Scarlet Wind’s brutal ability, but her shooting skills were very good. There was almost no pause in between her shooting, and there was no such thing as aim time to her at all. She relied fully on the feelings in her hands and instinct to pull it off. The modified bullets entered the robots’ head through their eyes before exploding. Therefore, every shot Tang Qiuqiu fired quite literally exploded her enemies’ head.

A headless robot still possessed a certain degree of offensive power, but it was the kind of indiscriminate attack that hit not just the Third and Sixth Squad, but also other robots. This also reduced everyone’s burden.

There was also a white shadow scuttling here and there, and wherever it went robots were always sent flying into the ceiling or surrounding walls. The walls were not damaged at all, but the robots were close to falling apart. Even those that hadn’t fallen apart moved sluggishly at best.

Meanwhile, the starships outside the planet broke away from the space station to avoid any potential threats that might arise from this place.

Cillin had already sent a transmission to the starships outside the planet before he went into Frentz’s study. Of course, the transmission was encoded. To an outsider it would appear like a normal transmission, and to a squad member who decoded it it would turn into something else. Cillin instructed them to pay close attention to their side of activity, and the second they noticed something amiss they should break away from the space station and not make contact with any matter that was related to the planet. The matter of reinforcement must be arranged with great caution, and they absolutely must not be taken out in space before they could come over and assist them.

Inside the study, after taking out the servant and forcing Carl away, Cillin briefly explained to Frentz about the matter’s development. After all, it was Frentz’s robots who had turned traitor. It was not confirmed yet what exactly was going on, and whether the rebellion was caused by ‘Grim Reaper’ or some other factors.

Frentz cast a complicated look at Cillin before walking to the wall behind his chair in silence. He pressed his palm against the wall.

Where Frentz’s palm had touched, a flat surface that looked like an electronic panel appeared. Frentz pressed a few numbers on the panel. Those numbers were definitely not passcodes, or there was no way he would insert them right in front of Cillin and the others.

After the numbers were inserted, a diagram and some data appeared on the wall. After looking at the diagram and the data, Frentz exclaimed despondently,

“The 3rd generation…”

“What?” Falvey asked. Right now he was incredibly unhappy. What was a simple trade had suddenly developed to this state, not to mention that his subordinates were still fighting the robots outside. He didn’t know exactly how they were faring either.

Frentz let out a sigh, “All of the 3rd generation robots had turned traitor!”

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