SRH Chapter 184 [Part 2]

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Chapter 184: The Co-op with the Third B Squadron [Part 2]

In the end, everyone agreed to head to Sector G. They should be safe with the combined strength of two B Squadrons, and the profits they would earn from this operation weren’t bad either.

After the high level meeting was done, Cillin left Shawton’s office and started walking towards his room. Cillin was thinking about the matters at Sector G.

The Robert Family was regarded as the kingdom of robots within GAL, and some of the members of their family worked within the military. While they might not necessarily compare to some other big families in terms of power, their technological prowess was undeniable. Their wealth and backings were the reason why they were able to stand tall among the big families of GAL.

Some people said that the Robert Family members were born to interact with robots. When Cillin was learning to assemble parts with Mo Heng, he had also brought up a little about a few people inside the Robert Family. Their assembly overall accuracy weren’t low, and they were an extraordinarily talented family.

While thinking, he heard the gray cat’s voice, “You came back, Cillin!”

It was obvious that this fellow was feeling pretty good listening to its voice alone.

The gray cat climbed up Cillin’s legs familiarly and got up to his shoulder. Its tail slapped at Cillin’s back repeatedly as it wore a pleased look on its face.

“What is it now?” Cillin scratched the bottom of the gray cat’s outstretched chin.

“It’s nothing. I simply taught that white fatty some shooting skills, that’s all.” that was what it said, but its tone was a blatant implication for Cillin to praise it.

“Heyo, I see you’ve started tutoring students now, sir cat.” Cillin gave the gray cat the face it desired and said what it wanted to hear.

“Oh right, why did Shawton look for you, Cillin? Do we have a new job?”

“You guessed correctly.”

“Wahaha, oh my meow I so want to show off my abilities right now! Ahem, of course, it doesn’t necessarily need to have fighting in it.” the gray cat corrected itself when it saw Cillin looking at him sideways and said, “It’s real annoying to be stuck here, you know? If the squad wasn’t busy I would’ve suggested that we head out for a spin.”

“There’s no need for that now. The entire squad is heading out. However, this time we are not working alone, but cooperating with the Third B Squadron…”

Cillin explained the operation to the gray cat while walking back to his room. He also talked about the robots in Sector G. This undoubtedly drew a great amount of interest from the gray cat, but Cillin had also instructed that it should not expose its identity as a half cyborg unless it didn’t have a choice.

Everyone in the Sixth B Squadron grew lively when they heard that they had a mission to do. Cary, who had withered for the past few days had gotten as excited as a junkie again. During the few days they were making preparations for the mission, he called Scarlet Wind, Tang Qiuqiu and Udoze over for a full education and explained some of the countermeasures to take if they encountered certain emergency scenarios during the mission.

Before the operation began, Rikulab finally developed the antibiotic medicines with Tico’s assistance. This undoubtedly boosted the Sixth B Squadron’s confidence further.

Scarlet Wind gripped and fondled his own combat suit admiringly. He especially loved the hole in his pants and the elastic at that area. It allowed him to put out his tail very easily. After he put on the suit tentatively, he found that the suit was much more comfortable and tougher than the clothes he wore before.

They had to handpick their own portable weapons too. Cillin had told Cary about his wrist blade being slashed to pieces easily after he returned to Sector S. Cary was both wowed by the strength of the enemy’s weapon and saddened by the GAL credits that had washed down the drain.

Every team had a few new members joining in for the big operation, and the addition to Cillin’s team was the weirdest of them all. They had a doctor, a medicine maker, a few animals and a Scarlet Wind who wasn’t completely human joining their midst.

Udoze took out the badge he wore inside his suit. He was very happy that he could wear the badge openly this time.

They agreed to meet Falvey at the space station outside the planet. A large number of spaceplanes belonging to the 2 B Squadrons flew towards the several starships parked outside the space station.

The squad members followed behind their direct lieutenant commander and flew their respective spaceplanes into the starships.

The moment the gray cat returned to the familiar starship, it immediately began inspecting its territory after a long time. This time, it took Snowball, Dough standing on top of Snowball’s head and Little White along on the inspection. The rabbit Little White hugged and chewed at a carrot as it observed its surroundings. It didn’t need to walk this time, so it looked rather carefree.

Scarlet Wind had stayed back inside a small room Cillin had partitioned for him because he was still young, and there were many things that he wasn’t familiar enough to handle just yet. If he encountered any problems, Cillin could assist in handling them this way.

Snowball obviously stayed together with Tang Qiuqiu, whereas the white rabbit followed Tico.

However, the animals would gather together to play everyday. Right now Dough was feeling happier and happier everyday. In the past it was the only animal on the ship, and it could only lay at a certain corner and hibernate alone after it was tossed out of the room by Eudy. Later on the gray cat joined the Sixth B Squadron, followed by the white fatty Snowball, and now a rabbit. Their army was growing bigger and bigger by day!

Udoze rubbed his face as he watched the four animals lying on the ground and playing a full holographic flying type chess piece game with a serious expression on their faces. Monsters; they’ve all turned into monsters…

The smaller starships of the two Squadrons were undergoing a merge inside the main starships, which was why an outsider could only see the two main starships that belonged to the Third B Squadron and Sixth B Squadron flying in space.

At the control room inside the Third B Squadron’s main starship, Falvey was sitting on a chair and staring at the display before him. He was as quiet as usual, and the screen was displaying Sector G’s two dimensional star chart. However, Falvey’s thoughts weren’t on it right now.

The reason Falvey had viewed Cillin in a completely new light was because Nata had told him something about Cillin that day; something that not even Shawton himself knew about.

Not anyone could accurately control the decline of a parasite colony. Falvey had seen the specimens of the two types of parasites before, and he had heard from the A Squad researchers’ evaluation about them.

An artificially engineered parasite was a terrifying weapon. Neither powerful radioactive energy nor conflict of firepower were necessary to deploy it. If these parasites were allowed to reproduce on a normal planet without being injected with a series of death inducing genes that would cause their programmed deaths at a specific time like a robot beforehand, they could destroy an entire planet if things went south.

Nata said that Cillin might the only person in the entire Vanguard who could continue Chamonidine’s legacy, the ‘Parasite Code’ in accordance to its original standards. It’s not that Falvey did not know the value of ‘Parasite Code’. On the contrary, he knew very well just how important ‘Parasite Code’ was, which was why he had altered his views on Cillin by a lot after hearing Nata’s words. It was exactly these words that prompted Falvey to seek out the Sixth B Squadron for a cooperative relationship on his own accord.

On that day, Nata had looked at a document in his hands and said, “‘Grim Reaper’ has Godfather, but we Vanguard may produce an existence who is no weaker than ‘Godfather’ in the future.”

This ‘existence’ he was referring to was Cillin.

While Falvey was pondering about Nata’s evaluation of Cillin, the ‘existence’ Nata spoke of was lying in his own bedroom and sleeping like a pig.

Previously, he had slept because he needed to absorb the data left behind by Chamonidine in ‘sleep’ mode. This time though, he had to work overnight with Eudy and Beaver to research Sector S prison’s defense system, and the reason why ‘Mist’, ‘Merciless’ and ‘Grim Reaper’ were able to infiltrate it and cause a system paralysis.

During the next few days, Eudy and Beaver could not endure the fatigue and had to stop twice temporarily to replenish their energy. However, Cillin had not stopped to rest for a single moment. During that time, his vision was filled with densely packed programs and calculation formulas the second he closed his eyes, and if anyone were to voice out some relevant numbers beside Cillin’s ears he would immediately substitute the numbers into those complicated formulas and come up with the results. It was the conditioned reflex he practiced during the research.

If it wasn’t for Cillin, only god knows how long it would take for Eudy and Beaver to finish their research alone.

Right now, Cillin, Eudy and Beaver were all sleeping in their own respective bedrooms. He had not even bothered to shave himself. The gray cat jumped beside Cillin, took a glance and gave his messy hair a scratch and a sniff. There was a strange smell coming off it. Just how many days had it been since he last washed his hair!?

After letting out a sneeze disdainfully, the gray cat jumped on top of Scarlet Wind’s little bed, grabbed his tail and rolled itself into a ball, sleeping. The chameleon had said that the days ahead might be a little more difficult than usual, which was why it should hone its strength for the big push. Yes, that was the expression to use alright.

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