SRH Chapter 183 [Part 2]

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Chapter 183: The ‘Parasite Code’ Left Behind by Chamonidine [Part 2]

Cillin stayed back inside the study and flipped through the handwritten notebooks. He knew that there were definitely security cameras in the study, but he paid them no heed. Right now, the important thing to do was to memorise what he could as quickly as possible. With Cillin’s faculty of memory, he did not need to photocopy any documents. He simply needed to read through the original documents once. In the future, he would not be returning here often since there was no telling when he would have the chance to return to the base once he went out on a mission with his squad.

Cillin discovered that Chamonidine enjoyed writing down his information on many occasions. Moreover, he especially enjoyed using the most common paper notebooks that were considered washed out goods in certain places.

Right now, the handwritten notebook Cillin was holding in his hand was one such object. When he flipped through the notebook, he could see that Chamonidine had jotted down plenty of records whom Chamonidine by pen. He even drew drawn many kinds of parasites personally in his notebooks. The sketches looked incredibly lifelike. Chamonidine once mentioned in a notebook that one could only understand these life forms better when they drew them with their own hands, thereby putting themselves in the parasite’s shoes and understanding their potential weaknesses and relevant ecological characteristics.

While Cillin knew that there were surveillance monitoring in the study, he could never have imagined who was monitoring him right now.

“How much do you think he can memorise?” a person asked.

“I don’t know.” Nata shook his head.

“This kid is extraordinary!” While speaking, the person could not help but smile, “He is a budding young Hunter; a rare one no less!”

“It is rare that you will give such an assessment, boss.”

The man who was addressed as ‘boss’ by Nata was none other than Vanguard’s number one leader and one of the Six Stars of Hunt – Ji Feng!

Cillin flipped through the notebooks really quickly even when he was reading the book known as the essence of Chamonidine’s research, ‘Parasite Code’. While he looked like he was skimming through the books absentmindedly, in reality Cillin had memorised everything inside them.

Cillin stayed inside the study for three days, and during this period Nata had sent his men over to bring Cillin food. Other than eating, Cillin spent the rest of his time flipping through the records inside the study. Nata did not try to advise Cillin against his actions and just let him be.

Three days later, Cillin finally stood up from his chair, stretching his somewhat stiff limbs and moving his muscles. After three days of high concentration reading without stopping to sleep or rest, he had exhausted a huge amount of brainpower and could feel a wave of exhaustion rolling his way clearly.

He rubbed his eyes. Cillin walked out of the study, thanked and bid Nata goodbye before leaving.

Just like before, Falvey piloted Nata’s airplane and sent Cillin back home. However, Falvey was now looking at Cillin in a different light. Cillin didn’t know exactly what Nata had told him, but Falvey had actually taken the initiative to speak a few words with him. This turn of events greatly surprised Cillin.

The first thing Cillin did after returning to Sixth B Squadron was to tuck himself in bed. He paid no heed to Rikulab’s progress in medicinal research. He had given it a rough look and saw no problems that he could find at that moment. Rikulab would eventually resolve all present complications given a bit more time.

Cillin paid no heed to Eudy researching the data on the prison defense system he stole from Sector S either. The paper Eudy had slipped him earlier prior to his departure was a request for Cillin to steal the prison’s defense system programs and relevant data for research purposes.

Right now Cillin’s brain was completely filled with dense packs of parasites, and flying molecular formulas and DNAs. He needed to digest them properly.

Before Cillin could return to his room and begin his ‘seclusion and great cultivation’, Dias told him that he and Asiya were going to hold their wedding in ten days. He told him that he must wake up before the day no matter what, or he would drag him to wakefulness one way or another.

In actuality, the ‘digestion’ process took less than ten days. Cillin had awakened after sleeping for eight days straight.

There were many little things that had happened during these eight days. For instance, Tico had officially joined Vanguard, the Sixth B Squadron’s animal corps had raided Cary’s storage cabinet once more, and Tico’s accommodation was now publicly known as the scariest place to exist in the Sixth B Squadron…

Regardless, Shawton was very satisfied with the current Sixth B Squadron. The squad had been blessed with a continuous stream of new and excellent talents all this time, and his former commander Seru had even taken great care of him when he was at the A Squad previously. Shawton was overwhelmed by the favor shown by his former superior, since Seru was itching to drag him to a corner and give him a punch or two every time he saw him before.

As of late, Dias was radiating with happiness. To quote Cary’s words, “A family man or woman is just not the same!”

When Dias’ old or new friends heard that the man was about to get wedded, even those who could not attend the wedding had purposely sent him their congratulations. The wedding venue was none other than the Sixth B Squadron’s big assembly hall.

Cillin had gifted Dias a huge red packet, requested by none other than Dias himself. Dias had said earlier that he wanted his gift to be a little more practical and pragmatic, which was why Cillin sent him a debit card with six figures in it. Dias was so elated that his eyebrows nearly flew off his face.

On the day of the wedding, Dias dressed himself very formally. As the saying goes, people are in high spirits when involved in joyous occasions. Dias wore a smile on his face all the way as he walked into the big assembly hall and held the bride’s hands in his own.

Before them, the two little fellows Scarlet Wind and Tang Qiuqiu held a flower basket each and showered the floor with flowers all the way.

Scarlet Wind worked hard not to wag his tail, but it was a difficult reaction to control when he was in a happy mood. His smile was so wide that even his canine teeth was showing. This was the first time he encountered such a thing, and this was the first time he was joined with so many people. He was very happy to experience such a joyous atmosphere.

There was a period of time that was dedicated to performance, and plenty of people went up stage to present their congratulatory speeches or performances. Among them, the most dazzling performance of them all was the PK between the gray cat and Rikulab – a funk dance off.

When Cary heard that Rikulab was going to challenge the gray into a funk dance off, he had looked at the guy with a pitying look on his face. While the others might not know about the gray cat’s secrets, he was at least educated in some of them, especially the gray cat’s machine form. Challenge that bizarre life form into a funk dance off? What’s the difference between that and making one’s life harder?

As it turned out, the only people who had seen the two ‘demons’ dancing off in ‘Dance Night’ at Sector F’s Acallela were Cillin, Udoze and Tang Qiuqiu. There were many people who never knew about the atmosphere these two people oozed into existence the second they started dancing. Therefore, when Rikulab and the gray cat merged with the rhythm and took the first step, everyone’s attitude had changed.

Again, Rikulab presented his aura as Dance Night’s ‘Wolf King’ on stage to the crowd. Although he was incomparable to the gray cat who already had an advantage in the first place, the two dancers absolutely detonated the passion of everyone present in the wedding. Even the commanders of other squadrons who showed up only to go through the motions could not help but praise the Sixth B Squadron for obtaining a few demon level characters this time. Nata and others wore pondering looks on their faces as well.

There was no need for proof of arms. The assembly hall had boiled up under the unique atmosphere alone.

Dias said that this wedding hadn’t just made Asiya and him whole, but also spread Rikulab’s and the gray cat’s dancing fame throughout the entire Vanguard.

When the two dancing fellows were done, it took a long time before the people finally came back to themselves and realise that they were humans and not robots*.

*this confused even my own editor, but this is referring to the people themselves. They’re dancing the robot dance, and they were carried away to the point they forgot that they’re human for a time.

While robots could express and move identically or even more fluently than humans these days with current technology, the illusion of executing a series of programmed instructions had stayed in the crowd’s hearts for a very long time.

There could not be a wedding without a banquet, and the Sixth B Squadron was not lacking in gluttons. This was especially true for a certain white fatso who was running around happily.

Tico’s Little White continued to nibble and chew at its carrots quietly at a corner with relish. However, its eyes would stray to the gray cat, Snowball and others in the venue from time to time.

Not long after the wedding had ended, the A Squad reported that the disturbance in Sector S had officially subsided.

The end of the disturbance in Sector S did not mean that it was the beginning of a period of tranquility. Perhaps, an even bigger tide was gradually approaching.

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