SRH Chapter 182 [Part 1]

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Chapter 182: The Appointment from Nata [Part 1]

The other Sixth B Squadron members who had come along with Dias to Sector E to receive treatment sent in their notices in succession, agreeing to meet up a day later at the planet’s spaceport and depart together to Sector K.

After chatting with everyone, Dias called upon Cillin to go search for Tico with him. The rest of the group would rest inside Dias’ sick ward. Asiya went away to take care of the recovery center’s discharge procedure.

Dias had exercised a lot more restraint ever since he and Asiya became a couple. He no longer acted as indecently as he did before, or at least that was how it seemed on the surface. He did not throw winks or whistles at beautiful nurses, and generally looked like an upright gentleman.

“You’ve moderated yourself a lot.” Cillin teased him.

“Ahem, it’s not like I have a choice. This is the helpless life of a person with family.” he said that, but he wore an extremely pleased look on his face.

Pleased my ass!

Cillin cast him a disdainful glance before continuing, “If this is the case, then when are you holding a proper wedding ceremony? Your relationship may have been cemented, but you still need a proper status. Asiya’s custom attaches much importance in such things, don’t they? After the wedding, we’d be able to call her sister-in-law properly.”

“Mm, that is a matter of course. But Asiya only has herself to begin with, and the only blood relative I have is my elder brother. We’ve talked about this for a bit and decided to hold a ceremony at the Sixth B Squadron’s base in Vanguard’s HQ.”

After a sigh, Dias continued, “I may have lost this arm for Asiya’s sake, but Asiya never left my side especially when I was undergoing the directional induction portion of my core treatment. There were days I couldn’t move a muscle, and Asiya took care for me personally without ever disdaining her work. Tell me; what can be more satisfying than having someone taking care of you closely and carefully, especially when people like us, who often tread the edges of danger, lie on top of a sick bed? I have my own reasons for not willing to assume the role of a lieutenant commander, but there was no doubt that it was because of me Asiya had given up her position as a lieutenant commander.

At first, I was planning to tour her around the famous scenic spots of each Sector after we got married. I’ve seen that ‘Little Garden’ Qiqiu and you went to, and I would have liked to visit it myself. Plans have changed, however, and Asiya’s intention is for us to wait until the situation completely stabilises and when an opportunity presents itself. We cannot take the risk.”

Cillin nodded. Right now they didn’t know what Sector S had turned into. The A Squads hadn’t publicly announced any news yet, and what the news media in GAL revealed were very brief notes. The actual heart of the news was very fuzzy.

Dias suddenly recalled something and came to a stop. He unbuttoned the two upper buttons of his shirt, pulled, and revealed a tattoo on his chest.

The corner of Cillin’s mouth twitched, “Is this…”

Asiya’s name was tattooed onto Dias chest. Judging from the font, it didn’t look like Dias’ handwriting.

Dias’ eyebrows looked so happy they could fly, “Asiya had tattooed it on herself!”

“That means…”

“That means she had the tattoo of my name written by me on the same spot as well!”

Holy shit this is corny!

Cillin shook off the goosebumps on his body and pretended not to notice the expression on Dias’ face that said: Don’t you envy me? Don’t you begrudge me? Don’t you admire me?

“Oh right, there’s something I need to ask you.” Dias’ face suddenly straightened as he asked.


“Do you know Yu Family’s Yu Linglung?”

Cillin frowned and nodded somewhat helplessly.

“You know about the people of Yu Family, right?”

“Not too much. Back at Seven Lights, I only knew that she’s called Linglung, but not her surname Yu. I’ve heard a little more something about her after that. I only know that the Yu Family has a huge amount of influence over the political circles of the entire GAL.”

“It’s not just the political circles. The Yu Family is infinitely connected to the military, business and academic world as well. It is rumored that one of the Four Heavenly Edict Generals is surnamed Yu!”

Cillin’s pupils shrank. This was the first time he heard something a little more in-depth about the Four Heavenly Edict Generals. If there really was a person surnamed Yu among the Four Heavenly Edict Generals, then the Yu Family was far more complex than he had imagined. No wonder Lung did not want to provoke their ire.

After he said this, Dias gave Cillin a careful look with an odd expression on his face, “Your current appearance isn’t handsome, and in fact you’re even less handsome than I am now. What on earth did that little princess of the Yu Family see in you? Could it be the mischiefs of first impression? You did look a lot like a pretty boy previously.”

Cillin did not say anything. He did not wish to be entangled in this subject.

Cillin might not wish to bring up the topic, but Dias wasn’t ready to let him escape, “Hey, kid. That Yu Family girl gave us a lot of help. Part of the reason we’re able to receive treatment so smoothly and quietly is because her.”

The best medical region in Sector E was only this big, and most core treatments were basically done there. Considering that there were so many people in the whole GAL, Dias and the others should have experienced a lot of small frictions even if they might not have necessarily ran into big troubles. However, Dias encountered Yu Linglung while he was receiving his treatment at Sector E. In fact, Yu Linglung was the one who had offered to help on her own. No one in the Sixth B Squadron but Dias and Asiya knew about Yu Linglung’s appearance. At one point, they were confused why their treatment had gone so smoothly.

Cillin sighed on the inside as he listened to Dias’ words. I guess I owe that girl one.

“I know that that girl had helped us only because of you. Otherwise, with her background she may not necessarily need to give face even to the great four, much less people who aren’t even A Squad members like us. Although, in her eyes, the A Squad may not necessarily be more respectable than us.” Dias let out a low laugh before patting Cillin’s shoulder, “Not bad, kid. Didn’t think that you would get your hands on a Yu Family member.”

“Big bro, your use of words turned vulgar again.”

“Ahem, it’s fine to be vulgar occasionally. I do have a family, and thus I can’t always be vulgar. That being said, while the Yu Family’s situation is incredibly complex, emotion isn’t something anyone can interfere with. As you know, while I’m no good in anything else, I do have a good eye for people. That Yu Family girl is serious about you. Don’t be troubled by what the A Squads would think in the future. If you really do like her, then don’t trouble yourself with someone else’s viewpoint.”

“… Let’s talk about that later.”

They did not discuss about Yu Linglung any longer. Dias had only brought her up to Cillin because she had helped him once. Yu Linglung had helped them as a gesture to Cillin. The girl would be bitterly disappointed if he said nothing at all.

Tico and the other doctors lived in an isolated, one hundred plus storeys building. The treatment of doctors like her was pretty good, and the surface area of the apartment was big too.

When Dias and Cillin came to pay Tico a visit, she had just woken up from her nap.

Before this, in Dias and Cillin’s imagination, the apartment of a single woman based on Tico’s behavior and style should prioritise on tidiness and have a very pragmatic layout.

In reality, her apartment was tidy and practical. There was no garish objects to be found.

However, Tico’s type of tidiness struck a sizable amount of fear into the hearts of Cillin and Dias.

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