SRH Chapter 181 [Part 2]

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Chapter 181: Tico and Her White Rabbit [Part 2]

Dias and Asiya did not sit down immediately. Instead, they looked towards the white dressed beauty.

In reality, Cillin had noticed Dias and Asiya’s attitude towards that white dressed beauty who had been sitting calmly at her seat and cared nothing about arousing suspicion at all since just now. The fact that Dias had expressed nothing about her presence informed Cillin that they actually knew each other.

As expected, Dias smiled and pointed at the white dressed beauty and introduced her to Cillin and the others, “This is Merzenich Tico*. She is a very impressive doctor. It is thanks to her that my arm healed this quickly.” after he said this, Dias turned to Tico and said, “Let’s join tables, Tico.”

*In case you guys have forgotten, the reason her surname is in front of her actual name is because powerful families like Lung or Knight normally have their surnames at the front.

Tico a.k.a that white dressed beauty looked at the white rabbit that was nibbling its last radish and answered, “It’s okay. You guys should go ahead and enjoy your meals. Once Little White is finished I’ll be heading back to my place. I’ve just finished a big operation and I need to rest.”

“We’ll talk after you’re rested then.”

“Okay.” Tico scooped up the white rabbit that had finished its meal and put it back into the big pocket of her white work coat. She left after telling Dias and the people around his table to take care.

“Wow, big bro Dias, is that beautiful lady really that good?” Xiao Shang came closer and asked.

“This is all your bastards think about, isn’t it!?” Dias let out a laughing abuse and glanced meaningfully at the same time. We’ll talk later once we get back.

That was why they had had only talked about Dias’ recovery status and how the others were doing at the dining table. The atmosphere of the dining table was rather relaxed once they heard that everyone was recovering quite nicely.

After dinner was done, the small group gathered at Dias’ sick ward.

They might call it a sick ward, but in reality the sick wards of this recovery center were pretty much the size an apartment. It didn’t feel cramped even though there were a dozen or so people inside.

After they sat down, Dias said, “I heard some rumors when we returned earlier that the young master here was met with a mishap. They said that he was sent to the main hospital for treatment.”

“Mm. We were all watching the incident unfold.” Cillin retold the situation at the time to Dias briefly, “We and that Dr. Tico were watching throughout the whole thing. However, Dr. Tico’s rabbit ran out once midway.”

The moment Cillin brought up the rabbit, Asiya, who was smearing ointment on Dias’ body and giving him a massage raised the corner of her lips.

“That white rabbit doesn’t look like it’s anything special.” Cary said. His thoughts were mainly focused on the rabbit’s appetite. That plate of radishes wasn’t plenty at all, and it wasn’t even enough to fit in the gaps between the gray cat and Snowball’s teeth. However, the rabbit had taken unusually long amount of time to finish it. This should be the normal appetite of a rabbit, right?

The others were also paying attention to the conversation.

“If that is the case, then there’s no way that young master will survive.” Dias said with certainty.

“Oh?” Cillin was very curious about this. Just like the gray cat, he could not figure out exactly what was strange about that rabbit. Constitution wise, the rabbit was not an alien. It probably couldn’t even jump over a meter, and it could not endure weapons as well. But for some reason, Cillin couldn’t help but think that the rabbit was very strange.

After falling silent for a moment, Dias said, “You all know that I’m an atheist, but there are some things that science could not yet explain in this world. It may be because that our current technology hasn’t reached the level where it can be explained just yet. Regardless, some of the stuff regarding that rabbit is pretty difficult to explain.”

It’s that supernatural?!

The crowd grew even more curious. The gray cat sat up on top of Cillin’s body and listened to Dias with straight ears.

Dias did not explain immediately, Instead, he asked, “You all know about the Watchers mentioned in ‘Genesis Mythos’, don’t you?”

Cillin nodded. However, Scarlet Wind, the gray cat and Snowball did not know about this, and judging from Udoze and Tang Qiuqiu’s expressions, they had no idea about the Watchers either. Therefore, Cillin explained to them, “The Watchers of ‘Genesis Mythos’ would stand guard beside the souls of those people of great sins and snatch away their souls, so that they will never be able to commit evil again.”

“You… you mean…” Cary felt a slight chill behind his back.

“Of course, it’s not nearly as supernatural as what was stated in ‘Genesis Mythos’, but the outcome of that rabbit’s appearance was about the same. Just as you guys have mentioned earlier, how could that young master possibly have choked on water and passed away just like that, and was irredeemable despite having so many medical instruments and experienced doctors around him?”

“If it’s not soul snatching that what is it?” Xiao Shang shook off the goosebumps on his body and asked.

“A coincidence!”


“Yeah. When that rabbit is around, there would always be all sorts of coincidences. Normally, these coincidences would not seem like anything, but when they are all gathered in one place, you would notice that the rabbit’s influence was far bigger than one might expect. It may be a problem relating to one’s windpipe, throat, lungs, heart or something else. It may also be the body’s drug resistance or allergic reactions. Regardless of the factors, when all these coincidences came together as one, the person involved would not be far away from death.”

“Isn’t that rabbit a little too strange? Should we go pay our respects to the gods or something too?” Cary said.

“I remember a phrase at the back of ‘Genesis Mythos’: An materialistic world, an idealistic man.” Cillin spoke up.

Dias gave him a helpless smile, “That is true. We do not believe in ghosts, but there are certain things that we really can’t say for sure. It is just like how people love to emphasise about luck, and that virtue has its rewards and evil has its retributions. That is why Asiya and I were quite conflicted when we first learned about that rabbit.”

“That rabbit really didn’t do anything?” Cillin asked.

Asiya’s massaging hands around Dias’ elbow paused once before continuing its work.

Dias continued, “Let me tell you guys a story. This is something Asiya and I had seen with our own eyes. It was also a night that day, when Asiya and I had walked to the winding corridor beneath the bamboo frame outside because we couldn’t fall asleep. We talked about the Sixth B Squadron. The scenery of the night sky was great, and the planets were plenty and bright. While we were enjoying the nightscape, Asiya suddenly caught the glimpse of a white figure. Then, we saw that little rabbit climbing from the eaves of the first floor to a window on the second floor. It just stayed there until a series of alarm rang from inside the room.”

The alarm sound was the alarm system’s automatic response when the patient inside the sickroom was met with life threatening danger.

“The little rabbit left after that, and it didn’t take long before the news that the person inside the room had accidentally slipped on their feet, knocked their head and died while they were heading to the toilet at night. That rabbit had zero contact with that person at all throughout the entire process. After that, we grew more and more familiar with Tico and learned a little about that rabbit.”

Even Cillin felt a wave of assaulting chill after listening to Dias’ words.

That really was a just a rabbit; a weak rabbit that anyone could kill with a simple squeeze! But still, wasn’t all this a little too supernatural?

“So, was the person inside the room a bad person too?” Cillin asked.

“They do very much deserve to die.” Asiya said.

If even the normally silent Asiya had said this, then this person must be unusually terrible.

“Erm, big bro, as you know people like us have god knows how much blood on our hands. Do you think that we’d attract that rabbit’s attention?” Cary felt that even the hair on his body had turned stiff.

Dias said amusedly, “Aren’t I the same? But I’ve never seen that rabbit showing anything after such a long time.”

Cary and the others all let out a sigh of relief.

“That’s why I thought that this rabbit has its own judgment and standards, just like the demonic beast in ‘Genesis Mythos’.”

“Demonic beast?” Cary’s face was odd, “I’ve never seen a demonic beast, but I know several that look almost like one.” Cary seemed to be hinting at something.

The gray cat, Dough, Snowball and Scarlet Wind turned to look at Cary in unison. Cary felt that the hair on his body had turned even stiffer.

“Let’s talk about something else for now.” Cillin redirected everyone’s thoughts away from the rabbit and asked Dias, “Big bro Dias, you gave us these prep talk is for a reason, isn’t it?”

Dias nodded with praise and said, “The reason I tell you guys these is so that you will understand Tico and her rabbit a little better, and not act flustered or say something that’s ill-timed. Barring no accidents, Tico would soon become a member of our squad too.”

“Awoo! Our squad is finally going to have a new beauty!” Xiao Shang let out an odd cry.

Everyone was pretty happy to hear Dias’ declaration. It wasn’t just because they had a new eye candy in the squad, but also because this beauty was a doctor; a young but very experienced doctor. This was good news for the entire Sixth B Squadron, since a good doctor was even harder to find than a combat personnel.

“Logically speaking, Dr. Tico should be earning quite the high salary with her abilities, isn’t she? Why did she want to leave here and join a Hunter regiment?” Cillin asked.

They had always believed in Dias’ insight. Dias’ insight on people was in fact one of those things that couldn’t really be explained by science. This was because Dias had an exceptionally good eye for people despite the fact that he would sometimes get lost on the streets. In reality, Cillin wasn’t interested in Tico’s reason for joining a Hunter regiment, but that didn’t mean that the rest of the squad wasn’t interested to know. He only asked this so that the answer would clear up some of their doubts and facilitate their future interactions.

“She just doesn’t want to stay here anymore, that’s all. We’ve discussed about this in detail after we came here, underwent recovery treatment and came to know Tico. I’ll skip some of the details in-between. The point is that she seems to be a little tired of this place, and she expressed that she wanted more to become a Hunter instead. However, Tico said that she wanted to give this a trial run before making any commitments, and if everything was fine then she would join us officially. Isn’t our squad lacking a doctor? Rikulab’s main profession is a medicine maker, so it’ll be even better with Tico’s participation. Speaking of which, what is our little squad’s current combat strength?”

“We’re doing okay. Everyone is improving, and we have new recruits joining us at the same time. Plus, that white fatty isn’t a good-for-nothing glutton, so it’ll be stranger if our combat strength hadn’t gone up.” Cillin said.

“I knew you would be more suited for that position than I am.” Dias patted Cillin’s shoulder and said sincerely, “With you around, my life is made much easier!”

When he was the lone lieutenant commander of the squad, Dias had spent the majority of his time being gloomy and depressed. In reality, he knew that he was unsuitable for the position not long after he had assumed the role of a lieutenant commander. He had also been searching for a suitable replacement until Cillin joined the Sixth Squad.

“Hey, Cary, what on earth are you giggling yourself silly about?” Dias smiled and gave Cary, who was bowing his head and laughing quietly to himself a kick.

“Oh. Hehe, I was just thinking that the rabbit will be joining our squad along with Dr. Tico. In that case, well, er… let me give you an example. For example, let’s say that the enemy sniper was aiming to shoot your heart. However, his hands suddenly cramped and so missed the shot…” Cary said happily.

The entire room fell silent.

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