SRH Chapter 181 [Part 1]

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Chapter 181: Tico and Her White Rabbit [Part 1]

There were plenty of doctors dressed in white work uniform rushing over from other areas of the recovery center. Despite the sweat all over their heads they did not even bother wiping it and simply charged straight into the ICU, looking a lot more rushed than they normally would when performing an emergency rescue. Some nurses had even broken out in tears due to sheer anxiety.

The building was probably filled with people. Some of the doctors and nurses who failed to force their way in were all walking circles with an anxious look on their faces. From time to time they would look inside and inquire the situation inside from the surrounding people.

“What happened over there?” Cary asked.

They all turned to look at the white dressed beauty. The question was directed at her to begin with.

However, the white dressed beauty spread her arms and expressed that she did not know as well.

Cillin and others looked at the strange expression on the white dressed beauty’s face before turning to look at the rabbit that was nibbling its radishes. They couldn’t shake the feeling that they knew what was going on.

The gray cat stared at the white rabbit not far away on the table. It could confirm that this little white rabbit was almost the same as a normal rabbit. Its constitution could only be considered as healthy, but it was not as special as Snowball’s. Moreover, it could not detect any unusual energy fluctuations from the rabbit at all. To sum it up, this was just a normal miniature lop. However, it was this fellow that looked no different from a normal rabbit that gave the gray cat a strange feeling. The gray cat could not tell what this strange feeling was, but it felt absolutely strange regardless.

Cillin was also staring at the rabbit on top of the table. If his eyes weren’t mistaken earlier, the rabbit’s eyes were slightly reddened when it returned. It was only when it jumped up the chair that they slowly returned to black. This rabbit was definitely connected to the incident going on the other side just now, but since the white dressed beauty wasn’t willing to admit anything, they would not probe into this further.

A spaceplane flew over ten minutes later. No one said anything even after it knocked off a corner of the building. Then, a long-shaped object was carried out from inside the building. Cillin and the others could only see that the container-like object was carried up to the spaceplane, but because there were a lot of people in the way they could not see exactly what it was.

“What’s that?” Xiao Shang asked.

The white dressed beauty did not explain. Rikulab took the lead instead.

“Commonly speaking, it is a device that could seal off a near dead person inside, but preserve the state of the person prior to the sealing. Sometimes the place a wounded was at lacked certain necessary life saving medicaments or equipment, and the doctors were incapable to do anything to save a life. In that case, they would seal the wounded inside a container like that one and transport them to another place with the proper qualifications to perform a follow-up rescue.”

“So, you mean that container is holding someone who’s about to die?” Cary said.

Rikulab looked at the departing spaceplane, “It can be someone who’s about to die. It can also be someone whose heart had just stopped not long ago.”

“That… could it be that’s…” Xiao Shang saw the service robot who had left earlier returning and thus, did not voice out the latter half of his sentence. Instead, he gave everyone a meaningful glance.

They all knew who Xiao Shang was going to say.

He was referring to that arrogant young man who choked on water and was rushed into the ICU.

While speaking, Cillin caught the glimpse of a figure.

“Dias is coming over!”

“Where? Where?”

Cary, Xiao Shang and the others stopped discussing upon listening Cillin’s words. They hurriedly looked at their surroundings.

Two people was walking over to them from afar. It was a man and a woman holding onto each other. They were none other than Dias and Asiya.

“LC… ahem, big bro Dias.” Cary called out to Dias the usual way out of habit, but then noticed that he had made a mistake. He hurriedly changed the way he addressed him, got up and ran towards Dias.

Cary, Beaver and the others went over to greet Dias. Cillin ordered a few more meals that were suitable for recovering patients and added a few extra stools to the table.

“Long time no see!” Dias came over and gave Cillin a big hug, “We went out on a walk and missed you.”

His ripped arm had completed its process of directional induction and differentiation. He was recovering well too.

There were a couple of ways to regain a ripped arm. One could perform a tissue culture using a specific tissue on one’s body, and reconnect the arm with an operation once the arm was fully grown in vitro. One could also choose to perform a localised mono clone* and so on. However, these choices were all in vitro induction. Dias chose the most painful method of them all so that he would acquire the most perfect reconstruction of his arm, and that was the directional induction and differentiation of cells from his own body.

*referring to the adjective ‘monoclonal’ for those who are interested. I cannot find a noun to ‘monoclonal’ so I did the next best thing that preserved the original wording.

The directional induction and differentiation of cells would be performed where Dias had lost his arm during the core treatment. During this process, anesthesia could not be injected in order to accurately induce and mold the patient’s arm into full growth. The main body would have to endure all of the pain brought by the induction, and it wasn’t a kind of pain that anyone could endure. It was also why more people were willing to accept in vitro induction and molding.

However, the advantage of directional induction from one’s main body was that the regrown arm would be more compatible with the main body. As a Hunter, it was obvious that an arm that was induced and regrown this way was more beneficial for Dias.

Cillin gave him a thumbs up, “You are a true man!”

Cary, Beaver, Xiao Shang and the others also echoed in agreement, “A true man!” however, their gazes looked as vulgar as one might imagine, sweeping back and forth repeatedly between Dias and Asiya.

The men grew slightly more serious only after Asiya put on a stern face and glared at them. However, there was an obvious blush on her face, and her stern face was no longer as imposing as it was before. While Asiya wasn’t paying attention, the men winked at Dias with a ‘we completely understand’ expression.

“Aiyo, my beloved little Tang Qiuqiu, I miss you so much!” Dias held Tang Qiuqiu and tossed her up into the air.

“Eh? Wow, this here is actually a real bear. Here I thought it was just a bear-shaped backpack.” Dias looked at Snowball behind Tang Qiuqiu as he rubbed its head strongly and gave its round ears a pinch with a chuckle. Mm, the bear feels pretty comfortable to touch. God knows how much it ate to grow this fat.

Snowball grinned while wearing a simple and honest face and said, “Hello, big bro Dias!”

This time both Dias and Asiya were surprised. Even the white dressed beauty was staring at it curiously. This bear could actually speak!

Their reactions caused Snowball’s grin to grow even wider.

“Don’t be fooled by this fellow’s face. In reality he’s just a naughty kid that’s as bad as Dough!” Cary snorted.

Dough opened its mouth wide and hopped once on top of Eudy’s shoulders, seemingly rebuking Cary’s claims, to which Cary had ignored directly. Therefore, when Cary had attempted to scoop a meatball with his spoon, Dough intercepted and stole the meatball with its long tongue in a flash. After swallowing it down his throat, Dough had even smacked its mouth and hid behind Beaver’s neck, poking its head out and showing off to Cary.

“May diarrhea claim your life!” Cary said angrily.

However, Dough was one of the most unusual variants among chameleons. It literally could eat anything be it cooked or raw, or it would not have instigated the gray cat and others to raid Cary’s storage cabinet so often.

Cillin then introduced Udoze, Rikulab and Scarlet Wind briefly to Dias. Dias was very satisfied with their recruitment from the bottom of his heart, and to Beaver and the others, the fact that these people were able to satisfy Dias made them feel like that had eaten a pill of reassurance*.

*it means what it says; very reassuring.

“Alright alright, come take a seat before we continue talking, boss. I’m treating today, so just order anything else that you want, big bro, sister-in-law.” Cillin smiled and said.

“Yeah, what do you guys want to eat, big bro and sister-in-law…”

Cary failed to finish his sentence before Asiya made him swallow the rest of his words with a red-faced glare. Although Cary did not say anything further, the smile didn’t fade from his face.

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