SRH Chapter 180 [Part 2]

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Chapter 180: The Angel in White Who Eats Beautifying Pig’s Trotters [Part 2]

The rabbit looked a little dazed even after it was put on top of the table. It had probably just woken up.

After the angel in white had put down the little rabbit, she then ordered some meals from a service robot that came flying to her direction. Before long, the service robot had served her meals.

In reality, only three plates served on top of the table.

There was a plate of fresh carrots, white radishes, red carrots etc and many other types of radishes that formed a radish collection. There was also a simple plate of steamed wheat buns. Finally, there was a large plate of beautifying pig’s trotters that did not belong here.

They did not know what kind of pig it was, but a single trotter was as large as a watermelon. There were at least eight trotters in the plate, and they were all sprinkled with sauce. The dish was supposed to be very aesthetically beautiful, but Cillin and the others couldn’t help but feel a little ache in their stomachs.

The little rabbit grew spirited after it saw the radish collection. It happily jumped next to the plate and started eating and grinding its food with its small teeth and iconic three-lipped mouth. It was eating very energetically.

Meanwhile, that angel in white picked up a steamed bun and swallowed it in one go. Then, she picked up her knife and fork and began eating that jumbo beautifying pig’s trotters of hers.

One must admit that the angel in white’s fingers were very beautiful, and the way she used her table knife was an art in itself. Agilely, she cut the meat off the big pig’s trotter with the table knife before picking the meat up with the fork and delivering it into her mouth.

There were many people who did not use table knives when eating pig’s trotters because they found it more troublesome than not. However, the way this angel in white used a table knife to eat them looked pretty pleasing to the eye, giving off the impression that this was how people were supposed to eat pig’s trotters in the first place. Of course, this would not be the case if she was a different person. The reason that this scene was filled with aesthetic beauty was due to the person using the table knife.

The group basically busied themselves by watching the angel in white and her little rabbit eating their own meals. Their own meals on the table were barely touched.

Half an hour later, the whole plate of beautifying pig’s trotters were cleaned out and fully eaten. The angel in white gracefully picked up a napkin, wiped her mouth and began drinking the drink served by the service robot. On her opposite side, the little rabbit hadn’t finished one quarter of its radishes yet, and it would probably be done by the time she finished her drink.

“Hi, pretty!” Xiao Shang was pretty straightforward, and he greeted the woman the moment she turned around to look at their direction. However, his greeting was incredibly frivolous.

“Hi, handsomes!” the angel in white replied with a smile. Although it was obviously a similar type of greeting, her aura was so overbearing that Xiao Shang’s smile was a little stiff.

“Good knife skills.” Cillin raised his cup in toast and finished the alcoholic beverage inside in one go.

The angel in white simply smiled and took a careless sip of her drink in response.

Cillin did not mind the gesture, and instead looked towards Rikulab. He knew what Rikulab was thinking right now. It would seem that the so-called recovery zone wasn’t as peaceful as it seemed.

“You’ve just finished an operation?” Rikulab asked. He frowned slightly instead of smiling, “Why is an emergency rescue operation like this still necessary in the recovery zone?”

The angel in white looked at him with a somewhat surprised expression after she had heard Rikulab’s words. She could glean from the group’s expressions that Cillin and Rikulab had guessed correctly that she had just finished an operation, whereas Cary and the others were surprised by the revelation.

The angel in white nodded, “Yeah, in reality there are no such things as absolutes even in the recovery zone. Although theoretically speaking a patient here is considered to have escaped danger, and they only need to undergo late stage supplementary treatment and rehabilitative exercises, nothing is absolute in this world. The outcome depends and varies according to the person.”

“That means that you are a very good doctor.” Cillin praised.

Although the woman had changed a new coat, the odor of chemicals were still present. The odor revealed that the surgery she performed was the kind that belonged under major surgery procedures and emergency rescue operations. Moreover, an operation like this was extremely exhausting and could not be taken over by robots. It was no wonder that the woman had eaten such a large plate of food after the operation.

However, Cillin guessed that this woman was probably the surgeon of the operation. Even if she wasn’t, she would be a very important assistant. One must say that it was very rare to find a person with such abilities at such age. She was literally brimming with talent.

The angel in white did not act modest and nodded at Cillin’s praise with a small smile on her face. Then, she continued to drink her beverage.

By now Cary and the others were feeling more impressed than anything. Although the group was unwilling to hear words like doctor and so on most of the time, they really were impressed by her abilities. Plus, as combat personnel they were often hurt in battle, so they knew even better just how precious a good doctor was.

Cary, Xiao Shang and the others made meaningful glances at Cillin. Let’s get her over to our side, LC! She’s a talented person, and right now we’re sorely lacking in talented people!

Although Rikulab would sometimes roleplay as a doctor, his real occupation was a medicine maker. Surgeries were something he seldom performed. That was why he very much agreed that they should absorb a doctor into their ranks too. There was a problem, however. Even if she was a very experienced doctor, whether she was willing to give up her work here and join Vanguard, and whether her moral standing was in the right place were very important questions to consider.

A good doctor with shrewd hands could take a life without anyone noticing it. They could also make the death look like an accident and exclude themselves completely from the circle of responsibility.

Naturally Cillin knew what was at stake here, and the same goes with Cary and the others. That was why they hadn’t pushed the matter further.

It was at this moment a clamor came from nearby.

It was quite obvious that several youngsters were attacking an old man and a young kid.

The leader of the youngsters were pointing at a stain on his sleeves and speaking loudly and domineeringly. The obscenities flying out of his mouth were so smooth that he probably said such things quite often daily.

The youngsters were beating down on the old man on the floor. The old man was protecting a child in his lap, and the child was choking on his sobs already.

No one came out to mediate the fight even though many people saw what was going on. They did not even dare to match eyes with the young man who led the group and left hurriedly.

“F*ck, how can there be such a terrible person!”

Cary got up and was about to head over. Xiao Shang and the others got ready to stand up as well.

“I advise that you do not head over and cause trouble, or more people will suffer because of this.” the angel in white said.

“Why is that?” Cillin asked.

Anyone with a discerning eye would know that the incident was really trivial. It was probably the kid accidentally kicking a ball at the young man’s sleeves and dirtying it as a result. That was why he was met with a terrible beating.

“If you don’t interfere, the incident will pass after he vents on them. No lives will be threatened, and in fact that old man and the young kid will get even better treatment than before. However, if you interfered, not only will you fail to save that old man and young kid, you will attract quite a lot of trouble to yourself too.”

Cary was so troubled by this that his eyebrows had become knitted together. He had never liked such twists and turns.

Cillin patted Cary’s shoulder to make him sit down. Xiao Shang and the others had also taken their seats once more as they stared in dissatisfaction at the event developing over the other side.

The angel in white glanced somewhat in surprise at Cillin. She did not think that an incredibly young fellow like him would be leading these people, not to mention that he was far calmer than anyone else in the group. Suddenly, she seemed to recall something as she scrutinised Cillin and the others closely to the point they began to feel uncomfortable.

“Ahem, er, who might that bastard be?” Cary said to divert her attention.

The white dressed beauty withdrew her gaze and smiled contemptuously, “He is the ‘prince’ of this district. He fooled around with women too much outside to the point where he reeked of trouble, and his father sent him over to take refuge. Well, he took refuge and was safe from his troubles alright, but the people at the recovery center suffered as a result instead.”

“If I was his father I would’ve choked the life out of him a long time ago!” Cary said mercilessly while moving his fingers about as if he could actually feel that bastard’s neck.

“There are plenty of people who wants to choke him, but none has succeeded.” the angel in white pointed at the robots hovering about in midair. Some of them were service robots, and some were navigation robots, “At certain times, these robots would turn into zealous bodyguards. After all, this recovery center was established by his father, and he is very protective of his beloved son. Moreover, they share a lot of connections with the higher ups of that famous large hospital at Sector E this hospital is a subsidiary to. Therefore, as long as he doesn’t kill someone, those people would not say a word.”

“Doesn’t that mean that they’ve already eavesdropped on our criticisms?” Beaver looked around and found the eyes of the service robots in the restaurant were shining with light. However, their attention were mainly focused at the clamor on the other side and not on the people at the dining tables.

“It’s fine. As long as you don’t act then nothing will come. There are countless people who backbite him.”

“In that case, why are there still so many people who came here to undergo recovery treatment even though they obviously knew about his moral standing?” Cillin asked.

“For the patients, the fee here is cheap. For the doctors, the salary here is high.” the white dressed beauty answered.

It was a very pragmatic question. For those people who were lacking in funds and qualifications, this place was without a doubt a very good choice.

“Isn’t there a saying that evil has its retributions?” Tang Qiuqiu spoke up. This was an idiom that she had learned after she came to Vanguard. Although this idiom would make a lot of people turn up their noses, she remembered it very well.

“Evil has its retributions?” the white dressed beauty smiled as her eyes sparkled with unfathomable meaning. She said in a low voice, “Perhaps.”

The beating on the other side was finally over, and the old man and young kid was carried away by a few medical personnel. According to the white dressed beauty’s words, these people would be getting better treatment for free.

The young man who led the group continued to swear while talking, and he accepted a glass of water from his subordinate and abruptly poured it down his throat. However, because he drank the water too hastily, he had choked on the water instead. He couldn’t stop the moment he started choking. In the end, the choking had turned so severe that he was hurried into the ICU by medical personnel.

On top of the white dressed beauty’s dining table, the little rabbit flicked its drooping ears and jumped down to the chair. Then, it jumped down onto the ground and cast a glance at the white dressed beauty. Finally, it left the scene.

The white dressed beauty stared at the leftover radishes in the plate and ignored the little rabbit who had jumped away from her. However, the corner of her lips had curled up a bit, and her eyes were serene and hidden in depth.

Cary was just about to say something as he watched the rabbit. Cillin caught his attention with his eyes and shook his head. He then continued to eat his meal.

Five minutes later, a disturbance broke out from the other side. Everyone, be it the doctors or the nurses all wore expressions that looked like they were facing the end of the world. Meanwhile, the little rabbit had returned before they knew it, jumping up the chair and the table before cleaning up the rest of its radishes.

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