SRH Chapter 178 [Part 2]

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Translator’s Notes: Jiada: You must be withstand-the-electrocution-of-a-planet strong to come back to Sector S.

Chapter 178: Leaving Sector S [Part 2]

On the way away from Sector S, both Cillin and Lung were making their own plans. After Lung was done making his own plans, he loosened up by a lot once more. He was just about to order his robots to prepare some fine meals to reward his own brain when he raised his head and saw those two idiots not far away from him.

Since Scarlet Wind was self-learning, some relaxing music was being released from the educational video. The sound wasn’t loud. Scarlet Wind cheerfully wagged his tail while listening to the music, whereas the gray cat was swaying its fat butt following the rhythm.

“Yo, Wheeze. You dancing or what?” Lung smiled.

The gray cat continued to dance without even turning its head around, “Yeah. You all look as depressed as a rock. If this continues then you’d really become a rock.”

It was referring to Cillin and Lung not exactly holding their heads high and talking much due to harboring certain thoughts after the events they went through. The gray cat was feeling pretty resentful when it got back.

“Alright. We should be leaving soon going by the plan. I’ll take you guys someplace and fully entertain ourselves once we got out of this Sector.” Lung said generously.

“There’s no need. You simply need to pay off our compensation. We’ve accompanied you and journeyed through Sector S for this mission, and this mission should be considered complete once we got out of the Sector, right?We should be paid in full soon after the mission is finished, right?”

Lung’s eyebrows rose, “You guys joining me on a visit to Sector S may as well be a holiday trip. You guys also picked up a companion, used and ate my stuff on the starship for free, and speaking of consumption you’re the one who ate the most out of our fresh stock. You sure have the nerve to say that when what you ate a full sum of several tens of thousands credits!”

The gray cat didn’t care about these, “I’ve seen the contract before. You said that you’d be covering all of our basic needs, and you did not put a limit on consumption level either. Don’t forget, you should bank in our money as soon as possible. Interest will be added if you delay payment!”

Lung paused for a moment before saying, “Wheeze, why don’t you come to the Andrea Family and help me? We can go earn money, a lot of money, and when it is time I’ll install a large aquarium for you. The aquarium will be holding the fishes you love to eat, which you can eat whenever you’re feeling hungry. Mm, a big villa is also necessary. It will be filled with beautiful queens*, and…”

*female cats

The gray cat’s whiskers were straight at this point. It turned around to glare at Lung and interrupt him, “How dare you think so vulgarly of my taste!”

The corner of Lung’s mouth twitched non-stop as he listened to its reply. I’m sorry, just how noble did you think your tastes truly are, sir cat?

It so happened that Cillin had just finished his activities inside the training room and walked into the control room, and so Lung told him, “Cillin, your cat is just too outrageous.”

Cillin’s eyes stated ‘and you only realize that now?’ then he said, “You haven’t seen its more outrageous moments yet.”

The moment Cillin recall the cat battling Rikulab to a dance-off at ‘Dance Night’, he would experience a ‘ah, this monster’s Dao is so deep’ moment.

“Cillin, that kid’s trying to renege on his debt!” the gray cat raised its chin slightly, lifted a forelimb and pointed its paws at Lung.

Cillin poured a bottle of water down his throat and answered, “Let him. According to the agreement, we can roll up more interest if he reneges.”

Without another word, Lung took out a bill and scribbled a series of numbers on it. Once he was done, he slapped the bill onto the gray cat’s head and said, “This young master has nothing except one thing: he’s so poor all he has left is money!”

The gray cat pulled the bill off its head with its paws and gave it a close look. Scarlet Wind also came closer for a look, and the gray cat took the opportunity to teach it how to read a bill.

Reading bills was the first skill the gray cat learned when it first encountered Cillin. It was a thing that affected the cat’s entire lifetime.

The gray cat nodded in satisfaction after it saw the numbers on the bills. In fact, it even checked the bill’s digital barcode and secret orders, pissing off Lung so much that he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood. This motherf*cker actually suspected the authenticity of his bills!!

After the inspection, the gray cat help the bill in his mouth and jumped onto Cillin’s shoulder. It raised a paw and patted Cillin’s head, “I want to buy fish biscuits once we get the money!”

“Sure, do it!” Cillin nodded.

“Hehe.” the gray cat was so happy that it leaped onto the table and continued twisting its fat butt while humming a small tune rhythmically.

Lung walked over to Cillin and tapped him once with his elbow, “Your cat has turned into a demon.”

“It’s also a glutton too.” Cillin answered with a smile as he cast a glance at the cat.

“Are you going to push for the Sixth B Squadron’s strong development once you get back?” Lung asked.

“I am a lieutenant commander right now, the majority of the work is still done by the commander. I still have to increase my own strength as much as possible.”

“You’ve risen quickly enough already. Sigh, to think that I am the lousiest out of the four of us now. Ci Jincheng is actually one hell of a dark horse, you know. There was one time we competed shooting skills and I lost a million credits to him. Since then I’ve decided that I would not compete shooting with him ever again. It’s no different from gifting him the money outright.” Lung complained.

Cillin gave Lung a kick, “Keep talking. You’re not much better than him when it comes to being a dark horse.”

Unexpectedly, Lung did not object to Cillin’s statement, “Sigh. What can I do? I’m the Andrea Family’s first young master.”

“Keep up your low profile.”

“Of course.”

Lung had never revealed his true strength. Outsiders knew that young master Lung’s family produced a lot of high-tech product, and this was obvious from the items he used in his daily activities. However, it was also these high-tech products that had obscured everyone’s vision and acted as a shroud that hid Lung’s true strength from prying eyes.

Cillin knew that Lung was in fact very strong, but this guy would not easily expose his strength unless absolutely necessary. His identity as the future successor of the great business family, Andrea, was obvious for anyone to see, so the more strength he managed to conceal from prying eyes, the greater his chance of survival.

Just like how it was back at Seven Lights, there were many things that did not need to be said out loud. It was fine as long as they knew it inside their hearts.

Since the route they chose to leave through went around the hot zones, they safely exited Sector S despite spending a little bit more time. The conflicts in Sector S would probably continue for a while, but they were no longer within Cillin and Lung’s considerations. Right now, they all had their own respective plans to fulfill.

A spaceplane left the starship. This spaceplane was robbed and not a property of the Andrea Family, so after they bid Lung goodbye Cillin took the gray cat and Scarlet Wind on the spaceplane with him and flew out of the starship.

“Cillin, are we returning the Sector K directly?” the gray cat looked to be in a good mood.

“Yeah. We’ve hung around Sector S for quite some time already. Once we got back, the B Squadron would probably undergo a consolidation before continuing onto the next phase of the plan. This could also be considered as a new a start for the Sixth B Squadron. We also have new squad members such as Udoze, Rikulab and Scarlet Wind. The rest of the B Squadron commanders will also be introducing some new squad members too since supplies need to be replenished every time a consolidation is done.”

“Our B Squadron is the strongest!” the gray cat said with a lot of pride.

Cillin smiled, “Yes, we are the strongest.”

Along the way, the gray cat talked about some of the B Squadron’s members under Cillin to Scarlet Wind. The people he talked about were strictly limited to Tang Qiuqiu and a few other familiar faces. As for the rest? It never noticed any of them at all.

Scarlet Wind was feeling a little apprehensive and nervous, but the bigger part of his emotion was still eagerness.

Cillin turned his head back and continued to pilot the spaceplane after casting a glance at the duo.

Manpower and talent; combat strength and technology were absolutely necessary for the development of the squadron.

As for Sector S, he would come back and revisit it if he had the chance in the future.

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