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Chapter 177: ‘Grim Reaper’s’ Star Net [Part 1]

Logically speaking, the energy storage room should be pretty well defended. Other than the interior of the prison and the main defense system, the energy storage room also had a separate defense system and was specially built to prevent energy leakage. This was because its potential threat value was higher. After all, if certain unstable factors caused large amounts of energy blocks to become destabilised, then the explosion they caused would be big enough to destroy more than half of the prison.

However, they did not encounter any robot guards along the passage towards the energy storage room. The energy storage room was categorised as high radiation area, so normally there should be certain robot sentries guarding the paths leading towards it. However, other than a number of convicts lying dead on the ground, they did not find even one robot sentry.

Lung checked the display of his life scanner and shook his head at Cillin, indicating that no life forms had been detected in this area as of now.

No other life forms?

The way these convicts died didn’t look like a robot’s work.

After looking at his surroundings carefully, Cillin crouched down and put his hand on a convict who had no wounds on the surface of his body even though he was dead.

“His heart is crushed.” Cillin said in a heavy tone.

He then checked a couple more convicts with no wounds on their skin and found that their conditions were the same as this convict. The large majority of the convicts inside this passage had died this way.

A human had done this and not a robot, but both Cillin and Lung were puzzled. Just who on earth had the ability to easily crush these convicts’ hearts without wounding their skin?

Was it someone from ‘Grim Reaper’? Or was it someone else?

Cillin and Lung walked towards the energy storage room with even greater caution than before. They did not dare to overly rely on the life scanner since machines sometimes would ‘lie’ too.

The energy storage room’s door was open, and there were no signs of any forced entry. The thick custom made cabin door was obediently opened, and some energy fluctuations were emanating from inside the energy storage room at the same time.

These energy fluctuations weren’t big. You could even say that it was very docile. But this was exactly why Cillin and Lung had become even more nervous.

The were only docile energy fluctuations coming from inside the energy storage room. There was nothing else in there; not even the breathing sounds of a human. Was it really a robot?

Cillin and Lung arrived near the door, but did enter immediately. Lung released a small, ball-shaped detector, and the object flew towards the entrance of the energy storage room. However, when detector reached the front of the door, its program instantly became disrupted and ran away about as fast as one could imagine.

Lung: “…”

Cillin made a hand gesture. He was going to go in and check things out first.

When he shuffled carefully to the entrance, Cillin could obviously sense the change in magnetic field surrounding the storage room’s door. No wonder Lung’s scanner had experienced a disruption in its program. This was probably why there were no robot sentries around here.

However, when Cillin saw the person inside the room, he no longer had the mood or thought to consider the robot sentries and the change in magnetic field.

It was actually a human being!

Lung swiftly moved over to Cillin when he saw him standing there with a taut body, but had not suffered any kind of attack. He looked towards the storage room. When he saw the person inside, Lung’s pupils also shrank in an instant.

The boxes containing the energy blocks had already been opened, and the man’s back was facing towards them. One of his hands was placed directly on the energy ores. Unlike the energy blocks inside small-sized home-use electrical appliances, these energy blocks were one meter tall and stacked in a bunch. However, Cillin could see clearly that the energy blocks beside the man had already been depleted.

The man was absorbing energy!

He could actually absorb energy directly from the energy blocks without any mediums at all?!

That being said, Cillin recalled that he himself seemed to have done something similar.

The man never moved or turned around, maintaining his body posture and appearing as if he hadn’t noticed Cillin and Lung’s arrival at all. However, Cillin dared wager a bet that that man had absolutely noticed the two of them since a long time ago.

This person could not be detected before he was seen since he lacked too much presence. However, those who really saw him they would experience a feeling of absurdity instead. He was like the amalgam of contradictions.

Cillin and Lung tacitly understood each other and did not disturb the man from absorbing energy. They did not attempt to attack and rob the energy blocks while he was busy either. However, if they left this place immediately, there was no telling if they would be killed right away. At the very least, Cillin had a feeling that the man would murder them to the last if they tried to do so. There wouldn’t be so many dead convicts around the area otherwise.

Cillin gave Lung a look, indicating that it would be best if they didn’t act recklessly.

It wasn’t long before there were other convicts who came over to this place. When they saw the energy blocks, they all wore greedy looks on their faces.

Cillin and Lung had ducked into a corner of the storage room and avoided meeting the convicts in a head on conflict. Meanwhile, the convicts who made their way over obviously painted the man absorbing the energy blocks as their primary target.

Several convicts raised their guns and fired rapidly at the man. The guns were all forcefully taken from the prison guards. The prison guard’s sign on the guns proved this. It would seem that the prison guards were doing extremely poorly too.

Bang bang bang!

However, the fired bullets looked like they were met with great resistance when they approached the vicinity of that man. When they reached half a meter away from that man, their velocity dropped down to zero directly.

After a few gunshots, the convicts understood that this man wasn’t someone they could deal with. There was a person who got ready to take out a booster type high energy weapon, but had collapsed immediately before he could do anything with it. Cillin could feel that the person’s heart was crushed just like the convicts at the passage.

No one saw how he killed the person. In fact, he never made any extra movements at all. But the convict more than twenty meters away was killed all the same.

The rest of the convicts wanted to escape, but they collapsed directly just when they had escaped to the entrance.

Lung gulped and looked at Cillin. What are we going to do next?

Let’s maintain this deadlock for now, Cillin thought.

More people came in the middle of the deadlock, but the outcome was always the same. By now, there were more than twenty people lying dead at the entrance from the same cause.

Five minutes later, the energy fluctuation slowly subsided calmly, collectedly and unhurriedly. By now, the energy blocks inside the box were already dim and lightless. The man withdrew his hand, turned around and looked towards Cillin and Lung.

There was no killing intent of displayed malice. In fact, the man was even wearing a faint smile on his face. He gave off a gentle and cultivated feeling, but it was this person who had killed so many without a sound at all.

Both Cillin and Lung could only feel every hair on their body standing at the back of their end when they were gazed upon by the man wearing a faint smile that was somewhat polite and cordial. The more he acted this way, the more dangerous he was in their eyes.

In his mind, Lung had already thrown this man into the freak category directly. Those people whose outside and inside were joined by an absolutely twisted nature were all freaks among freaks, not to mention that this freak was the kind who killed with a smile on his face. When the convicts had died, they probably didn’t even sense any killing intent coming from this person.

Jiada glanced at the two little boys standing not far away from him. That was what he thought of twenty year olds from his standpoint.

He had discovered Cillin and Lung since a long time ago. A layer of electrical charge had been imbued to the top, bottom and side walls of the passages stretching outward from the storage room. Jiada was capable of sensing anyone who entered into this area. He could even determine how powerful the intruder was from these electrical charges.

Jiada was curious when Cillin and Lung had entered his domain. He hadn’t killed them immediately and instead, watched their reactions while he was absorbing the energy. Obviously, the duo’s reactions hadn’t incited his killing intent.

“Who are you, little boys?” Jiada asked. Even his voice was gentle.

Little boys…

Cillin and Lung wanted to roar: Is this guy a super old freak or something?

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