SRH Chapter 175 [Part 2]

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Chapter 175: Which Force is It? [Part 2]

Coincidentally, the grade three prison planet Cillin chose just happened to be the planet Ghost Butterfly had hung around earlier.

GAL time, six hours ago.

Inside the prison of this grade three prison planet.

Due to a major accident that had happened on a certain prison planet, every prison had strengthened their defenses, increased the frequency of patrols, and checked the defense system – especially the weapons system – every once in a while to prevent being invaded without noticing it.

Since a grade three prison’s management wasn’t as loose as a grade one prison’s, the convicts basically never even exited their prison rooms. Naturally, the confusing situation of a group brawl wouldn’t happen either.

What set the prison guards at ease was that the prison had been very calm lately. Other than the rise of tension among the prison guards, nothing abnormal had happened inside the prison.

But their relief was way too soon.

Some convicts grew restless and anxious. There were plenty of convicts who went ‘crazy’ during the norm, so their change did not appear too obvious when mixed among the other ‘crazy’ convicts.

Some convicts began to show nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, whereas some had fainted right away. Some convicts discovered that their limbs were heavy, and their muscles were somewhat withered, without strength and even paralysed. Some convicts discovered that their eyesight had fallen off sharply, and their joints felt painful and swollen.

One convict discovered that some unusually rugged skin ulcers had appeared while he was washing his own face. The area of the ulcer was even spreading.

Some convicts discovered that they were scratching clumps of hair off their heads when they scratched their own heads impatiently. Even their eyebrows and facial hair were starting to fall off.

The sudden and terrible fear caused the convicts’ long suppressed emotions to erupt at once. They began hammering the walls and screaming in despair. Even when they were isolated, they could feel the restlessness of the other convicts stirring around them.

In reality, some of the prison guards themselves were facing similar problems. Since they had made all sorts of preparations beforehand, they swiftly took measures to counter it after the situation had happened.

They had prevented the viruses, but they failed to prevent radioactive materials. Since when were these radioactive materials smuggled into the prison? Why did the radiation detectors in the prison failed to warn this in advance?

The prison guards were busy rescuing themselves while checking the defense system. The convicts were wailing anguishly inside the prison.

Ghost Butterfly Fourteen did not have the time to go crazy with the other convicts. Upon noticing the abnormality, he had taken out the thing Ghost Butterfly Zero left behind for him and opened the door of his prison room.

Ghost Butterfly Fourteen was none other than that big man with an unkempt beard.

The surrounding reactions were different from to the plan Ghost Butterfly Zero had explained beforehand. The situation had happened one day ahead of time. This meant that it wasn’t Blue Butterfly who had done this, but someone else.

Ghost Butterfly Fourteen did not wish to stay in here any longer. The radiation wouldn’t affect him too much within a short period of time, and he had not wasted his time when he spent these years inside the prison. He was much stronger than he was before.

It wasn’t just Ghost Butterfly Fourteen and a few other ‘Blue Butterfly’ members who had walked out of the prison. There were also a few figures of certain forces who had done the same. It was obvious that someone had acted again during this period of time without anyone realising it.

In order to create enough confusion to escape this place, the people who exited their prison had released the other convicts as well.

“Fourteen, go get Seventeen quickly. The situation has changed, and we don’t know if he’s still safe. The amount of radioactive materials is growing bigger and bigger. Leave quickly!” one of the Blue Butterfly members said.

“I know. You guys go ahead. I’ll catch up right away.” Ghost Butterfly Fourteen arrived at a prison room and opened the door.

The person inside the prison room was sitting on his chair and reading his newspaper calmly. He was not affected by the situation going on outside, nor was he panicking in the slightest in face of the radioactive materials. He was still emanating with the gentle and cultivated aura of an academician.

Jiada did not raise his eyes to look at Ghost Butterfly Fourteen for having unlocking his door. Ghost Butterfly Fourteen was not dissatisfied in any way either despite Jiada’s cool disregard. Instead, he saluted Jiada as he was someone junior to him. Many people would salute Jiada when they saw him, and even Ghost Butterfly Zero had to take the initiative to greet him as a way to show respect.

Ghost Butterfly Fourteen left and acted with his companions once he saluted Jiada.

After Ghost Butterfly Fourteen had left, several crazed convicts came into the room. These convicts had nearly lost all of their self consciousness and were no different from a madman. When they entered Jiada’s prison room, they pounced towards him with a cruel smile on their faces.


The two convicts who entered the room collapsed directly on the ground without a wound on their body. However, a closer inspection would reveal that their hearts had shattered.

Jiada’s movements never changed throughout the entire process. He finished drinking his water and set down his tea cup as the old newspaper in his hands flashed with the old images from a dozen or so years ago. He folded the old newspaper tidily and put it on top of the table. Jiada patted his pants and slowly walked out of the prison room. The convicts that were crowding in the surrounding were forcefully pushed away by a kind of force. Anyone who was too adamant would be killed straight away.

The prison rooms’ defense system had already become paralysed. Despite the prison guards and the technicians’ best efforts, they were unable to change this fact.

He did not need to deal with the monitoring cameras around him. They were already useless. Before he walked out of this floor, Jiada glanced towards a particular corner. There was an invisible person in that corner, but it wasn’t Ghost Butterfly Zero.

When that person saw Jiada looking at him, he showed that he meant no offense and tensed up his whole body. He was still a little shocked when he saw Jiada earlier, but now that Jiada was looking at him he hastily threw that shock to the back of his mind and expressed his standpoint.

Jiada was feeling good, so he paid him no heed and walked away from this floor.

Interesting. These hibernating fellows had all come out of their nests.

The prison guards were busy handling the escaped convicts. Since they had made preparations earlier, they weren’t completely helpless against the situation. Booming noises resounded from many parts of the prison. The convicts of a grade three prison weren’t completely fearless in the face of bullets, and there were plenty of killed convicts on the floor already.

When Cillin’s group had arrived around their destination planet, they already noticed that something unusual was happening on it. It would appear that even the satellite scanners orbiting the planet had malfunctioned. At the very least Lung got no response when he tentatively transmitted a signal at it.

“What do we do? It seems that the riot inside the prison has already begun.” Lung said.

Prior to arriving at Sector S, Lung had been preparing himself to create some riots of his own. But after he arrived here, he realised that he wasn’t needed at all. There were already more brilliant people who had finished his job beforehand.

Cillin did not say anything. Instead, he stared at the satellites orbiting the planet. He kept feeling that something was going to happen with these satellites.

Lung brought up the scanner and the scanner page. The energy fluctuations on the planet were pretty widespread already. There were not only energy fluctuations inside the prison, but outside the prison as well. The amount of people exchanging fire were quite large, and the escaped convicts were also clashing among themselves. It was common sight for someone to seize the opportunity to take out a thorn in their side.

While staring at the image on the screen, Cillin pointed at the satellites outside the planet just when Lung was about to say something.

Some smaller satellites had become separated from those satellites, and Cillin knew what this type of satellite was. These satellites would fly to every corner of the planet and form a gigantic network of defense and offense at a specific position from a specific angle – it was a microsatellite array!

It would appear the management of the prison had been pressured to take extreme decisions. A network like this would cause more destruction to the prison, so they would not have activated a network like this if they weren’t pushed to a certain extent.

It wasn’t that the scanners did not react to Lung’s foreign signal, but because it had no time to spare to react to it. Right now, the controller of the satellites had probably set the formation of the satellite array as top priority.

However, this microsatellite array did not manage to play a role before white beams shot out of a couple of mother satellites and swept past where the microsatellites were.

A series of dazzling explosions happened.

All of the microsatellites had been exploded into smithereens.

“What’s…” Lung’s mouth opened, “… that?”

“I don’t know.” Cillin said, “But the planet’s external defenses are all gone. Some kind of device was apparently installed on those mother satellites.”

That being said, this was the first time Cillin a microsatellite array being destroyed in an instant too. Just which force was it who had developed such a technology?

“Do you want to go down and take a look?” Cillin said.

The planet was in chaos and easier to invade now.

“Of course!”

“Let’s use site specific teleportation.”


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