SRH Chapter 174 [Part 1]

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Chapter 174: Departure, Scarlet Wind [Part 1]

The gray cat moved incredibly swiftly and without pause. It ran straight towards the same direction until it arrived at a tear in the prison. A hole was blown on top of the building because of a big explosion.

The gray cat jumped inside, and the little hellhound fellow followed closely behind it. Lung also followed them hastily after parking the flying car at the side.

The electric power source devices inside the building had all been destroyed. After they entered deep into the building, everything in the surroundings were covered in darkness. Lung fished out a few floating energy lamps. The surrounding sights were revealed clearly under the lamps’ illumination.

There were dead people everywhere. More than half of them were convicts since there weren’t many prison guards in this area. Lung looked and checked how some of these people died. Some had died from mutual conflict, whereas some were killed in a single, clean blow. It was very likely that the men of the two forces had dealt the single blows.

Lung let out a sigh. Of all times, why did they have to run into those two forces now? If he knew that they would appear at this place he absolutely would not have come for an adventure. But then again, who would’ve expected that those two forces that were high up in GAL would come to a mere grade one prison?

After making a few corners, the gray cat jumped down to the lower floor and sniffed again. Then, it continued to run once more.

It wasn’t just the gray cat. The little hellhound fellow had also caught Cillin’s scent.

“Wheeze, how is it?” Lung asked while running behind it.

“I can smell Cillin. But there is also some foreign smell; a very strange smell.” the gray cat replied without looking back.

Not long after, the gray cat arrived at the warehouse and let out a sneeze abruptly.

“What a disgusting smell!” the gray cat shook its whiskers and said.

The little hellhound fellow obviously shared more or less the same feeling. It frowned, bared its fangs and circled around a puddle of sticky water not far away before shaking its head and leaving.

“I’ve ran into these things before.” Lung said. It was the trace left behind by that mouse-like beast creature after it died.

The gray cat ignored Lung and looked at one direction of the passage. Cillin had come over from this direction, whereas a most disgusting fellow had also departed to this direction. Therefore, Cillin had probably encountered that disgusting fellow.

The little hellhound fellow walked to a corner and let out a low growl from its throat.

“A woman.” the gray cat sniffed and said, “This woman had left together with Cillin.”

A woman? Seriously, Cillin…

“They went that way!” the gray cat spread out its four limbs and ran down the other direction of the passage.

Lung brought up the prison’s layout. According to the displayed layout, Lung also figured out roughly Cillin’s escape path.

The gray cat had paused at a certain part of the passage. This was the part where Cillin had fought against the weirdo who could melt into walls, and where that single eye had appeared.

Although Lung believed that Cillin was alive, he was still very anxious. After all, running into the two forces head on was no joke. One slip of the mind would be fatal. Thankfully, they did not find Cillin’s blood at this place. The gray cat continued to search for Cillin following his scent.

Gradually, the amount of dead people began to grow numerous. This was especially true at the byway of the passage, and many of the bodies were cut in half in a single strike. The gray cat had also talked about catching several special scents in the air.

Special scents meant special people. They were not your common and average human, and this meant that the people of the two forces had shown up once more.


Lung looked at the surrounding dead bodies. Every bone in these dead bodies was broken, and this was especially true for those who were already dead and those who had no power to resist at all. Almost all of their bones had been completely crushed, and their muscles were torn off. These dead people lay on the ground like many pools of glue, their bodies deformed. Upon closer inspection, it would seem that they had been affected by a certain force after their deaths. If it wasn’t for the skin wrapping around their flesh, they would have hardly been able to maintain human form.

Lung had instructed robots to capture photos of everything they had seen along the way. He would analyse them once they got out of this place. This was an important piece of intel, and he would upload it to the other Andrea family members who had arrived at Sector S.

Excluding these discoveries, Lung also noticed that the gray cat and the little hellhound fellow’s fur had puffed up. It wasn’t that they had sensed any present dangers right now, but that there were some incredibly powerful people here before.

The gray cat locked down its sights onto a particular passage and ran into it, “He’s here!”

At first they were pretty exhilarated, but they didn’t run too far before they realised that the passage had become narrower and narrower. In fact, at one point the top and bottom of the building had been compressed together directly.

“Cillin, give me a meow if you’re still alive!” the gray cat roared from the other side.

In reality, Cillin had noticed the gray cat and the others’ arrival a long time ago. He could hear their footsteps, and the cat’s footsteps in particular was way too familiar to his ears. There was also Lung’s and another creature’s footsteps that made sounds like claws scratching against the floor. It was likely that little hellhound fellow.

When he heard the gray cat’s call, Cillin very respectfully responded with a ‘meow’.

The gray cat’s ears twitched. Cillin’s meow was very unpleasant to the ears, but it was fine as long as he was alive. Plus, judging from his voice, he wasn’t hurt too badly.

Lung was finally at ease as he sat down not far away from the ruin. The reason he didn’t go over was because this side of the passage was too narrow.

“I’m going to dig in directly. Is there a problem?” the gray cat asked again. It was worried that it would cause a collapse or something if it dug strongly.

“Just go at it at full force!” Cillin said.

Cillin could now move his arms, but he was still feeling somewhat lethargic. Plus, he couldn’t stand up in such a small space.

The gray cat began getting rid of the surrounding walls using its claws. The little hellhound fellow followed suit when it saw this.

Lung’s mouth twitched as he watched the two fellows working before looking at his own hands. He shook his head and sighed: This disparity!

It wasn’t long before a hole appeared in the compressed passage. When the gray cat dug over to the other side, it took a look at Cillin and sniffed his body once. After patting Cillin with its paw and confirming that he had not suffered a fatal wound, the gray cat then jumped on top of Cillin’s head and began scratching his hair.

“See, I knew you couldn’t get by without me around!” the gray cat slapped Cillin’s face hard while messing up Cillin’s already disheveled hair even worse than before, venting.

Cillin smiled and raised a hand to scratch the gray cat’s chin. Then he pointed at the closed door beside him and said, “Come on, be good. There’s still a door in the way. Keep digging.”

The gray cat humphed once before slowly walking before the door with a highly raised tail and began digging.

The little hellhound fellow had enlarged the hole the gray cat had dug earlier so that both it and Lung could pass through it. When Lung came in through the hole and looked at Cillin on the ground, he pushed at the debris and said, “Brother, it’s way too small in here. Let’s get out quickly.”

Cillin looked at Lung crawling over to him and said, “Give me a moment. I don’t have strength right now.”

“We’ll rest for ten minutes then. There shouldn’t be any danger for now.” Lung turned around and lay on his back. He gave Cillin a kick and asked, “Hey, the cat said that you were with a woman. Where’s she?”

Cillin pointed outside the door, “She went out.”

“Where’s the comradeship? This is no good, the woman you found can’t be trusted! Your eye for woman just can’t compare to mine.” while Lung had said this smugly, a killing intent was permeating through his words.

“It’s not her problem. At the time we had both rushed outside the door together, but I was dragged back into the building by a kind of force. She wanted to drag me back outside, but it was too late.” While saying this, Cillin pointed at the snapped stretch of a whip beside the door.

“A kind of force?” Lung’s attention was diverted, “Was it someone of those two forces?”

“How did you know that it’s two forces?” after a pause, Cillin asked again, “You know who they are?”

Lung let out a long sigh and put his arms behind his head, “If my guess is correct, that these two forces should be the two finest hitman organisations who had never appeared on the hitman’s table of ranking, ‘Mist’ and ‘Merciless’!”

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