SRH Chapter 173 [Part 2]

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Chapter 173: The Chip Reactivates [Part 2]

However, the loss of connection only happened to the people within ten meters radius. The communicators further away were still fine.

When Qi Geyou was about to send them slightly further away and see if the communicators would recover, the communicator in their hands suddenly let out a rhythmic buzz at the same time. It was the followed by an angry and impatient voice.

“Lung, speak up!”

There was only voice and no image.

Qi Geyou thought that the voice was a little familiar. It was when he saw Lung hastily picking up a communicator from a nearby person that he recalled that it was the gray cat’s.

“Wheeze, do you have anything on Cillin over there?” Lung hastily asked.

“Meowf*cker! How would I know when I’m so far away?! At any rate there’s no GPS signal at all, not even in the slightest!” the gray cat roared.

The people holding communicators nearby hurriedly moved slightly further away from the area.

“I couldn’t find his GPS signal from here either.” Lung wiped his face agitatedly.

“Tell your robots to send me over. I’ll look for him!”

Lung was surprised for a moment upon hearing the gray cat’s words. He quickly regained himself and laid down an order to the robots on the starship.

After performing a long range verification of Lung’s identity, one of the robot beauties in the control room then carried the gray cat towards a small spaceplane. It did not reject the little hellhound fellow when it wanted to come along. Right now every person was an extra helping hand. It wasn’t that the gray cat looked down on the rest of the people on the planet, but that their abilities never satisfied the gray cat in the first place. How could it possibly expect people that were so weak that they could be killed in one slap like a chick to do anything? It should’ve followed Cillin at the time. What a regretful mistake.

This was the first time the little hellhound fellow saw so many unfamiliar humans. Although they did not have the scent of its prey, the little hellhound fellow was still extremely wary. It had bared its fangs and let out low growls from its throat out of habit almost the instant it smelled the large group of unfamiliar scents outside the ship when the cabin door opened.

However, it didn’t get to growl more than twice before the gray cat smacked it to a stop, “The meow are you growling for! Follow me!”

The little fellow raised its nose before it tentatively walked out of the spaceplane.

It was walking on all fours as usual, but it was now wearing clothes and looking slightly better than before. Cillin had even opened a hole in its pants so that its tail could be let out and fit the little fellow’s standards.

The combination of one cat and half dog-human attracted plenty of attention when they came out. However, since they were all ‘Flying Snakes’ and Qi Geyou had notified everyone in advance, there would not be too big of a commotion.

The gray cat did not dilly dally. The moment it saw Lung, it had straightened its tail and gotten ready to run towards the prison. In the end Lung borrowed a flying car from Qi Geyou and took the two fellows towards the prison.

Since they did not know exactly which area of the prison Cillin was at, he did not park the car upon arriving at the prison. Instead, he drove the car around the prison. With the gray cat and the little hellhound fellow’s nose, he believed that this way of moving would be more effective.

Cillin did not know what was going on outside. Right now, he was in a very special state. He was very familiar with this state. It was just like when he was tied onto the lab bench back in the underground laboratory beneath the slums of Planet Brown Earth, Sector X.

It was the familiar pain that went all the way down to his bone marrow. His entire body was twitching, and every blood cell in his body was moving erratically. The limits of his nerves were challenged at every moment, and his mind was almost scattered by it. However, Cillin would always work hard to regather his thoughts after the short period of blank outs. He knew that if his mind was scattered and his thoughts were cleared out, he might never wake up again.

Cillin’s nerves were assaulted by greater pain and impact at every moment. Every time he would do his utmost to regather his mind.

His mind and his thoughts could not disperse. It was over if they dispersed.

The familiar pain and experience made Cillin recall that spinning knob on the control panel; that spinning knob that had been turned 350 degrees at the time. If he were to calculate the chips’ activation degree at the time, then it was probably pushed beyond 97% at the time. Now, Cillin could clearly sense that the activation degree had gone even higher.

The chips injected by Horay were easy to activate at the beginning, and gets increasingly difficult near the end. At the time, 97% forceful activation was Cillin’s absolute limit of limits already. Although his genes had evolved and his constitution had become much stronger than before, it did not mean that he would be able activate much of the remaining chips. Cillin tried to touch that so-called limit. Where would his new limit lay with his current constitution?

It was as if Cillin could see the chips themselves while he was in the process of trying. He captured, zoomed in, and analysed the current activation state of a group of chips.

These chips had already become embedded into his own genes, and they reproduced and acted in sync with his genes. However, after acquiring a form they would automatically degrade and deactivate themselves. They would only become active when they were inside Cillin’s body.

Cillin could see the action of every molecule of the chips that were almost the same as his genes, breaking up and connecting with each other. He could also see the intermolecular force between electrons from the molecules.

The changes of the chips embedded into his genes caused the chemical and non-chemical bonds of his original DNA to undergo a series of changes. Originally, these intermolecular forces were the factor behind the double helix structure of human DNA. But due to the change in these intermolecular force, the double helix structure of Cillin’s DNA was slowly transforming.

A sudden thought appeared in Cillin’s mind when he recalled the DNA helix structure of the weirdo he had analysed earlier. Although his DNA structure would not become as complicated as that weirdo’s, the chips activation had caused the helix structure of his original DNA to undergo some changes. Although these changes weren’t too acute, was there the possibility that a special ability would be born from this changes?

Limit. Cillin could finally sense his limit. When he ‘saw’ that the chips’ changes were no longer stable, he knew that he had reached the boundary point of this activation already, If he were to continue further, not only would he fail to activate the chips, he would even lose his life.

Wake up. It is time to stop.

Cillin abruptly opened his eyes and breathed in and out rapidly. He was like a drowning person who had finally found air.

The pain in his entire body was still incredibly obvious, but it wasn’t like the pain caused by broken bones or internal injuries. It was very much like the sensation when the activation experiment had ended many years ago. His condition was more severe than that time however, and he wasn’t even able to get up immediately upon waking up.

And so Cillin laid on the ground just like that, opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings.

It was still the same passage as before. He was leaning on the exit’s door. It was very dark inside the passage, and every wall lamp inside the passage had been extinguished. However, there were pointing arrows inside the passage that used light storing substances to indicate a path, enabling someone to find the direction towards the exit even when there was no electricity. Logically speaking, there should be plenty of such arrows inside the passage, but in reality that was not the case. It would seem that many of the light energy contained in the light storing substances had been absorbed. There was only a little bit of light left on the arrowhead closest to the door.

With this little bit of light alone, Cillin was able to see clearly the situation inside the passage.

Unlike the passage he recognised prior to his unconsciousness, the passage looked like it had been forcefully widened and compressed. The cracks and creases on the passage walls all indicated that something had happened when Cillin was out cold.

Right now the ceiling of the passage was just half a meter away from Cillin. He would hit his head if he even tried to sit up. The dozen meter or so passage was like a pipe that had been compressed from top to bottom, sealing off the way completely.

Oh well. He might as well lie down like this until his strength had recovered.

Since there were cracks in the passage walls, the passage wasn’t completely sealed off. There were still specks of air seeping into the passage, and although they were few, they were enough. After all, Cillin was the only person inside this small section of the passage.

The camouflage suit he was wearing was extremely tattered too. Cillin closed his eyes and ignored all this stuff. He began recalling the blurry sounds he heard and sensations he experienced before he completely blacked out. At the time, there was an extremely acute change in magnetic field and air pressure. The temperature had risen above fifty degrees in one second, before dipping below zero degree in the next. At the time, he could not see anything and could only hear some fighting noises. There were also strange sounding gunshots. Every gun had their own defining traits when fired, and in the case of bullets they would have their own special shockwave. The excitation type projectiles would have their own unique energy wavelength as well. At the time, Cillin thought that the wavelength he felt was very strange since it was something that he had never sensed before. It didn’t fall completely under the category of bullets, nor did it fall completely under the category of excitation type projectiles either. Although he was already half unconscious at the time, he had etched the memory of the types of wavelengths touching his skin deep into his mind. Now that he had woken up, Cillin played back the memory for a bit. If he encountered the same wavelength again in the future, he would definitely be able to identify it.

Cillin had also memorised the two talking voices. Who knows if he would get a chance to see these people in person in the future.

Right now, the gray cat nose’s twitched above the flying car outside. Then, it jumped down from the flying car and raced towards a particular direction. Lung hastily drove after the gray cat.

When the little hellhound fellow saw that the gray cat had jumped down from the car, it followed suit and raced after the gray cat on all fours. Every step it took would draw a claw mark on the roof of the prison.

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