SRH Chapter 172 [Part 1]

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Translator’s Notes:
Cillin: I also have the ability to make you pregnant by touch.

Chapter 172: Fuse, The Beginning of Chaos [Part 1]

The person wearing a cape quietly watched the images on the display. It was the monitoring images if the prison rooms. Right now the prison rooms had fallen into disorder, and the original riot had risen in intensity. Perhaps they themselves did not know why things had turned out this way. It’s just that things somehow veered away from the original plan while they were fighting. They could not control themselves, did not wish to stop fighting, and could not stop fighting.

At this point, all the convicts had killed until their eyes were all red. The floor was completely covered in blood, and the people who hadn’t gasped their last breath on the ground yet were trampled on repeatedly. Almost all of them had died from being trampled on.

They were like a bunch of madmen who felt no pain. Their self consciousness was gradually being replaced until all that’s left was the bloodlust to kill, and kill some more.

The virus had invaded since a long time ago.

The virus would cause people to grow excessively excited, crazy, and blood thirsty. The sounds of explosion and the stench of blood especially excited their nerve cells even more.

Mantle guy stared at the images on the display monitors and appeared to be searching for something very seriously, not letting go of every minor detail on the screen.

Suddenly, an eye appeared on the wall of the monitoring room. Then, a human form slowly extricated itself from the wall. Just like the weirdo Cillin had run into earlier, this was another person who could move inside walls. However, unlike the other person, this man only had one eye.

“Have you found it yet?” mantle guy said.

“No. ‘Merciless’’ members are very cunning. They do not seem to be in a hurry to find ‘Secret’.” noticing mantle guy’s silence, the one-eyed man continued, “While pursuing them, I discovered two rather special people. They probably do not belong in this prison, but they were able to hold off a member of ‘Merciless’ for a bit.”

“Ignore the others and keep looking. Waste no time if they are not under ‘Merciless’.”

“Yes sir!”

Once he was done reporting, the one-eyed man melted into the wall once more and went away, leaving behind mantle guy who continued to watch the displays inside the monitoring room.

Cillin and Little Stache continued to wander around inside a passage. According to Cillin’s understanding of the prison’s layout, they should find an exit once they’d walked through this passage.

However, the passage was extremely long and shaped like an arc. There would be a byway leading towards the prison room. The most dangerous section of the passage was also that place.

“I had a feeling that we were being watched just now.” Little Stache said while staring carefully at her surroundings, “But that feeling is gone now.”

Cillin also had the same feeling. He already sensed that there was a fourth person watching from the sidelines while he was fighting against the weirdo earlier. It would seem that the reason the weirdo earlier had wanted to leave quickly instead of continuing battling against Cillin was also because of the presence of this observer.

Now that he looked at it, the weirdo and the person watching them in secret belonged to two separate forces. However, looking at their behaviors, they did not seem to be looking for a straight up brawl. Just what on earth were they trying to do?

Once they got to the front, they would be approaching the byway of the passage. Cillin already detected that someone was headed their way.

Little Stache had already taken out her gun and readied herself without needing Cillin’s direction.

The footsteps grew closer and closer. They knew from the sound alone that it wasn’t the footsteps of those weirdos but the convicts inside the prison. Right now, the prison room area had fallen into complete chaos where explosions were followed by more explosions. It was not strange that the convicts would run away from there. However, when Cillin saw the convicts he immediately realised that something was wrong.

The convicts with bloodshot eyes holding sticks, knives and even guns wore crazed expressions on their faces. The second they saw Cillin and Little Stache, they immediately charged towards them.

He had no idea how these convicts managed to acquire so many knives and guns. Was the prison’s management this bad? It really wasn’t farfetched when he thought about it though. They were all people of the same Sector, so the prison guards turned a blind eye on things.

Cillin avoided the hail of bullets and cleanly took out a pouncing convict. Cillin noticed that the back of several convicts were engraved with the ‘Flying Snake’s’ tattoo. Cillin only knocked him out because of Qi Geyou, but if the convict were to struggle excessively then Cillin would not hold himself back.

When Little Stache noticed Cillin’s movements, she also changed what would’ve been a killing blow into a kick that knocked out her opponent. Little Stache thought: So this guy was originally a member of the ‘Flying Snake’. She wondered since when did the ‘Flying Snake’ have such a powerful person in their group? She knew all the prominent figures among her peers, and she had made an effort to learn about the somewhat famous ‘Little Flying Snake’ and ‘Black Snake’ among the younger generation in ‘Flying Snake’. However, she was sure that she had never seen the young man beside her before. Although Cillin had disguised himself, Little Stache was sure that Cillin’s age was more or less the same as hers.

That being said, it was best to make friends with a person like Cillin, not to mention that they’re in a cooperative relationship right now. She had to give him some face, so she chose to beat the convicts just a little lighter than she would have. At the very least, she would not kill her opponents if she could. He should thank me for doing this, shouldn’t he?

Cillin looked at the ‘Flying Snake’ convict Little Stache knocked out, and then at her. Little Stache used her thumb to stroke her mustaches and lifted her chin, meaning: See, I’m such a good face giver!

If it was just the convicts, Cillin could’ve taken care of them with relative ease. What Cillin was paying attention to right now were the viruses carried inside these convicts’ bodies.

A person of stronger constitution could resist this type of virus. However, they must have a firm will, or they would be invaded by the viruses while they were idle and before their bodies had fully generated the antibodies, then become as crazy as these convicts. This madness would keep them excited, and the excitement would consume a large amount of stamina and would continue until every energy inside their bodies were spent.


Little Stache broke the neck of a ‘Flying Snake’ member directly charging towards her with a kick. Looking at the force she used, the poor guy’s head would’ve parted ways with his torso if she had put any more force into her leg. The people that came after her before this guy though did not belong to ‘Flying Snake’, and she had subconsciously killed them without any thoughts of mercy. However, looking at the bodies they were all killed with a bullet to the head.

Cillin glanced at Little Stache. It would appear that she was also starting to show some symptoms as well. Her eyes were starting to look red.

When Cillin glanced at Little Stache, her expression changed for a moment. She seemed to be regretting her attack just now. She had kicked that guy directly before she realised it. Originally, she was planning to conserve a bit of energy, so why had she killed him with the kick instead?

After grabbing a gun from a convict and killing the few people in front of them, Cillin seized the opening to tell Little Stache, “They’ve been infected by a virus. This virus would cause a person to go mad and stimulate their killing instincts. Watch out and don’t let yourself become fully infected!”

(T/N: I don’t think that’s how viruses work but… okay)

When Little Stache heard Cillin’s words, shock leaped up in her heart as she hurriedly adjusted her emotions and suppressed the blood thirst and excitement inside her brain.

The closer they got to the byway, the more convicts they ran into. Here, the passages were littered with the bodies of convicts who had mutilated and killed each other. However, it would appear that the convicts had just reached this place. They would have to hurry up now, or things would become difficult when the main bulk of the convicts would arrive. Dealing with one or two convicts was okay, but dealing with several hundreds was just masochism.


There was yet another large explosion.

Unlike before, this explosion wasn’t far away from where they were. A sense of extreme danger suddenly assaulted Cillin. This wasn’t something he could deal with.

“Run!” Cillin roared.

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