SRH Chapter 171 [Part 2]

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Chapter 171: Another Weirdo [Part 2]
The bucket of bloody accusation* fell on her head, drenching her messily in utter and complete defeat. Little Stache felt that her expression was kinda falling apart.

*an original metaphor from the author, probably improvised from ‘a bucket of cold ice/water’

Cillin went around Little Stache and walked towards the passage behind her.

After freezing for a moment, Little Stache immediately chased after him.

“Hey, about that, how did you know I am a female?” Little Stache touched her own face. For so many years no one had been able to identify her true gender, not to mention that her disguise had been done by her own master!

Cillin did not explain. It’s not like he could tell her directly: Girl, I checked your sex chromosome and found that it was XX, could he?

Seeing that Cillin had fallen into silence once more, Little Stache knew that he had no intentions of giving her a reason. Therefore, Little Stache stopped wasting time and asked a different question instead, “Why are we walking through this passage? We’re getting farther and farther away from the exit.”

“It’s a detour. The passage i came from earlier had been locked down by the prison guards. There’s a heated battle happening there right now, and if we went there we would be directly involved in it.” Cillin asked.

This time Little Stache wasn’t stupid enough to ask how Cillin knew what was going on down that passage. Instead, she paid careful attention to her surroundings, gripping her gun and preparing to shoot directly if there were any abnormalities.

Cillin was very satisfied with Little Stache’s reactions. Setting aside the matter of her strength, a person like her would at least not cause too much trouble. A smart person would take stock of the situation and react accordingly to it instead of wasting time asking about fruitless questions.

The faraway rumbling noises were growing more and more frequent, and the prison guards had all lost their interests in watching the show inside their monitoring rooms. Everyone in the entire prison had been dragged into the mess. It probably wouldn’t result in the worst outcome if they did not resist the two mysterious forces directly. The people of those two forces had clear objectives coming to this prison, so they would not waste their time taking out other people unless absolutely necessary. However, if they did resist the two mysterious forces directly and caused them trouble, then be it ‘Flying Snake’, ‘Mad Owl’ or other forces native to this Sector, the prison guards or the prisoners of other Sectors imprisoned here, they would all end up dead.

Although Cillin had only brushed by that guy who was disguised as a prison guard, he already had a rough estimation of his strength after that brief moment of contact. The prison guards had no lack of capable and ruthless personnel among their ranks, but it wasn’t hard to imagine the final outcome of a head on clash between two sides judging from the fact that the two mysterious forces had easily made their way into this place.

Right now Cillin was walking very quickly, but his soft footsteps were extremely soft. Little Stache was obviously an expert in this aspect as well as they traversed quickly through the passage, but made no noticeable noises at all.

Suddenly, Cillin’s footsteps came to a pause. Little Stache took a step backwards and entered a state of alert after Cillin had stopped.

The wall lamps of the passage began to blink following a certain rhythm and regulation, creating visual illusions that could draw someone into a daze just like hypnosis. However, both Cillin and Little Stache were obviously no normal people. They were capable of resisting against the effects.

One second passed, two seconds passed…

Suddenly, a person suffused with metallic luster suddenly charged out of a location three meters away from Cillin. His face was unclear; they could only see that the assailant had a human form. When they charged towards Cillin, a sharp thorn emerged from the person’s palm and was thrusted swiftly at Cillin’s face.

When the person had emerged from the passage’s wall, Cillin had also popped out his wrist blade.


The flying sparks of clashing metals were incredibly eye catching beneath the blinking wall lamps.

After thrusting out the thorn, the person had stretched out his fist and attacked Cillin in the next moment. Putting strength into one length and borrowing the force from rebounding wrist blade, Cillin twisted forward and staggered the attacking fist instead. He swung his own arm and smashed it down onto the assailant fiercely.

There was a dull bang, and the person’s body was forced downwards for a bit. Before they could raise their body, Cillin followed up the attack with consecutive strikes, not giving them the opportunity to get up at all.

As the hits continued, the person’s center of gravity got closer and closer to the ground.

However, this did not mean that that person had fallen into disadvantage.

In between the attacks, the man sent a sweeping kick towards Cillin at a bent that nearly exceeded the physical limits of the human leg.

Fuck, he’s trying to kick the lower half of my body!

Cillin pressed down his arms to block the kick. He took the opportunity to jump, and while twisting in midair kicked towards the assailant’s other leg that was stretching towards him. When he landed on the floor, he abruptly bounced forward and clashed directly against the assailant fist to fist.


That person was knocked back several steps.

A pair of bizarre looking pupils that looked like electricity swept across Cillin and Little Stache. Then, with a swing of the arm, the person shot a hail of flying nails directly at the two of them. Cillin used his wrist blade to block the nails shot at him, whereas Little Stache dodged rather quickly out of the way. Since the nails were mainly targeted at Cillin, she was able to safely avoid all of them.

After swinging out the nails, the person then entered directly into the passage wall and went away.

So this was a fellow who could melt into and walk inside the passage walls. In the end, were they human, or not?

Little Stache was seriously regretting coming to this prison as she looked at the nails deeply embedded into the walls. If she knew that so many unknown forces and so many elites would suddenly show up in this prison, she would never have come and put her insignificant life at risk.

Although that person had only exchanged blows with Cillin for a very brief moment – the whole fight lasted not more than a few seconds – Little Stache could already the see the gap between herself and them. Even if the gap wasn’t big, she absolutely was going to lose horribly if she didn’t use her final ultimate attack in a real fight.

It was only when he sensed that the person had truly left that Cillin finally withdrew his wrist blade and moved his fists for a bit. That person’s fist was extremely tough, and although it looked like the assailant was the one who had lost the fist clash just now, Cillin knew that their fist wasn’t hurt in the least. Even after he solidified his own fist, he still wasn’t able to hurt the enemy. Just what kind of constitution did the enemy possess?

This person’s physique was obviously not of the same category as the gray cat’s cyborg physique, but it was also drastically different from a normal human being’s as well. When he touched his opponent during the fist clash, Cillin had immediately analysed their DNA. He discovered that their DNA wasn’t shaped like the double helix form a normal human possessed. Their DNA was shaped in a more complicated helix format. Genes like this had resulted in that person’s special abilities.

Right now Cillin was seriously thankful that his side wasn’t the target of his enemies.

The assailant had appeared and vanished quickly and decisively. It was obvious that that person did not wish to waste too much time here. If they had really fought with all their strength the battle could have gone on for a while, and Cillin believed that he would not lose during this period. Of course, Cillin knew that that person had a trump card of their own, but since they both had trump cards and the assailant themselves were in a hurry, they made the decision to leave right away.

Killing intent.

The enemy’s killing intent had came at him swift and fiercely, but when they left it vanished decisively and completely too. A person like this… Cillin thought to himself.

Was it a hitman?

Cillin had made the effort to learn about all of the hitmen organisations that were on the list of some authoritative publications. Moreover, he had also learned about some of the methods and preferences from some of the seniors within the Hunter regiment. However, Shawton once revealed to him that the top class hitmen in GAL were not on the list. This was because these authoritative were incapable of estimating their true fighting strength and thus, did not try to rank them.

Those who had hidden themselves from the world were the most dangerous.

“Who… was that person? Are they human? Are they from the same group as that weirdo?” Little Stache asked after letting out a long sigh of relief.

“They’re human, but I don’t know which of the two forces they belong to.” Cillin asked.

Little Stache pressed the passage wall and confirmed that the walls were perfectly normal. She seemed surprised that that person was able to directly penetrate it.

“I’ve heard of such people before, but I never thought that I’d be able to see one with my own eyes.” Little Stache sighed.

“Alright let’s leave already. If we run into a bad tempered enemy later they may decide to use their ultimate attack and eliminate us directly.”

Little Stache touched her mustaches after listening to Cillin’s words. This was her habit after putting on a disguise even though she wasn’t truly a mustached person.

“Ultimate attack, huh… to be honest, if my own life isn’t at stake I seriously would like to watch their fight. This is a fight between true masters!” Little Stache said.

Cillin was just the same. But they had to be able to survive after watching the fight. If they saw any important secrets then the outcome would not turn out as genial as before. They would ultimately be faced with certain death.

What on earth were the two mysterious forces looking for?

Take that person he fought against earlier. They were just one person belonging to one of the two mysterious forces. If the people of both sides were all made up of special races just like the assailant, and considering the fact that the assailant wasn’t the strongest fighter of the two forces, just how strong could they be if the two forces were to be added up together?

Cillin did not know how high their combined combat strength would be. But he did know that a combat strength at that level could easily destroy this whole prison.

Cillin sighed. As he thought, he was still too weak.

After Cillin and Little Stache had left, an eye suddenly appeared on the passage wall where they hung around just now. After looking round for a bit, the eye closed and vanished once more.

The sound of gunshots and explosions were happening continuously everywhere in the prison. ‘Flying Snake’ fared a little better since Qi Geyou’s orders allowed the ‘Flying Snake’ members inside the prison time to prepare and stop fighting against ‘Mad Owl’. The second they discovered something was off, the PIC of the small teams inside the prison decisively evacuated every member within the prison. It was an acceptable outcome even if they had to return and sit in jail for several more years. Right now, the most important thing was to preserve their own lives.

Inside a monitoring room in the prison, there was a person was standing in front of a monitoring display. His face was unclear since he was wearing a mantle and a hat. The prison guards on the ground who had stopped breathing slowly melted beside him.

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