SRH Chapter 171 [Part 1]

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Translator’s Notes: Prison guards need life, too!

Chapter 171: Another Weirdo [Part 1]

Cillin did not say anything. He simply stared at the little mustached guy as his blade leaped from finger to finger, reflecting cold gleams under the illumination of the wall lamps.

“Alright.” Little Stache raised both his hands and flipped his hands around to show that he wasn’t holding any threatening weapon and that he was harmless, “I express my sincere apology for what happened just now. But I do not regret doing it.”

Seeing that Cillin hadn’t turned resentful and attacked him because of his words, Little Stache’s eyeballs rolled once before he continued, “I have my own objective. You met a weirdo when you came over just now, haven’t you? Mm… Right, he was wearing a guard uniform. I wonder if you noticed?”

Cillin indicated for him to continue while he stared at him.

Little Stache pointed at the sticky liquid on the floor and said, “He created these things. He was the one who killed the patrolling prison guard in the warehouse too. I don’t know who he is, and I don’t know if he’s even a human. At any rate, he’s a dangerous fellow.”

The person touched his little pair of mustaches before showing Cillin a helpless expression, “At first, I was here only to watch ‘Flying Snake’ and ‘Mad Owl’s’ battle, and perhaps benefit myself and cause a little bit of destruction if the opportunity presented itself. However, the moment I entered here I immediately noticed that something was wrong. Thank goodness I escaped quickly and avoided danger by hiding in this side of the warehouse. That weirdo did not notice me. So er, I was just testing your skills for a bit. If you’re strong, then I think we can cooperate with each other. If you can’t even deal with those little things, then there’s no need.”

“If I can’t deal with those little things, then I most definitely would have ended up like that prison guard in the warehouse. But if they strained me somewhat or greatly, then you would have killed me, wouldn’t you?”

Although he had phrased it as a question, Cillin’s words were strong with certainty.

Little Stache did not put up a denial. He simply shrugged and curled his lips.

“There are two unknown forces that had arrived at this prison this time. They are not from Sector S, and with their abilities they should not be showing up in the lousiest grade one prison right now. There’s no reason an important person would be imprisoned in a mere grade one prison, much less someone at their level of strength. Every one of those people could become a core member of the few famous forces in Sector S. However, according to my observation of these people’s movements and targets, there is an important person inside this prison. It’s just that no one knows about it.” Little Stache rolled his shoulders for a bit, “You can consider me as a member of a certain force as well. After I came in here, I was forced into hiding and seeking shelter. I’ve been waiting all this time for a chance to leave this place. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Therefore, let’s cooperate with each other.”

Cillin did not answer his offer to cooperate immediately. Instead he asked, “You’re saying that there are another two unknown forces in this place, and that they’re both pretty powerful?”

Little Stache nodded, “They’re super powerful! I think that anyone of them is at least at the level of a grade four prison convict. I suspect that their objective this time is to destroy this prison, so it’s better if we cooperate, hurry up and get out of this place!”

“Please find someone else to help you. I am not ready to escape just yet.”

“What!?” Little Stache glared, “You’re just committing suicide! Do you not understand what is going on right now? Do you want me to help you analyse things for a bit?”

Little Stache took two back and forth steps, causing the pigtail wrapped in his scarf to shake around. His footsteps came to a pause as he looked up at Cillin. Then, a gun appeared in his hand following the movement of his wrist. However, Cillin did not attack him for the action because Little Stache did not have the intention to shoot at him. He was aiming the barrel at the passage wall.


He shot three times in a row. The gun had been modified, and the gunshots were very soft. In fact, even the impact of the bullets had become much softer. However, its destructive power was not weakened in the slightest, and in fact it was quite the opposite when compared to some other firearms. A normal gun would at most cause a small dent when it was fired at the passage wall, but Little Stache’s gun had opened a deep hole in the passage wall directly.

Although the gun and its destructive power were very eye catching, what Cillin needed to pay attention to wasn’t this but the defense system.

Normally speaking, the energy waves caused by gunfire would immediately be detected by the defense system. Anyone who opened fire at a non shooting zone, be it the prison guards or someone else, would trigger the defense system to sound the alarm and take defensive measures to suppress the internal threat. However, the passage’s defense system did not react at all even though Little Stache had opened fire three times in a row.

Little Stache withdrew his gun and said, “As you can see, the defense system here has been modified. It’s not just the warehouse; in every location those people passed by, the defense system had become ineffective as well.. That is why I deduced that they may be aiming to destroy the whole prison at the end considering how big their movements were and how they killed without mercy.”

Cillin did not answer him and brought up the communicator around his wrist instead. The display stated that there was no connection.


A loud explosion resounded from afar.

“This is bad this is bad, it’s started already. Hey, let’s escape already, why are you still hesitating? Our lives are first priority!” Little Stache got anxious and jumped where he stood. He wished he could just drag Cillin over and forcefully alter the thoughts in his mind.

Cillin wasn’t hesitating. He was sensing a kind of sound wave that did not belong to a normal human being hidden within the explosion.

The gray cat once said that anyone who was familiar with sound waves could sense a person’s strength through the sound they make, and Cillin had made up his mind after he felt the sound wave hidden within the explosion. Right now, he really wasn’t strong enough to get mixed up with those two mysterious forces.

‘Flying Snake’ and ‘Mad Owl’ had probably figured out the new situation through the local forces inside the prison and all sorts of other channels by now. The chaos over at the side of the prison rooms had become bigger and bigger.

About Lung, according to Cillin’s understanding of his personality, he was a smart guy who would never put his own life at risk. In fact, he would even seize the opportunity to toss in a few explosives of his own for fun. Now that he thought about it, the micro bombs Lung had carried with him would actually come in handy right now. Lung probably hadn’t expected the existence of two such forces, but he had always been a guy who acted according to his instincts.

Cillin then glanced at Little Stache, who was looking left and right and seemingly sensing if there was danger nearby. This fellow was capable, and his hiding skills were pretty good. Otherwise, he would not have been able to avoid that weirdo. As for which Sector S force he belonged to, Cillin did not have the time to question him closely. It’s not like he would tell the truth with his behavior anyway. However, Cillin knew that this fellow did not belong under ‘Flying Snake’, ‘Mad Owl’ or those dangerous forces. That was enough. For now, this fellow would not be a threat to him.

Little Stache was holding up his ears and listening to his surroundings. Suddenly, he felt that someone – Cillin – was watching him and took a step backwards. Then he thought it was the wrong move to take and glared back with wide open eyes. He took two steps forwards and said with a rough voice, “Hey, how long do you need to make a decision? What a coy and hesitant person. Are you a man or not!”

Cillin did not say anything. He walked towards Little Stache directly.

“You… I’m telling you, don’t you think I won’t dare to fight you right now. I’m not so weak I can’t do without you as a partner. I can just find another one…”

Little Stache was very anxious. He could not figure out Cillin’s depths since he had taken out those little monsters too cleanly. One thing was certain though, and that was the fact that he would not necessarily be able to defeat Cillin if they truly fought each other. Even if he could win, he would have to pay a huge price. At any rate it wasn’t worth it, and considering the current circumstances he seriously did not want to fight Cillin right now. But as Cillin walked closer and closer, Little Stache’s gloved hands felt a little sweaty.

When Cillin was two steps away from Little Stache, and Little Stache was about to open fire at him, he spoke.

“Girl, you’re in the way.”


(E/n: its a trap)

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