SRH Chapter 169 [Part 2]

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Chapter 169: Counter Attack [Part 2]

“These are all our numbers. The rest are either bogged down by other stuff or are afraid to come.”

“Those cowardly bastards, I’ll kick them to death sooner or later!”

“Let’s talk about this later. Has the meeting begun?” the one who asked this was none other than the smoking driver. The teenager was following behind him.

“It has begun. I heard that the higher ups are having a fierce quarrel. Black Snake slandered boss quite a bit.”

“What about the rest of the people?”

“They’re the same as ever…”

While they were speaking, another motorcade had arrived. As compared to this motorcade, the newly arrived motorcade was obviously a lot more noisier. While letting the music flow out of their windows, they were even whistling and shaking their bodies cockily for a bit.

“Yo, Gold Ring. Why are you standing here? Can’t get in?” the fellow who walked out of the car with a hair that was done like a broom said with a sloppy appearance. While smoking, he even purposely puffed out a few smoke rings.

Before they could answer, the guy behind Broomhead sneered and said, “Could it be that you guys are here to snivel to the elders because your little boss died and no one’s here to support you?”

“Of course it is, do you even need to ask!”

“Look at those sullen faces, sigh, it truly is… an entirely appropriate punishment!”

The people this side got angry when they watched the people on the other side answering their own questions in a ridiculing and cocky manner.

“Fuck, you want to fucking die this badly? Your daddy can fulfill your wish! How do you want to die, huh? Spit it out!”

“I spit on your ancestors. Nothing will happen to boss even if black snake’s been cooked!”

“Even if boss isn’t here, you seriously think that wretched Black Snake can take over? Peh, even pigs are better than him!”

There was a rule since a long time ago to watch out one own’s words and actions before this building, which was why the two small groups had in fact restrained their speeches quite a bit despite the disharmonious argument and current situation. Otherwise, anything could’ve popped out of their mouths.

“Hey stop it, both of you. Do you know where you are right now!” a middle aged man walked out from inside the building.

This person might not be part of the higher ups of ‘Flying Snake’, but he was the principal manager of this place. Therefore, logically speaking both parties should have given him face and stopped right there.

However, the flames on both sides had only grown stronger and stronger. They were slowly starting to lose control and itch for a fight.

An alluring twenty years old or so woman walked out from behind the middle-aged man and pulled his sleeves, “It’s better if you don’t interfere. Neither side will think anything about your opinion at all. Let us report this to upstairs and mobilise a group of men along the way to guard this place just in case their fight gets too intense and affect the people inside.”

Earlier, Black Snake had already told this woman not to interfere if these two sides of people started arguing with each other and let them do whatever they wanted. Black Snake had already sent his men to add fuel to fire in secret. It would appear that Black Snake was going to use the ‘Double Spy’ incident to clean out ‘Little Flying Snake’s’ subordinates as well.

Seeing that the two sides’ arguments were growing so intense that they were practically seconds away from pulling out their weapons, Gold Ring raised his hands and pulled the two people at the front, getting ready to say something. Suddenly, a terrific sense of danger assaulted him, and he reflexively moved his body sideways. He was still shot, however, although thankfully he managed to avoid getting shot at a major organ.

“Fuck, motherfucker they actually shot us!”

This time the situation was full to bursting. Both parties took out their weapons and fired immediately.

But they hadn’t managed to shoot more than twice when an angry roar nearly pushed the sounds of both parties’ gunshots.

“Stop right now!”

When the people who were so angry they could spit blood heard this voice, they fell silent before exclaiming in shock, “Boss!”

Meanwhile, the faces of the people at Broomhead’s side distorted like they had just eaten a mouthful of shit. They froze, not because they couldn’t move but because they did not dare to. The second they heard this voice they immediately felt a tremendous pressure.

Gold Ring held his stomach and looked towards the sky. Three people on hoverboards slowly descended from above. The leader of the trio was none other than the main subject of the topic that had triggered this conflict, ‘Little Flying Snake’ Qi Geyou.

Even though it was night, the sparkling orange lights of the lamps still complemented his sword-like pupils and gave it a most bizarre feeling. It even caused the surrounding temperature to fall by several degrees.

“Boss, Snarker, Serpenter!” some cried out in pleasant surprise.

Qi Geyou walked down from the hoverboard with a dark expression. Both parties consciously opened up a path for him. No one dared to act wantonly in front of ‘Little Flying Snake’.

Ignoring Gold Ring and the others’ exclamations, Qi Geyou continued to walk his own way. However, no one was bothered by the slight because Qi Geyou’s return was already the best news they could have.

Qi Geyou was walking close to the group of people around Gold Ring. He walked and walked, and suddenly, before anyone could react, Qi Geyou’s snake spear suddenly flashed out and extended all the way up to its third level right away. The long and sharp snake fangs went right between several people and nailed into the body of one person. The parts where the snake fangs had penetrated swiftly turned black and rotted.

The nailed person tried to cry out, but the only thing that escaped his throat was an indistinguishable hoarse sound. His eyes were filled with fear and despair.

“Boss, you…”

A person at the side was just about to say something before he recalled something and stopped himself.

Qi Geyou glanced at him and nodded satisfactorily.

Qi Geyou’s temperament meant that he would not kill carelessly without good reason. Therefore, his subordinates should not question his decision even if they had doubts because he was the boss of this organisation. This was something everyone on Qi Geyou’s side knew, which was why the person who spoke shut up upon recalling this.

He pulled out the snake spear. The front ends of the snake spear drew back as the weapon returned to its original form.

“There’s nothing I hate more than traitors!”

When Gold Ring heard this, his eyes narrowed, “Boss, you’re saying that that bastard is the guy who shot me! I knew there was a traitor in our midst when I was shot, but there was no time to find out who it was just now. Now I think that death is going way too easy on him.”

“Drag him out and chop him up a couple more times then.” Snarker said. The current Snarker was not as casual as he was when facing Cillin and Lung. Right now Snarker was also wearing a dark expression and appeared incredibly imposing just like Qi Geyou.

Although Serpenter didn’t hold a face of ice like the other two, the gleam that glowed between the thin slits of his eyes appeared dangerous no matter how you looked at it. He looked just like a poisonous serpent who was about to deal its prey a fatal blow.

Qi Geyou stopped looking at the traitor and turned to cast a glance at Broomhead. Then, he slowly walked towards him.

Seeing that Qi Geyou was walking towards them, Broomhead and the others unconsciously retreated backwards.

“Why are you retreating? Did I give you permission to retreat?”

Qi Geyou’s voice was very level when he said this, but those who knew him well knew that it was his usual expression before killing someone.

“Bo… Boss Qi Geyou, misunderstanding… it’s all really just a misunderstanding, this…”

Broomhead’s words were swallowed right back into his throat before they were sprayed out along with his blood.

The deep slash marks in Broomhead’s throat nearly cut off his entire head. However, Qi Geyou’s attack was done skillfully so as to avoid several important nerves. Therefore, Broomhead had not lost consciousness and died right away. Instead, he was able to feel his blood flowing out of his throat and experience the fear and despair of life flowing out of his body.

Qi Geyou gave a sideway nod and said, “Teach them a lesson.”

After he said this, he stopped paying attention to the matters here any longer. Snarker and Serpenter led the men and charged towards the other party. A lesson was something that could not be memorised unless it was profound.

Qi Geyou walked into the building. When the mobilised and full armed men inside the building who were just getting ready to charge into the fray and stop the conflict saw Qi Geyou, they immediately withdrew their weapons and opened up a way for Qi Geyou to come in.

“You can forget about the situation outside. It’ll end very soon.”

“Yes sir.” the leader of the squad answered respectfully.

When Qi Geyou walked through the inner door, the full armed squad wiped the sweat off their body.

“He is Little Flying Snake alright; his aura is getting rounder and rounder lately. Is that killing intent just now? How terrifying. I felt like I was being watched by a huge snake.”

“No wonder the higher ups look so highly upon Qi Geyou. Black Snake is far lousier compared to him.”

“Tsk, Black Snake? If he didn’t have a good daddy, he would’ve been crushed by Qi Geyou a long time ago.”

“That being said, the fact that he survived that kind of situation meant that Qi Geyou truly has some real skills.”

“Never mind this. We gave Black Snake face because of the rumor that Qi Geyou had died and because of that person up there. But now that Qi Geyou is back, Black Snake’s face should be all gone.”

in the sky not far away from the building, Cillin and Lung were sitting inside a flying car and watching the scene unfolding down there.

Right now, Cillin and Lung were wearing the camo face mask newly developed by the Andrea Family. It would be very difficult for anyone to detect their true faces unless they were put through an in-depth investigation.

As for the gray cat, it was teaching the little fellow how to read in the starship outside the planet. The now invisible starship was parked at a place not far away from the planet.

“Tsk, he deserves to be called Little Flying Snake alright. Pretty imposing, ain’t he? I’m so envious, he looks so cool man! I’m jealous, ah, I’m jealous!” Lung complained.

“Is this the so-called internal strife in gangs? It seriously is cruel. They kill their opponents directly without so much a word.” Cillin sighed ruefully. It was obvious that the gang rules of Sector S were much crueler than the internal affairs of a Hunter regiment. No wonder someone like Qi Geyou was nurtured.

“Cillin, I want to enjoy the thrill of being a boss too just like Qi Geyou. It feels like it’d be pretty enjoyable and much cooler than just bringing a bunch of bodyguards around. Mm, I’ll lead a huge group of people wearing black windbreakers and sunglasses, each holding an assault rifle in their hands while their waists…”

While Lung was talking dreamily, Cillin rudely cracked down on his dream and said, “Old Berzett would die from anger.”

Lung covered his face and wailed in anguish, “Can we not bring up that terrible old man? Gentleman etiquette is a trap!”

Cillin and Lung waited for Qi Geyou directly outside the building. Qi Geyou once said that he would pull out the thorns behind his back after this meeting, then come up with a new arrangement to make a comeback and take revenge.

Cillin and Lung had expressed that they would participate in their planned mission at the grade one prison. Therefore, it was best that they waited until Qi Geyou had finished his meeting before discussing the relevant matters. Of course, since they’d arrived on ‘Flying Snake’s’ domain, as the master of this place Qi Geyou had to receive them properly, not to mention that they were his savior too.

Three hours later, Qi Geyou came out. After talking a little with Snarker in a low tone, he left along with the long motorcade. Then, while the people were distracted, Snarker seized the opportunity to lead Cillin and Lung to another place that belonged to Qi Geyou.

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