SRH Chapter 169 [Part 1]

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Translator’s Notes: More playthings for Lung! But this time, one who successfully avoided the bad end…

Chapter 169: Counter Attack [Part 1]

Speaking of Qi Geyou, he seldom met any formidable rivals among his peers except for those few people he could count on one hand as ones of the new generation’s candidates to succeed ‘Flying Snake’. He believed that others could not compare to himself, which was why the people around him were basically all subordinates. This thinking also nurtured his behavior of treating others from the position of superiority. However on this starship, Qi Geyou had been humiliated more than one time already. In just two short days, he would find himself choked off every time he attempted to feel out Cillin and Lung’s depths.

The two other people who were rescued along with Qi Geyou from the lifepod were called Snarker and Serpenter. They fell under the category of ‘diehard loyalist’, and Qi Geyou trust in them grew even more after this incident. If in the future, Qi Geyou was able to take over ‘Flying Snake’ successfully, this duo would not doubt stand very tall in the hierarchy as well.

Cillin and Lung paid no attention to the way they interacted with each other. What interested Lung was how they were beaten into their sorry looks and nearly lost their lives in the process. He even analysed the question on their behalf using words that could drive people crazy, hitting the nail right on the head and caring absolutely nothing for their faces at all. Every time Qi Geyou was so angry he wished that he could just murder the two fellows – no, three, since that butt shaking cat had chimed into the conversation too.

“Hey little flying snake, you better not lose this time! We’ve invested capital on you you know!” Lung said while stick one leg over the other.

What capital? Capital what?

Veins popped on Qi Geyou’s forehead, but he restrained himself and did not burst into anger. He had never held himself back like this back at ‘Flying Snake’, but borrowing Cillin’s words, beggars can’t be choosers. When Cillin said this the gray cat on top of his shoulders had even added with pretentious seriousness, “Young man, be calm, do be not impatient.”

Go eat shit with your impatience!

Qi Geyou wanted to practice out of sight, out of mind, but it was necessary for him to sit down in the control room and lead the way. He was the only one more familiar with the more hidden parks of this area. If he were to pass the task completely to Lung, there might be a potential hiccup. He absolutely must be careful with his current opportunity.

During the previous incident, Qi Geyou had lost a group of people and nearly lost his own life. Naturally, he couldn’t be feeling too well no matter what the circumstances were. At first, he did lose his patience and attacked Cillin and Lung after suffering their sharp and blunt remarks, but when Cillin had grabbed his snake spear barehanded, Qi Geyou knew that he absolutely could not compare to Cillin in terms of individual strength.

When Snarker and Serpenter saw this their hair almost stood on the back of their heads. Qi Geyou’s snake spear contained high voltage, and if it were them, they would have succumbed to the attack already. However, Cillin was able to take the high voltage without a change in his expression at all. Although Qi Geyou had only unleashed two levels of snake spear – the sharpest blade and snake fang were not yet unleashed – his attack still wasn’t something that any ordinary person could grasp.

Snarker and Serpenter also wanted to test their hands against Cillin – it was an itch they often felt when they met someone who could fight – but Cillin immediately threw a line at them, “You want to fight before your bones are healed? Did shit get into your head?”

In the end, Lung gave out an idea. It was the childish arm wrestling.

Cillin won by a short margin.

Lung said that friendship grows from exchange of blows, so he took out his wine and celebrated for a bit. After Qi Geyou had downed a few bottles of wine he then sat at the side and watched the group of four get wildly drunk and sing. Every person was louder and more off-key than the next; it was as if they were competing to see who could be the most off-key of them all. After they were done playing bacchanals, they began to play cards with great vigor. In view of their terrible drunk disposition earlier, everyone cheated, played dumb, acted shameless and fooled around until they all fell asleep.

Although Qi Geyou were so infuriated by Cillin and Lung that the blue veins on his head had grown a size thicker, he had to admit that he acknowledged them in his heart. Courage alone wasn’t enough for two people to enter Sector S on their lonesome. Without true abilities, they could not have survived this place for long. As for character, while the duo had very cheap mouths that spouted very sharp remarks, they were also all truths. Of course, the fact that might be totally doing it on purpose wasn’t ruled out.

Qi Geyou could not figure out both Cillin and Lung. The elders at ‘Flying Snake’ once said that if they had encountered people like them, people who appeared unreliable on the surface but had in fact concealed their true abilities well within themselves, then they should not offend such people recklessly. Qi Geyou himself had no intentions of making powerful enemies for himself, especially at such an occasion.

They quickly arrived at the planet mentioned by Qi Geyou. This planet was ‘Flying Snake’s’ headquarters, but it was a very important place. In a few days, there would be a meeting in ‘Flying Snake’s’ domain on this domain. This was something that had been scheduled in advance a few days ago. Originally, this meeting was just routine work and not all that important, but the ‘Double Spy’ incident caused ‘Flying Snake’ to suffer a blow, lose a group of elites and even ‘Little Flying Snake’ Qi Geyou, who was currently MIA.

Night befell the dark side of the planet. The streets were red with lanterns and green with wine*, the night life was rich, and everywhere one looked there were groups of youngsters who were riding on hoverboards or driving modified flying cars. Many of them were less than twenty years old. They hooted amidst speeding air in search of stimulation and excitement.

*means feasting and pleasure-seeking

A small motorcade flew by with the appropriate lights on, and the people who were originally hooting wildly and flying at random opened up a path on their own consensus. Moreover, some people would join the motorcade on its way; flying cars following right behind them and hoverboarders withdrawing their hoverboards with practiced motions before dropping directly into the cars with open roofs. The flying cars’ roofs would slowly fold up after the people had come in. It was as if they had cooperated like this for a very long time.

A teenager with spiky hair about fifteen to sixteen years old spoke to the guy sitting at the driver’s seat, “Are there any news about the boss yet?”

The driver controlled the steering with one hand and gripped a cigarette with the other. When he heard the teenager’s question, he sucked in a mouthful of smoke and frowned, “Not yet.”

For a time, the atmosphere within the car was a little stifling and oppressive. The teenager produced a cigarette, lit it and smoked. He completely curbed his brash behavior when hoverboarding with others and appeared unusually silent.

“Kids shouldn’t smoke this. It affects the body’s growth.” the driver said.

“I’m about to turn sixteen right away.” the teenager retorted while flicking his cigarette, “I’ve fought so many fights with you guys already. Don’t treat me like a kid anymore. Say it, what are we going to do this time?”

The driver stopped twisting himself with the smoking problem, sucked in a deep mouthful and flicked the unfinished cigarette into an opening. The cigarette was sucked into the small opening when it flew over it. The small opening closed.

“We will bring this up during today’s meeting.”

“What if those people finds a reason to delay it again?” the teenager asked.

“Then we’ll do it ourselves.” his words were extremely harsh.

“You’ve gotten the firearms?”

“Yup.” the driver let out a mocking smile, “Black Snake wants to use us to eliminate those people from Mad Owl and create an incident along the way so we can’t come back? In his dreams!”

The driver opened the car’s roof once more. The smoke inside the car was instantly blown away, and the men inside the car were awoken a little by the wind as well.

The size of the people gathered around this motorcade grew bigger and bigger. In the end, it became a large motorcade of several hundred people. If the people inside the car were to be included, then they numbered were well over a thousand.

The motorcade arrived beside a wide building. There were already people waiting for them there. The people parked their flying cars and came out.

“You guys came!” the people waiting at the building said.

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