SRH Chapter 168 [Part 2]

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Chapter 168: ‘Little Flying Snake’ Qi Geyou [Part 2]

They dragged the floating escape pod into the starship then walked towards it. The escape pod was hit before, and its power system experienced a little malfunction. It had probably relied on its backup system to ultimately escape its predicament. Moreover, the escape pod’s life support system was also malfunctioning and not supplying enough oxygen. Right now the three people inside the escape pod were displaying signs of deep unconsciousness.

“Tsk tsk, what a sorry sight.” said Lung as he observed the trio’s condition through the transparent window of the pod.

The trio’s condition inside was pretty bad. These people had probably experienced an intense fight prior to entering the escape pod, and they had not even treated their wounds. Adding that to spent stamina and lack of oxygen, their condition had no doubt worsened.

Lung instructed the robots to open the pod’s door and to carry the three people into the medbay next to the little fellow’s. The medical robot began to rescue and treat the three unconscious people.

Speaking of which, Cillin hadn’t originally planned to attend to the hellhound’s wounds personally. However, the little hellhound bit at the medical robot every time it got close to the little fellow, causing one of its arms to be bitten off directly. After that, Cillin had tended to its wounds personally. But no matter how alert these three people might feel towards outsiders, they could only allow the medical robot to do whatever it wanted since they were deeply unconscious.

That being said, these people’s constitutions weren’t bad. One of them in particular had a powerful constitution, and looking at the data displayed on the instrument after treatment, they learned that this fellow had amazing recovery abilities. While it did not compare to the little fellow’s recovery abilities, it was not far behind.

“Flying Snake tattoos?!” Lung exclaimed in pleasant surprise.

When the robot stripped the three people’s clothing in the process of treating them, the tattoos at their backs had also been revealed. It was a snake with wings, and although it was just a tattoo the snake’s eyes gave people a cold and dark feeling.

“Cillin, we’re pretty lucky. It’s a member of the ‘Flying Snakes’!” Lung immediately began to query the relevant information on this Sector S local force ‘Flying Snake’. This was because the riot in the grade one prison not long ago was caused by none other than the two organisations ‘Flying Snake’ and ‘Mad Owl’.

In Sector S, the two organisations ‘Flying Snake’ and ‘Mad Owl’ could be considered one of the few major forces. If these two great forces had clashed in the grade one prison, could they have clashed intensely at some other places beyond the prison too? Otherwise, there’s no way the condition of these three people would’ve turned out to be this terrible.

Although these information took a little effort to acquire, the end result of the query made Cillin and Lung felt that it was worth it.

Eight hours later, the man with the strongest recovery ability and that had a flying snake tattoo at his back that was obviously different from the other two men woke up.

“Yo, you woke up pretty quickly. You truly are the ‘Little Flying Snake’ Qi Geyou.”

The moment Qi Geyou opened his eyes and abruptly sat up, a frivolous voice immediately rang before he was able to observe his surroundings.

Qi Geyou felt his body’s current state for a bit, and saw his two subordinates lying down on tables not far away. The instrument beside the tables were displaying all kinds of bio characteristics and data. Qi Geyou raised his eyes, and the pupils of his amber colored eyes were shaped like sharp ends instead of the round shape of the average human being. When narrowed, they were in a slender shape that looked just like the cutting edge of a blade.

Although he and his two subordinates were rescued, Qi Geyou did not let down his guard, “Who are you people?” since the other part had already learned about his identity, Qi Geyou did not plan to beat around the bush or speak excessively.

Even though he was sitting on the table, even though he had just awakened from serious injuries, an extraordinary aura emanated from him the moment he spoke.

“Sigh, not even a thanks I see.” while speaking, the medbay’s door opened to reveal a standing robot beauty. She was carrying three sets of clothes, or more accurately speaking three gowns. Lung did not have many clothes that did not fit his size.

Qi Geyou glanced at the smiling robot beauty standing at the entrance of the medbay before getting off the table. After a momentary daze, he quickly readjusted himself and took over a gown to put on himself. There was also another robot beauty waiting outside, and when she saw Qi Geyou walking out, she raised a hand and said very politely, “Please, this way.”

Without too many words spoken, Qi Geyou followed the robot and arrived at the control room. Originally, he thought that he would be brought to a meeting room or some other places, but he did not think that he would be brought directly to the control room. These two people were pretty bold. Weren’t they afraid that he would snatch the control authority for himself?

Their ages actually didn’t look to be that far apart. After looking at Lung and Cillin, Qi Geyou quickly formed an opinion at the bottom of his heart: both of these men were difficult opponents. One guy looked frivolous and dim-witted, whereas the other guy looked simple and honest, but in reality they were complete fucking cons.

The screen beside Lung was even displaying the information related to the ‘Flying Snake’. There was no intention to avoid sensitive topics here at all.

Qi Geyou walked over, pulled a chair for himself and sat down, “Speak. Why did you save us, or should I say what is your purpose behind saving us and what kind of reward do you want?”

“We thought we saw your life pod floating outside so we just grabbed it along the way, and we learned about your identities because we saw the tattoo behind your backs. As for the reward…”

Cillin cast a glance at Lung lowering his eyes and seemingly thinking hard and thought: Please, you finished thinking about the reward a long time ago.

Lung slapped his palm, “Aiya, I got it! But before we get to that, I need to ask. Were you guys escaping from ‘Mad Owl’?”

Qi Geyou’s eyes darkened as the surrounding air seemed to freeze around him. However, Cillin and Lung maintained their normal expressions and remained unmoved.

You angry? What the hell are you getting angry for? Everything he said was the truth.

Qi Geyou let out a smile, but his eyes were completely chilled, “For now. Since I’m alive, then that battle hasn’t ended yet.”

Lung lifted a leg and kicked Cillin, “look at this guy, he’s full of imposingness even though he’s been beaten to such a shape! He truly is the ‘Little Flying Snake’, man.”

Cillin could obviously feel the air pressure around Qi Geyou growing even lower than before.

That being said, Qi Geyou did reveal one information from his words earlier. He planned to make a comeback, and logically speaking this presented an opportunity for external forces to put a foot into the situation. After all, ‘Flying Snake’ was still pretty influential in Sector S.

However, Cillin and Lung were obviously not what Qi Geyou had imagined.

Cillin slowly let out a yawn. He hadn’t been resting well lately, so he should replenish himself with a nap given the opportunity.

Lung was twirling around on his seat, seemingly uncaring for Qi Geyou’s words.

Qi Geyou’s slender pupils shrank like a snake’s.

When the silence lasted for a few minutes, Qi Geyou straightened his sitting posture. He understood that he was the one who was in need right now. If he did not speak frankly, this duo’s answers were absolutely going to piss him off.

“Alright, I need you to send me to a place. Tell me what kind of reward you want.”

“Are you talking money?” Lung spun his chair left and right, “I’m very sorry, but right now I’m not interested in money. As for energy ores, I’m not interested either unless it’s the very special kind. What can you give us?”

Qi Geyou fell silent. He wasn’t afraid about being requested of something, because he could at least know what the other party was pursuing that way. But now…

After a moment’s thought, Qi Geyou said, “I do not know you people. I do not even know which forces you belong to. Therefore, I do not know what you need. I can give you many things, and I cannot give many things as well.”

“What you can give and what you can’t, huh…”

Cillin and Lung matched eyes. They understood what Qi Geyou was implying.

“If you go back, what do you think the success rate would be?” Cillin asked.

“I cannot guarantee anything.” Qi Geyou said, “But I will fight. Blood must be repaid with blood.”

There were too many things that were involved in this matter, and it was related to Qi Geyou’s status and authority he possessed in ‘Flying Snake’ as well. Plus, Qi Geyou was planning to fight with his life on the line from the very beginning, but the unexpected appearance of a traitor had caused his plans to be disrupted completely. At first, he thought that his life would end just like that in reluctance, but he did not imagine that he would be rescued instead. Since he was still alive, then he would continue to fight. Some things could not end without death.

Qi Geyou sat very quietly on his seat after he was done talking. However, the killing intent emanating from his body was thick.

“Alright, we can send you to the place you speak of, but you should know that favors are very difficult to return. We’ve saved you and your companions, and we will be sending you back also we gave you a chance at vengeance. Therefore, value wise this reward is pretty hard to decide.” Lung said in a giggly tone, “But I guess being able to watch the show is worth the price. I hope that you won’t disappoint.”

“You won’t be.”

When they were done speaking, Lung arranged a place to rest for Qi Geyou. As for Qi Geyou’s two other companions, they’d have to wake first before any arrangements could be done.

Although Qi Geyou still thought that Lung and Cillin were a little unreliable – after all, a trade like this was just too damn weird. All you want for saving our lives and sending us back to fight for a comeback is to watch the show? Are you screwing with us or what?! – for now Qi Geyou could not figure out their true intentions either. In that case, he might as well put this to the back of his mind and think about it later when he had returned to his domain.

Moreover, Qi Geyou did not know who Cillin and Lung truly were. After all, a foreign force that arrived at Sector S couldn’t possibly be made up of two people only, could it…? Of course, that was if they excluded that cat and that half-man-half-dog fellow.

The place Qi Geyou told them about wasn’t too far away, but just to be safe Qi Geyou pointed out a roundabout path that would allow them to avoid some attention and minimise potential accidents. Therefore, if they were to fly following the roundabout path they would have to spend another two days on this starship, and these two days were practically hell for Qi Geyou and his two subordinates.

The trio’s conversation with Cillin and Lung was a case of okay if they didn’t talk, and ‘oh my god I’m going to go berserk’ the moment they did. How could there possibly be such infuriating people?

Right now Qi Geyou and his subordinates’ situation were like people whose feet were sunk in a swamp, whereas Cillin and Lung were the people who extended them a helping hand. However, while these helping people were pulling them out, they were also constantly trampling over their faces repeatedly while a cat was flinging cynical remarks left and right from the sides.

How could they not be pissed off?

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