SRH Chapter 159 [Part 1]

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Chapter 159: A Familiar Face at Sector K [Part 1]

Right now, Udoze was feeling very conflicted and at a loss.

Ever since Cillin told him that they were members of the Sixth B Squadron of the Hunter regiment Vanguard, Udoze had thought about a certain thing even in his dreams. However, he could not put down his mother and his two years old cousin either, so he was extremely conflicted by the dilemma.

Conflicted feelings aside, Udoze could not hold himself back from showing the emblems and pictures of many Hunter regiments he treasured to Cillin and Tang Qiuqiu. However, he did not know how he should express his own notion.

He heard that the requirements to join the four great Hunter regiments were pretty high. Udoze felt a little sense of inferiority.

Mrs. Vento knew her own son the best, and seeing that Udoze was so conflicted that he was practically foaming from his mouth, she called him into the house for a chat. Since the moment it began, the chat lasted for five whole hours.

Five hours later, Udoze walked out with red eyes looking like he was on the verge of tears. However, his eyes also shone with the light of hope. He finally forced some courage into himself and told Cillin about his notion to join the Sixth B Squadron of the Hunter regiment Vanguard. Cillin ultimately nodded after Udoze suffered through a period of restless finger twirls. However, Cillin stated that he could only recommend Udoze, and that it would be up to Udoze’s own performance whether or not he would be acknowledged by everyone in the B Squadron.

In reaction to Cillin’s words, Udoze wore a foolish smile on his face and floated downstairs. Borrowing the gray cat’s words, that look… was literally more foolish than when he learned that he had won three million credits.

“It’s been two days.” Cillin flicked the gray cat’s ear.

The gray pushed away Cillin’s hand with its leg, arched upwards to stretch its back and moved its claws for a bit, “Alright, let’s go meet that loser.”

When Cillin and the gray cat had arrived at Rikulab’s residence, Rikulab was already sitting inside the living room and waiting for them. Rikulab’s decision did not need to be said seeing that the display cabinets and the medicinal bottles on the table had all been cleaned up and tidied.

Today, Rikulab had tidied himself quite nicely. Although he didn’t look as dazzling as he did at ‘Dance Night’, he still looked a lot more refreshed that the decadent appearance he had before. His moustache was also shaved.

Seeing Cillin and the gray cat’s entry, Rikulab pointed at the chair beside and said, “Sit.”

The gray cat jumped right up the table without any trace of politeness and walked proudly towards Rikulab with a straightened tail, “How’s the consideration?”

Rikulab did not answer the gray cat directly. Instead, he asked, “First, I would like to know which side you belong to. Of course, my demands aren’t high. As long as you don’t belong to the military or the government, and it is a group that I can accept, then I am okay to go.”

The gray cat raised its chin, “Alright, listen well, boy. We are the Hunters of Vanguard’s Sixth B Squadron. Cillin is the lieutenant commander of the B Squadron.”

Rikulab’s eyebrows were lifted. Although he had guessed that this guy was a Hunter, he did not think that the Hunter regiment they belonged to would be one of the four great Hunter regiments. In reality, even if Cillin was in a small and unknown Hunter regiment, he still would not have turned down the offer.

Rikulab was a lot more cool headed as compared to Udoze’s excitement. He asked after nodding his head, “Don’t you think you should look into my background?”

Cillin had answered this question instead of the gray cat.

“Our commander said this: as long as you don’t betray us, we have no reason to question your past. However, there is one thing that I must bring up beforehand. As the lieutenant commander of the squad, I have the power to recommend a potential recruit to the squad. However, whether or not you can fight for the position of regular or core member still depends on you. Of course, I don’t think this will be a problem for someone of your abilities.”

“You sure are confident in me.” Rikulab smiled.

“I would not have let you join otherwise.” Cillin spread out his hands.

Right now, the Sixth B Squadron was in a growth period and desperately needed some new talents. When he parted ways with Shawton, Shawton had already told Cillin to capture any good talents he might find so that they would not fall into another’s hands.

“So you’re saying that you agree to join us then?” the gray cat said while crouching on the table in front of Rikulab.

“Yeah, from now on we’re teammates.” Rikulab stretched out a hand.

The gray cat looked at Rikulab’s outstretched palm and slapped on it with a paw of its own in satisfaction.

“When are we departing?” Rikulab asked.

“There will be a flight headed for the transit tomorrow afternoon. We will meet on the plane.” Cillin said.


Rikulab understood Cillin’s meaning and agreed easily.

They needed to get rid of some small troubles, so they must prepare a fake ID and so on. However, with the gray cat around, even if they did register their true identities a final log check would reveal that it wasn’t the same ID information they entered before.

The next day, when Udoze’s jaws fell open when he encountered Rikulab on the passenger transport. When he knew that Rikulab was also joining the squad, he grew even more excited than before.

Mrs. Vento smiled at Udoze’s shining eyes. Udoze had already grown up, and there were wider skies outside the world. He should not be shackled as he was before.

At Acallela’s government building office.

“The young master has left, hasn’t he?”

“Mm. Although we do not know exactly which flight he’s on, but the young master’s data did not show up on any flights. The people you asked to keep an eye on did not leave behind any records either.”

“They are all remarkable people I see! Oh well, if young master does not wish to be known then there is no need to continue the investigation. Even if we did, nothing will come out. Report this to the higher ups. My mission is almost finished.”

Speaking of which, after Cillin’s group had once more arrived at Sector F’s transit planet, they inquired some information and found a pretty good planet for Mrs. Vento and little Talo to re-register their certificate of residence. There was a child care center and a primary school near the new residence they bought. Public security around the area was very good, and the neighbors were pretty friendly and weren’t xenophobic either. It was a more suitable environment for Mrs. Vento and little Talo to live in.

Little Talo was brought to the child care center during the day, and Mrs. Vento found herself a relatively idle job. Its pay wasn’t much, but it was relaxing. With more than a million credits of saving to work as their base, it was enough to get along.

Udoze did not carry a single cent on himself. He left behind all the money to his mother and his little cousin before leaving the planet with Cillin.

Since he was bringing Udoze and Rikulab with him, Cillin stopped sightseeing everywhere with Tang Qiuqiu. Those plans could wait until after he had brought the two new recruits back to the squad. If there was still time, then he could come out again and enjoy himself later.


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