SRH Chapter 158 [Part 2]

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Chapter 158: The Fourth Young Master, Shi Huajing [Part 2]

Rikulab wasn’t surprised that the gray cat would know about this, it was something that could be found out with a thorough investigation. Plus, there were plenty of people of the upper class who knew that he had relations with Acallela’s planetary government, and there were plenty of things that could be settled with the help of the government. Otherwise, it was impossible that the ten years old Rikulab could have established himself on this planet of harsh conditions so easily back then.

The gray cat shook its ears once and began to feel impatient, “I only know that you dance pretty well, and you are the only dancer that was pleasing to my eyes ever since I got out. Cillin said that your pharmacology is pretty good, and that you’re burying your talents in this place. But I don’t care about all these things. You humans always like to waste time on foolish thoughts, act slovenly, overthink everything and even mutilate yourselves. Never mind, I don’t know how to convince people. You have two days to consider. Let’s go, Cillin!”

Once it was finished, the gray cat jumped down from the cabinet, cast a glance once at Rikulab before heading outside without ever looking back as if it was peeved.

Cillin put down the book in his hands and stood up, “Opportunities exists to be grabbed. The universe is very big.” Cillin also left after he placed a small bottle on the table. Just like how they’d arrived earlier, they did not alert the security system in the slightest.

Rikulab stared at the small bottle on the table with unfathomable eyes. The neurotoxin he detected from Cillin last time was stored inside this bottle, and based on the information he had learned, the raw materials required to concoct such a neurotoxin were very likely to span across several Sectors instead of just one.

Although Rikulab had never gone outside of this planet since he was ten years old, but the information he absorbed from books and electronic publications were definitely not few. But no matter how much information he absorbed, it did not change the fact that he had no raw materials. There were many occasions when he was inspired but was unable to act to it.

Rikulab walked to his bedroom and took out a book beneath his pillow. It was a record of all the inspirations he got but was unable to implement.

Leaving Rikulab’s residence, the gray cat was very angry and said that it really was unsuited to persuasion.

“Are you going to give up if his answer is no two days later?” Cillin asked.

“No way, if that happens I’m coming back to use force! I’ll let him know the price of offending a cat!” the gray cat showed its sharp fangs and evil grin.

Back at Udoze’s little house, Tang Qiuqiu was helping Mrs. Vento in preparing dinner. As compared to the previous dinner, today’s was a lot richer than before.

However, there was a new member at the dining table. It was a two years old boy called Talo, and he was Udoze’s little cousin.

Talo was the child of Udoze’s aunt. However, she had passed away not long after Talo was born. A year ago his uncle had married his second wife and neglected Talo right away, sending him to a childcare center and paying a small fee every month. Then, his uncle tried to pack and run away due to heavy debts caused by business related problems, but someone took out his flying car and he died from that. That was not long ago. Since Talo’s child support payment had lost its provider, the childcare center contacted Mrs. Vento. This was because no one related to Talo was willing to take over this burden. It took god knows how much money to raise a child into an adult, and they could not feed even their own children. Naturally, they cared even less about another person’s child. In the end, it was Mrs. Vento who took over Talo’s custody and brought him back home.

Udoze wasn’t been sure how to break the news to Mrs. Vento ever since he won three million credits. Later on, when Mrs. Vento brought Talo back home and sighed about how they would have to live a little stringently from now on, Udoze finally couldn’t hold back and told her his plans.

Since they had the money, they could now leave Planet Acallela and find a peaceful planet with a better environment to settle in. The processing fee for two people was 1 million, and if they counted Talo in it would be 1.5 million. The remaining 1.5 million or so credits would sustain them for a very long time even if they did not work.

After a moment’s thought, Mrs. Vento agreed to his plan. In order to express her thanks to Cillin, Mrs. Vento had purposely prepared a rich dinner, so when Cillin and the gray cat had returned they immediately saw a tableful of varied dishes. Udoze was teasing the two years old Talo, and giggles filled the interior of the house.

At night, Mrs. Vento took Talo to bed, and Udoze sat inside the shabby old car at the courtyard, caressing the old fashioned steering that was soon to be retired.

When he heard a knocking sound on his car lid, Udoze lifted his head to find Cillin outside the car. He smiled and opened the car lid to allow Cillin to come in.

After Cillin had sat into the backseat, Udoze asked, “You interested to go out for a spin?”


The old shabby car shook its way out of the city and flew towards the sandstone area.

After he parking the car behind a large mountain rock, Udoze looked at the flying sand covering the stars and fell silent.

Although he had already made up his mind to leave this planet, he couldn’t shake the somewhat empty feeling inside him. After he left, he would never have the chance to race without a care ever again, would he?

“When are you ready to complete the procedures to leave Acallela?” Cillin asked suddenly.

“As soon as I can I suppose, in case of any hiccups in the future.” although he felt a little regret, Udoze was very resolute in leaving this planet behind.

Cillin nodded, “Sure. When the time comes, we may even be able to leave together with you. It is about time we leave this place.”

“Oh right, Cillin, what’s your occupation?” this question had been held in Udoze’s heart for a very long time now. He kept having this feeling that Cillin’s background was not ordinary, and no ordinary person would carry a talking cat with him. Also, Udoze had seen that little girl Tang Qiuqiu playing with a gun before. It was a absolutely a real gun.

“What do you think?” Cillin threw the question back at him instead of answering.

Udoze said tentatively, “Could you possibly be a… Hunter?”

Cillin nodded.

“Wah, you’re really a Hunter! Have you guys joined a Hunter regiment?” Udoze said excitedly. He had always rather admired Hunters, and he had dreamed to become one as a child. However, life had forced him to racing later on.

“We have joined a Hunter regiment.” Cillin said calmly.

“Which Hunter regiment?” Udoze’s eyes were shining, “I know a lot of Hunter regiments in Sector F!”

“I see.” Cillin took out a dagger shaped badge with an unperturbed look, “Do you recognise this then?”

Udoze’s mind turned blank for a moment after he saw the dagger. Then, he asked with a trembling voice, “Er, can I, look at it a little closer?”

Cillin passed the badge over directly. Udoze wiped his hands on his clothes before accepting the badge, and after a long time later he finally said, “This… isn’t fake, is it?”

When he saw Cillin looking towards him, Udoze immediately said, “No, I mean – cough – you know, I collected the images of the badges of the four great Hunter regiments, and what I saw didn’t look like this, er, I mean, it looked a little different.”

Oh my god I’m so nervous. Udoze felt as if every word had fallen out of his mouth while shaking.

“Oh, that. It’s probably because the badge you saw belong to normal members.” it was the same flat tone as ever.

“Then yours…”

“Is a lieutenant commander’s.”


Udoze abruptly stood up and banged his head out of sheer excitement. He didn’t even attend to the bump on his head, “S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-seriously?”

“Mm. Qiuqiu also has a badge which is for normal members. It should be identical to the one you mentioned.”

If Cary was here, he would’ve rushed forwards and punched Cillin: You pretentious bastard! You obviously want to recruit him, and yet you pretend like you don’t have a clue at all!

After he had returned the badge to Cillin, Udoze drove the shabby old car back home in a daze. He was so distracted that he nearly ran into a mountain rock midway.

After the shabby old car had flown away, a small figure appeared behind the big mountain rock. It was none other than the gray cat hunting for food.

“Cillin truly is a shadowy bastard!”

At the same time, there were two men sitting in an office at the upper level of the planetary government’s government building.

One of them was Rikulab. The other person was a man who appeared to be forty years old.

“You’ve decided?” the person asked.

“Mm. If I keep this up this place truly is going to rot.” Rikulab pointed at his own heart.

“Then… you’ve a plan?” the man appeared a little worried.

Rikulab nodded, but he did not have the intention of revealing it. Instead, he said, “You think you owe a debt, but after so many years it has been all but repaid. There is no need to blame or wrong yourself any longer. There will be an election over the next year. With your abilities, it should not be hard for you to get elected. Your experience and track record are also sufficient.”

“Fourth young master…” no matter how he spun it, it did not change the fact that happened because of what he had failed to protect.

Rikulab made a stopping gesture, “Shi Huajing already died eighteen years ago. He has been taken to hell along with his beloved mother. Therefore, the pronoun ‘Fourth Young Master’ no longer exists.”

Seeing the man sitting opposite to him biting his lip, Rikulab sighed, “Back then, mother did not have any will to live at all. Even if you did manage to save her in the end, she still would have found a chance to drag everyone around her to hell with her. It is not anyone’s fault.”

“Then… will you be going back, young master?”

“No. Take this message back to that old man. Tell him that if he dares to interfere again this time, then I will destroy every seed he planted because of his love affairs!” Rikulab’s eyes were filled with ice-cold killing intent.

After Rikulab had left, the man finally relaxed and lay down on the chair. His back was already drenched as he stroked his face and smiled, “Young master is still young master.” he had always thought that young master knew nothing, but it was he who was just lying to himself.

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