SRH Chapter 156 [Part 2]

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Chapter 156: The Wolf King of ‘Dance Night’ [Part 2]

The group of three followed Udoze to an unremarkable house at a different city district falling under the outskirts of the city center. Most of the buildings in the city center were built from alloy, but this house was built from stones just like Udoze’s house. However, this house was much bigger than Udoze’s house.

The courtyard’s door automatically opened after Udoze had pressed the doorbell. There were some unnamed flowers inside the courtyard, and there were some sort of drug ingredients left out in the sun on an exposed table.

When Cillin stepped into the courtyard, his footsteps came to a momentary pause. His eyes were filled with deep ponderment as he stared at the house.

This place truly was filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons*!

*meaning to say talented individuals in hiding

“Sorry to bother you, big brother Rikulab.” Udoze said.


The house door opened to reveal a man almost thirty years old with half open eyes wearing a sleep robe that hadn’t been washed for god knows how many days. His messy hair and rather depressing-looking stubble gave him the wholesome appearance of a drunkard in dire states. Right now, this mister drunkard was leaning against the door and holding a wine bottle, and after he downed a mouthful of wine he looked at the people walking into his house. However, his pupils shrank indiscernibly when he swept a glance over Cillin.

“Neurotoxin?” Rikulab’s voice was hoarse and low having not spoken for several days. But his tone was very certain.

“Enhancement drugs?” Cillin looked at Rikulab.

“Good eye.”

“You too.”

Udoze did not know what Cillin and Rikulab’s dialogue meant, but the gray cat did.

Cillin was carrying with him a dagger wiped with neurotoxin on the blade, whereas Rikulab’s body carried the scent of a drug; a kind of enhancement drug.

Both the neurotoxin on Cillin’s body or the enhancement drug on Rikulab’s body were self-made and had never been made public. However, both parties had noticed the drugs on each other’s body and identified their functions at first sight. Not even specialists might necessarily be able to do this.

Rikulab tugged the corners of his lips for a bit before turning his gaze to Udoze.

Udoze looked a bit anxious as he passed a bottle of wine worth ten thousand GAL credits to Rikolab, “Thank you for your help all this time!”

Rikulab accepted the wine bottle without bothering with any courtesy whatsoever and gave it a look, “Yo, you earned money from your race?”

“Cough, yeah.” Udoze continued to scratch his head and said embarrassedly. He believed that Rikulab would not betray him, but it really wasn’t something to be talked openly.

Rikulab did not appear to have the intention to ask further anyway, and he waved his hands and said, “Alright, I’m taking this wine. You may leave; I still have some Zs to catch.”

“Er, big brother Rikulab, you’ll be going to ‘Dance Night’ tonight, won’t you?”

The answer Udoze got was the sound of a door slamming against its hinges.

However, Udoze paid it no mind and actually led Cillin and the others out with a smile on his face.

“He’s a drunkard!” after that left the house, Tang Qiuqiu said with certainty.

“Big brother Rikulab just loves to drink wine. He’s still a very good person though; at the very least he would not look down on us natives.”

“He’s not from Acallela?” Cillin asked.

“No, he came here more than ten years ago. He would lend money to poor people, and although he takes interest, the rates aren’t high and are very humane too. He sells medicines on credit, unlike the city hospitals that needed to see money on the table before anything else. Also, when my mother and I were in the direst straits, it was big brother Rikulab who gave us material assistance. There was a time when my mum was terribly sick, and my skills weren’t that good yet, we were hard pressed for money and could not afford to see a doctor. It was Rikulab who helped us.”

“In that case, that drunk uncle is a pretty nice person.”

Udoze let out a mysterious smile, “You guys will be surprised by the place I bring you to tonight!”

“Ceh, cliffhangers!” Tang Qiuqiu pouted and said.

E/n: wouldn’t it be nice if we had a good cliffhanger

“I suddenly recalled that that place isn’t suitable for kids.” Udoze said with a bitter face.

Tang Qiuqiu glared, “I’m going!”

In the end, Udoze could not withstand Tang Qiuqiu’s glare and took the trio to a place at the city center when night arrived – the ‘Dance Night’.

‘Dance Night’ was a nightclub; a place that provided people with entertainment. Here, it was always overcrowded. First timers would find themselves a little intimidated, just like an outsider who had suddenly barged in.

The entire place was permeating with an unrivaled atmosphere of madness and ambiguity. This was absolutely not a quiet place, nor was it a place where one came purely for the drinks. Here at ‘Dance Night’, something must happen before the people could be satisfied.

Those who did not have powerful heart and lung capacity, or are animals who had to rely on drugs before they could set themselves loose should stay away.

When they walked into ‘Dance Night’, the extraordinary air that assaulted their senses caused them to experience a split second of absentmindedness again.

Inside, the seats and the dance floor were mingled as one so as to facilitate fantasies among the customers towards the dancers who were dancing on the dance floor in close range. It also made it convenient for people to express themselves freely when they were tipsy.

Here in this place as far as the eyes could see, everyone was dead gorgeous and ridiculously beautiful. Here, even the sharpest of bright colors or exaggerations to the point of excessiveness would not draw too many showers of attentions. There were plenty of lady-killers and hot babes in every small circle dazzling everyone’s eyes.

People who enjoyed liveliness or desired to vent could sway and turn to their heart’s content. It was an extreme madness that exceeded even the madness of the racing fans at the spectator’s grandstand.

The races dancing inside the explosive music that could burst one’s eardrums were mostly from outside Planet Acallela. People wearing all sorts of strange clothes twisted and turned their bodies, painting a picture of ghosts and demons dancing in riotous revelry*.

*while normally meaning evil people acting wantonly in the political scene, in this case, just take it at face value

Some young girls were even dressed in leopard furs, accentuating their sexiness with a bit of charm and adorableness. Every and any one of them would give you the impulse to commit a mistake.

Those depressive feelings could only be transformed into discontentment or roars, roars that could only be contained by a wide space. The wide public venue enabled everyone who came here to howl in joy and madness, drawing out long rhymes as if they had been possessed.

The essence of the music from all kinds of races and all kinds of cultures were being played at the venue. While carrying within it the power to bring heat, it drew people into a mad spree of phantom sounds like a spell, turning them into animals that had lost all sense of reason. As a result, everyone’s eyes were bloodshot under the effects of the music and alcohol, sweeping their gazes greedily over everything within the dance floor before twisting their bodies and squirming through the crowd. They were all playing the simple game of hunter and prey with each other. In such an environment, it was nearly impossible to sit down quietly and drink wine.

With music of different styles and of different eras, the passionate and untrammeled musical feast would fully stir up one’s fervor. Be it blues, arousal, dynamic, psychedelic or passionate, they all challenged one’s ear nerves and self-restraint.

There was also another area at ‘Dance Night’ that was slightly quieter than the rest. There were retro fashion, soft and comfortable long sofas, and psychedelic aromas. When the people were done hunting at the dance floor, they would come here to enjoy their prey. Hence, relaxing music resonated beside the ears; pure, sweet, fine wine and attractive desserts were sprinkled lazily across the long sofas as your body, and your prey could not help but grow more and more restless…

The story of this dream-like place was both simple and marvellous. Feasting and pleasure seeking, merry nightlife, sensual pleasures, luxuries and indulgences, and all sorts of brilliances left the people unable to stop themselves. Be it the good or the bad, you would feel as if you had gotten everything you wanted in this narrow and mad little world. It would force out the devil in your bones and turn you into an animal who continuously sought for stimulation and primal pleasures. It would put you in a trance and make you think that you live for the nightlife, and that you couldn’t wait to get drunk even harder than you already were.

Cillin’s group found a small private room at the top floor that was slightly further away from the dance floor. The transparent partition allowed them to see the scene beyond the private room in the dance floor. The music could clearly be heard as well.

Tang Qiuqiu did not like this place. She couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

Cillin did not allow her to see the sceneries outside, and he ordered some desserts for Tang Qiuqiu. Tang Qiuqiu herself was happy with this arrangement

While looking at the madly twisting bodies on the dance floor outside, the pandering dance movements and unbridled kissings, Cillin let out a sigh. They really shouldn’t have brought Tang Qiuqiu to this place.

However, just as Tang Qiuqiu finished her desserts and looked a little drowsy, the lights on the floor abruptly turned blurry. Then, a kind of suppressed excitement and restrained patience emerged from the entire dance floor. Then, with a pop, they boiled up entirely.

In that moment, the lights were running, the music was running, and every area and every segment was running all over the place. The whole visual effects gave off the impression of a grand feast.

The crisscrossing lights all gathered on one spot, and there stood a man carrying and merging both flamboyance and reservation into this seemingly demonised place at the same time.

If say that a love song and a bouquet of flowers would be enough to win over a woman’s heart, then this man could win a dozen hearts with a single movement.

While accompanied by the music and the light’s illumination, and striding with rhythmic footsteps, he mixed a glass of wine for himself and downed it in one gulp. Then, he put down the cup without any reluctance and walked step by step into the dance floor like an arriving king.

The people in the dance floor automatically opened up a path for him. They opened up the stage that belonged the the Wolf King of ‘Dance Night’.

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