SRH Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: I’ll Kick Him Like This, and then I’ll Boot Him Like That, and then I’ll Beat Him Up Real Good

At the A-District of Sector H, there was a planet more than five times larger than Planet Zafia, and that was Planet Ouroke.

In Sector H’s Sector language, Ouroke meant ‘eternal’. Fifty percent of this planet was made up of sea, and its planetary habitability was ranked at level A. Its terrestrial environment was extremely good. Planet Ouroke was also the capital Sector of Sector H, and it controlled the politics, businesses, education, media and so on of Sector H. Several big families had administration branches on this planet, so one could see how important the planet was in Sector H.

At a certain thousand meters tall building in a certain metropolitan area on planet Ouroke.

The height of this building really was nothing to be impressed about on this planet, and there were plenty of buildings within the metropolitan area that was taller than it. However, there was no one on this planet who would overlook this building. In reality, the influence of this rather unassuming building on Planet Ouroke was absolutely within the top three.

The building took up a massive amount of land, and it appeared to be quite stylish as well. From time to time there would be flying cars, transports and other vehicles approaching, halting, and leaving this building, giving it a bustling appearance.

Right now, inside a certain top floor of the building.

A small old man with a full head of white hair combed into a thin queue was walking towards the front with his hands behind his back. He was only about one hundred and sixty centimeters or so tall, but despite his elderly age he appeared to be unusually spirited and carried himself with a straight back.

There was a door at the front, and there were some guards fooling around with each other beside the door. When they saw the small old man approaching, they immediately withdrew their smiles and straightened their stances. They forcefully tightened their cheerful faces into one that looked like a patient suffering from facial nerve paralysis. The lax atmosphere earlier had also changed swiftly into one of solemness and respect.

“Is the young master inside?” the small old man asked.

The small old man’s tone was mild-mannered, and one could even sense goodwill and casualness coming from him. However, the people guarding at the door did not relax in the slightest. They continued to stand perfectly straight with their taut faces, emanating a vague air of intimidation.

“Yes sir. The young master is taking his afternoon nap right now!” one of the guards answered him with a powerful voice.

The small old man glanced at the color of the sky outside. It was almost evening already, wasn’t it? What afternoon nap?

However, the small old man did not mull over the problem. He stared at the men with taut muscles and glanced up and down with eyes that looked like scanners. It was as if he could see right through them.

“Mm, the shape of your facial muscles are tightened very well. Sharpen your gaze a little more, and adjust your posture for a bit. It cannot be stiff… Good. Very good. Keep this full imposing appearance when someone comes over in the future and earn yourselves some appearance points. Otherwise, if you all keep fooling around with the young master like this you are going to have your appearance points deducted completely. Also, take out the things inside your pockets. You do not keep snacks in formal wear.”

Here, points were proportional to one’s salary. The more points were deducted, the less salary one got. Therefore, the guards’ eyes immediately grew sharper when they heard his words.

The small old man was the one doing their payroll after all.

The small old man nodded in satisfaction, and after he inserted the passcode and verification data, he pushed open the door and walked inside.

The moment the old man entered the room, the guards by the door immediately returned to their frolicking state once more. However, they did listen to the small old man and put the snacks in their pockets in a cabinet not far away.

It was a wide office, and the second someone entered the room they would see a large office table, a cabinet and a filing table. There was also an aquarium beside the setup with all kinds of strange fishes swimming inside it, adding a lot of liveliness to this office.

The small old man did not even glance at the office before he walked straight towards a small door by the side of the office. There was a lounge behind the room.

Unlike the lounge of other offices, this particular lounge was very big. It was even bigger than the office outside and was outfitted with liquor cabinets, bar counters, media players, game consoles, cupboards and so on. There was also a huge bed. It was obvious that the master of this room knew how to enjoy life.

But if someone were to point out the most eye-catching thing in the room, then it was definitely the sofa.

It was a shell-shaped sofa; a large shell that was emptied and fine processed into a sofa. The price of this sofa alone was comparable to a spaceplane’s.

If the person lying inside this shell sofa was a beautiful lady, then naturally it would add to the aesthetic of the scene. Unfortunately, it was a dude who was lying on the sofa, and the dude had hair that looked as messy as a chicken nest; wore a singlet, a large pair of underpants, and a pair of slippers that hung off his legs with a suspicious something sticking at the bottom. The dude was lying down on the high class shell sofa and sleeping without any semblance of a sleeping posture to speak off. His saliva flowed along the edges of the sofa’s soft cushion and onto the floor, forming a large pool.

The small old man was no longer surprised by the situation before him. In fact, he was pleased that the person did not snore today. But when his gaze landed on the slippers hanging off the person’s legs, he could not help but twitch an eyebrow. He remembered tossing them a few hundred kilometers away into the sea just yesterday.

Shaking his head with a bitter smile, the small old man walked towards the person. He did not attempt to shout him to wakefulness. Instead, he pressed a button on the shell sofa’s lid.


The wide open, petal-shaped shells of the shell sofa abruptly folded. Due to his irregular sleeping posture, the person’s arm and legs left stranded by the side of the sofa were clamped by the shells.

If it was any average person, they would’ve been clamped into several segments already. However, not only was the person on the sofa perfectly fine, he did not react to the stimulus at all.

The small old man pressed the button again, and the shell opened up and folded once more.

There was still no reaction.

He pressed again.

And again.

It was only until the tenth time that the person on the sofa finally twitched in slow uptake. The small old man finally withdrew his finger from the button.

The person on the sofa slowly sat up and blinked his eyes in confusion. After he scratched his nest-like hair, wiped the saliva at the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand and erased it on his singlet, he turned to look at the small old man. When his vision cleared and he saw who it was, he twitched his mouth and raised a leg to kick towards a button beside the sofa.

Everyone presses their buttons with their hands, but this young master was different in that he was used to kicking them with his feet. A leg was longer than an arm, and it saved him trouble. He did not need to move his arse for such a short range, and right now he literally could not be arsed to take a single step.

A bowl of warm soup, freshly baked meat and mineral nutrients that were already poured into a glass was carried in a tray and served neatly by a robot onto the dining table that had popped out in front of the sofa.

The small old man did not say anything as he watched the person lazily lifting his tableware and digging in. This was because he knew that this young master was used to eating right after he woke up, and if you were to speak while he was eating, he would toss every word you say right out of his brain without remembering a single dot.

After he was finished eating, the young master finally raised his eyelids and looked at the newcomer, “What is it now?”

“Our men at Planet Zafia had reported in. Wiesen’s men have failed.”

“There is no need to speak of the expected.” the person on the sofa put down his glass and looked at the small old man, “You know, Mr. Berzett, or should I call you grandpa Ber? Did you seriously wake me up from my sweet dreams for this trifle?”

“‘Grandpa Ber’? I’m flattered, but your father would feed me to the deep sea giant beasts if you call me that.” Berzett answered with a smile, but he immediately withdrew it and said, “Pascado was found out. The others are in danger of being exposed as well. At the very least, the Feniers Family knows that a fourth power had interfered with the operation. Of course, they did not know that we are that fourth power.”

“Oh?” the person on the sofa said while twirling his wine glass, “This is unexpected. To think that Pascado would be exposed with his abilities.”

The name Pascado meant ‘fish’ in the Sector language of Sector H. When Pascado hid himself in a shoal, even a scanner could scarcely identify him from them.

It would not be strange if Castella and Kirk had guessed that there were other tamers who interfered after the attack was over. After all, neither of them were simple characters, and it was something they could find out easily after a careful analysis. The problem was Pascado was actually found out, and this early exposure disturbed some of the plans they had made earlier.

“Should we call them back?” the small old man asked.

“Of course. Since they were discovered this early, they won’t be too useful even if they continued to stay at Planet Zafia. Cancel the follow up operations and have them come home.”

“Alright.” After a pause, Berzett started again, “According to the news and mission summary report they delivered, the person who found out Pascado was not the Feniers Family. It was a young man called Cillin…”


The young man who was originally lying lazily on the sofa and listening to Berzett’s report spat out the water in his mouth. He even kicked over the dining table because he was too excited.

After a bunch of clanking sounds later, the person ignored the stains on his body and jumped down the sofa. He ran right in front of Berzett and stared straight at him, saying almost word by word, “Repeat what you said earlier. What’s the name of the person who found out Pascado?”

“Young master, according to the data that was delivered, his name is Cillin. He is about twenty years old of age.”

“Fuck his grandfather!”

“Young master Lung, please pay attention to your manners.” Berzett had to voice a reminder. That being said, how long had it been since his young master burst into foul language after he took over the work here?

Yep. This singlet and underpants dude who had absolute zero image to speak of was none other than young master Lung Andrea. Out of all the people who wanted to drag Cillin into the open and beat the shit out of him, Lung and Knight had to be among the firsts. There had not been a lick of news about Cillin for nearly the past three years, so it would be stranger if he hadn’t gotten excited after hearing this name out of nowhere.

In young master Lung’s eyes, poise and etiquette or whatever were just shows for outsiders. What’s the point of etiquette if there were no outsiders now?

Lung walked around in circles a couple of times before asking, “Do we have any images?”

“Yes, but they are few, and since time is too short we didn’t manage to investigate in detail about that Cillin fellow. We only know that he encountered Castella at the Fenier Family’s ‘Little Garden’ in Sector X.” Berzett summoned the image and said.

The fact that Cillin and Tang Qiuqiu were members of Vanguard Sixth B Squadron were only known to Castella and several other core figures. No one else knew about this.

Lung frowned and looked at the image for a long time. Then he pointed at the person Berzett had summoned and asked, “Who’s that stupid-looking idiot?”

“That is Cillin.” Berzett answered.

Lung’s expression was odd, “Did he do a full facial plastic surgery? What a loss; his looks keep getting lousier and lousier. He looked a lot beefier than he used to… I can’t differentiate if he’s the real thing based on this image alone. I can identify him in person though.”

That being said, the only person who could discover Pascado and was called Cillin in his impression was probably him and no one else.

After a moment’s silence, Lung said to Berzett, “Wasn’t there’s a planet at T-District of Sector H whom we’re looking for joint development with another family? Let’s call the Feniers Family to send someone over and discuss the terms of collaboration.”

“But young master, you just confirmed the Evangel Family as our collaborative partner yesterday…”

“Change it. We haven’t signed the contract yet have we? There’s another collaboration ten days later. Worst comes to worst we give that priority to the Evangel Family as compensation.” Lung paid it no mind.

“Alright, I will contact Kirk immediately.”

After Berzett had left, Lung rummaged through his cupboard. He remembered buying a pair of boxing gloves last year.

When he left Seven Lights, Lung had promised Knight that the next time he sees Cillin, he would kick him like this and then boot him like that and then beat the shit out of him!

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