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Chapter 149: The Fourth Power

The clash between giants raised many waves that impacted the shore repeatedly, scraping off the sand and stones layer by layer.

Right now Kirk was gladdened by the fact that the giant beasts had not approached the the coastal waters. Otherwise, the manor itself would’ve been flooded by seawater.

The giant beasts’ roars were as heavy as muffled thunder, or as sharp as whistles, and they caused wariness among the people on the shore. Their voices alone were capable of bringing tremendous pressure. This was the true difference between a deep sea giant beast and other fishes. Even a large group of shoals would not be able to maintain their formation under one gigantic roar.

But this was only true for the shoals and human beings. For the gray cat, it meant something else.

They are too arrogant! The gray cat thought, these fellows are so arrogant they saw no man – no, no cat – above them at all! (E/n: one ring to rule them all)

The gray cat did not transform and maintained the form of a kitten. However, long knife claws elongated from its paws instead.

The average blade or firearm could not threaten these big fellows in any way, but there were seriously not many beasts that could come away from the gray cat’s claws unscathed.

Its scythe-like knife claws had cut open the giant beast’s body surface directly, but because its skin was too thick the claws failed to harm its insides. The gray cat narrowed its eyes as the knife claws on its paws became much elongated and enlarged once more. In comparison to the eight knife claws, the gray cat’s little body appeared much, much tinier. From a certain angle, the gray cat was even invisible to the naked eye. All a person would be able to see was eight brandishing huge knife claws.

When its skin surface was finally cut open, the nerves of the damaged area transmitted pain to the giant beast and upset them, causing the clashes and attacks to grow even more intense than before. What followed was even bigger sea waves and all sorts of roars that resonated throughout the world.

The fishes who failed to escape in time had died from shattered organs caused by shock, and there were no living fishes at all within a wide sea region. The Feniers Family and Binger Family members had all retreated above the shore and activated a counteracting sound wave to protect themselves from the shock. Another thing that deserved rejoicing was that the manor’s defense shields had been repaired a few minutes earlier ahead of time, so the activated defense shields were able to block off most of the sound wave attacks let out by the sea beasts.

Although the sound wave attacks were reduced, the people inside the manor could hear the terrifying roars clearly all the same. The sound waves shook everyone until they felt cold from the bottom of their hearts. Every hair on their bodies were trembling along with the roars.

Tang Qiuqiu was far more composed as compared to Tobo, Emma and Rost. She continued to play her game and hold a lollipop in her mouth as before, causing Tobo and the duo to shower her with strange looks.

The monitoring devices and equipment within the coastal waters had all been affected and malfunctioned. There was no way for Castella and Kirk to know what kind of battle was going on on the sea.

One by one, as the gray cat clawed the sea beasts and caused their wounds to increase non-stop, the sea beasts’ roars grew louder and louder, and their actions grew more and more violent as well. Some sea beasts had their limbs bitten off, and others had torn fins or large sections of scales ripped off their bodies… the scene was as stunning as it looked.

Cry, cry, what the fur are you guys crying about! So noisy!

The gray cat was already in a bad mood in the first place, and now the roars disturbed it so much that even its whiskers had turned taut.

Quit being so noisy!

The gray cat opened its mouth.

Amidst these messy roars, a single beast roar suppressed nearly all other voices and impacted the sea beasts that were in close range to lose chunks of flesh from their bodies. All of the monitoring devices within the coastal waters that were already malfunctioning due to the interferences were blasted to bits by the shockwave, and on the shore those who remained on land fainted right away after hearing the roar. Meanwhile inside the spaceplanes, control panels experienced system failures, and the screens of dashboards and monitoring panels exploded. The vehicles were forced to land on ground. Inside the manor, every screen on every electronic panel were displaying static lines, and more than fifty percent of electromagnetic equipment were in a near catatonic state.

And this was the result after the gray cat had exercised some restraint upon remembering Cillin’s words. Otherwise, none of the equipment inside the manor could’ve survived.

What on earth happened? This was what everybody upshore was thinking about. It was also the cause of their irritation, anxiety and unstable emotions. They had never encountered such a situation in Planet Zafia until today.

Warsaw and the other New Europeans felt stifled for a moment, whereas the captured tamer had almost fallen into a stupor.

Warsaw and the tamer were familiar with deep sea beasts, and they both knew that there shouldn’t be any deep sea beasts that had reached such heights of power on this planet. Although the giants on this planet could be categorised as overlords of the deep sea, on a few other rank B planets in Sector H where their surface was almost covered in sea, they could only be considered as small fries who went on stage simply to go through the motions. The owner of the voice that caused system failures across electromagnetic devices was definitely comparable to those true overlords.

Originally, the gray cat was planning to chase these fellows to the distant sea by force, but it did not expect that these big fellows would actually slip away like the meek fish they were; they were escaping from their natural enemy after just a venting roar. To these big fellows, the only place that could give them security was their home territory, so they were now going back where they came from.

When the gray cat saw that the sea beasts had all dragged their maimed bodies and slipped away, it shook its ears and withdrew its claws. When the gray cat saw that no one was sent over from the shore, it then swam towards the distant seas to chase after Cillin and the tamer.

Returning to Cillin. Cillin had been chasing after the tamer for quite a distance, and at first the distance between the duo didn’t shrink by much, but the tamer did not manage to shake Cillin off either. Then, gradually, the tamer’s stamina fell off. Controlling the shoals had already expended a portion of their strength, and now they were doing everything they could to escape. Their stamina gradually lost steam.

However, just when Cillin pulled closer and closer to the tamer, a few thorns were suddenly shot towards him from the front.

They actually have companions! There are more than two tamers!

Cillin avoided the thorns, but what followed after was round after round of attacks, and black marlin groups and other speed type fishes swimming swiftly towards him. The huge number of shoals had cut off his pursuit path, and by the time Cillin charged through the shoals the tamer had already disappeared.

Cillin did not continue the pursuit. Now that a new tamer had appeared, it meant that there might be a fourth, a fifth or even more tamers in hiding.

To think that so many tamers who were considered relics by other people would appear all at once. Just who on earth did the Feniers Family offend?

Regardless of whoever the Feniers Family had offended, Cillin did not plan to probe further into this matter. The current situation was that he was alone with no backup, and if the opponent could mobilise so many tamers then they must have more hidden strength somewhere. Regardless, this was a matter of the Feniers Family and the Binger Family. Cillin did not plan to meddle any longer.

The twists and turns between big families were too complicated, and previously it was because he was too curious about tamers and fortunately grasped onto chips that could be exchanged with the Feniers Family for rewards. But judging from the current situation, it was time to stop. Cillin knew where to draw the line. The opponent was obviously prepared, and if he were to probe deeper into the issue then not only would he not be able to resist with his lone strength, he would suffer a major loss as well.

Cillin turned around and went back decisively. He didn’t swim for long before he ran into the pursuing gray cat.

“Eh?” the gray cat looked at Cillin and did not see the tamer, “You lost him?”

“They had a friend to come to their rescue. So I had to let them go.” Cillin floated out of the water and looked at the sky. It would seem that it was late, “Let’s return to the manor.”

“Alright, let’s go back. Those big fellows had all escaped. All I did was roar once, that’s all.” the gray cat hummed. It was obvious from its tone that it was showing off.

“Okay, cool your jets. Were you discovered?”

“Of course not. At the time the giant beasts were battling each other, so all the people beneath the sea had escaped upshore. Plus, with the surrounding monitoring devices all damaged and those big guys as cover, there’s no way I’d be found out.” the gray cat said affirmatively.

“That’s good then. Let’s go back, and think of a way to shake a bit more money off that old fox Castella.”

“Of course. We’ve put in our efforts, so we must get paid for it no matter what. Right, I saw some dried fish on the manor’s table. Do ask for more once we get back to the manor…” to hustle when there was a chance was the philosophy Dias instilled in his Hunters.

In reality, Castella had taken the initiative to express his will to increase his remuneration before he could open his mouth. Cillin’s contribution in catching the shapeshifting tamer of the Wiesen Family was undeniable, even if he did not participate in the capture himself. Besides that, even if Cillin failed to capture the other tamer, he had at least acquire the information that there were at least three or more tamers in this operation.

After the commotion, there were still a lot of things waiting for Castella and Kirk to deal with. Meanwhile, Warsaw and her men were breaking their heads over which deep sea giant beast had let out that final and absolutely dominating roar. Everyone was very busy.

But that was none of Cillin’s business. After obtaining the signed bills from Castella, he returned to his bedroom. He had overused his brain today, so it was take a nap before everything.

Tang Qiuqiu continued to uphold her responsibility as Tobo’s bodyguard, but there was nothing much for her to do right now. The surrounding bodyguards were watching over him tightly.

On the other side of Planet Zafia, a few figures were gathered at a sea surface where no one was noticing. Among them was the tamer who was chased by Cillin. These people had been scattered at different places and controlled shoals to attack the coastal waters and the Feniers Family’s underwater bases, delaying their reinforcements so that they could not assist with the situation at the manor. There was no way Warsaw and Castella could have imagined that there were this many tamers hiding on the planet.

“The Wiesen Family failed.”

“What about it? I saw that coming a long time ago. Like a trash at their level could ever make a comeback.”

“Yeah. It’s fine as long as we complete our mission.”

“Have you guys finished the mission summary? If you did then submit them to me in one go, I need to report to the young master ASAP!”

“Aw hey, my kidney hurts and now I have to write a mission summary report? I hate this kind of thing; my nerve endings experience a delayed reaction when it comes to this stuff.”

“No problem. You can keep delaying all you like.”

“Pah! I have no intentions of being stripped and tossed into an aquarium for show by the young master!”

These people were obviously not from the Wiesen Family, so as Castella had imagined there was a fourth power in play. But if that was the case, then who was this young master these people spoke of?

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