SRH Chapter 142

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Chapter 142: The Sea God’s Summon

“What’s going on?” Kirk was obviously a little anxious on the other side of the communicator. Anything that could be categorised as ‘big trouble’ by Warsaw was definitely difficult to deal with.

“Mr. Kirk, I found some echo conches offshore. Please send your men to move them away. The situation is urgent, so please act immediately!”

There was a hint of shiver behind Warsaw’s voice, and that made Kirk even more worried than before. Just what was this echo conches that could make the famous ‘Mermaid Princess’ this flustered?

Although there were many things that were yet unclear, Kirk still acted according to Warsaw’s request and sent hit best men and best equipment to the field. Kirk himself had arrived on the scene to supervise matters.

When Kirk saw the footage transmitted by the crew under water, he was shocked.

The crew who had dove into the water pulled apart the water plants to reveal six conches about a dozen or so meters long. Other than their unusual size, the conches did not look much different from other conches. But it was these six conches that had driven Warsaw into a panic.

These echo conches must not be damaged in any way. If they crack, it is extremely likely that they will let out a sound uncontrollably. If that happens, it will all be over.” Warsaw said.

Kirk issued one order after another to his communicators, while every Feniers Family personnel around the sea were on high alert during the whole process. The second they discovered any abnormalities or suspicious people, they would kill without mercy.

“What is an echo conch?” Kirk finally asked.

When Warsaw heard him, she gave him a strained smile and said, “Forgive my oversight. There are very few Sector H natives who knows about echo conches, much less a non-native. It is normal that you do not know about them.”

After she had adjusted her breathing for a bit, Warsaw continued to speak, “As you know, fishes and many ocean species do not actually have ears. The way they receive sound is through their skin. Some sounds contain a number of special sound waves that we cannot hear, but if they reach our eardrums they will cause pain.”

Warsaw pointed at her head, “Therefore, there are a lot of human beings who feel headaches after hearing a certain type of sound. These sound waves may be beyond a human’s hearing range and thus are completely inaudible to a human, but they have a profound effect on the living creatures living inside the sea.”

“Have you ever heard of the ‘Sea God’s Summon’ before?” Warsaw asked.

“I remember that Tobo used to read a fairy tale, and one of the stories mentioned about a ‘Sea God’s Summon’. The story said that the sea god will summon the big monsters living deep beneath the sea and punish those sinners.” When Tobo was younger, Kirk used to read him fairy tales, and he remembered seeing such a small story. But he had never thought much of it since it was just a fairy tale.

“It may sound like a fairy tale, but the ‘Sea God’s Summon’ is very real. It is caused by the crevices at the bottom of the deep sea. When the oceanic crust undergoes a change, due to certain physics or chemical reasons the crevices would let out some sounds. These sounds cannot be emulated even with the most high-end technology. If a human being hears it, they would experience headaches and even instant death in severe cases, but for a sea creature – especially a giant deep sea creature – these sounds would stimulate their skin and excite them, causing them to seek out the source of the sound.”

As Kirk listened to Warsaw’s explanation, he began to feel goosebumps all over his body. The communicator Kirk was holding was open, so Castella was also listening to her explanation quietly from the other end of the communicator. He could only sigh at these unknown and mysterious happenings of Sector H.

“Echo conches live at the bottom of the sea, and they would normally hang around those crevices. Every time the crevices produce a sound, the echo conches would record and replay them every few years. The reason they do this is to attract deep sea creatures to bring them to other locations for reproduction purposes. The environment around the crevices is not suitable for infant echo conches. When the crevices let out the sounds once more, the echo conches would stick onto the bodies of the deep sea creatures and return to the crevices, in order to absorb certain factors discharged from the crevices that are necessary for their growth.

Therefore, for an adult echo conch, the deep sea crevices are essential essential for their survival. If they left this environment, they would not live over twenty years. An echo conch will let out one final cry before its death, and it will also be the loudest cry of its life.”

“According to the data of the sea of this planet, there are no such thing as deep sea crevices. Naturally, there cannot be any echo conches on this planet, so the echo conches beneath this sea right now were probably transported over by the Wiesen Family. Since the sea of this planet isn’t suitable for breeding, and there are no crevices that would produce sound and ‘summon’ the sea creatures, these echo conches have been hibernating all this time. However, even in hibernation these echo conches are about to hit their limits. If they were left beneath the deep sea then they would be able to hold on for another three to five years, but there is no doubt that putting them in coastal waters would only hasten their deaths. They are at the point where they would let out their final cry at any moment.”

Kirk could not help but reminisce about the past. The cooperation between the Feniers Family and Wiesen Family had shut down bit by bit five years ago, and the closest they’ve ever worked together was ten years ago. Therefore, these echo conches were probably slipped into the sea about ten years ago. This means that the Wienen Family had been plotting against the Feniers Family since ten years ago. They had set up this hidden bomb on the planet the Feniers Family viewed as their central administration at Sector H, and the joint pressure by the Feniers Family and Binger Family on the Wienen Family for the past two years had triggered the decision to activate this sleeper bomb.

Kirk conducted a brief search and did not find any threat logs for the past month. However, if there was an abnormality, then it had to be the dolphins that had appeared at that time. It wasn’t unusual for dolphins to appear in groups offshore, and for the past few years similar incidents had happened at at many other coastal waters around the planet.

Now it would seem that those dolphins had been trained to carry the echo conches to this place. Since it was just dolphins and sea snails, the defense system hadn’t considered them as elements of threat. After all, they had never encountered such an incident, and Kirk himself was not opposed to dolphins and other sea creatures moving about in the coastal waters. But now…

“Perhaps the dolphin gatherings were planned by the Wiesen Family in the first place. I remembered that there are good tamers in the Wiesen Family, and their veteran tamers had always kept a low profile and were unknown to most people.”

Kirk and Castella also agreed with Warsaw’s assessment.

“As long as these echo conches haven’t reached their final time limit, as long as they haven’t let out any sounds yet, then this is a simple matter. After we get them out of the water, we’ll throw them to a faraway deep sea and blow them apart. Then no matter how hard they cry, they will have next to no impact to the coastal regions.” (T/N: O_O humans are scaaaaaaaaaary)

Kirk sighed, “I sure hope so.” While saying this, he transferred over yet another portion of men to reinforce their guard and prevent any external interference.

Inside the manor.

The gray cat was crouching on a window sill and looking towards the sea. Cillin was sitting on a chair by the window and was reading a book. The gray cat’s tail was placed on his arm.

The gray cat could see what was happening far away at the coastal zone. It might not be able to see beneath the sea, but it could eavesdrop on the communicators of the spaceplanes flying above the sea area. By eavesdropping on these communications, it could more or less get a handle on the general situation. Everything that was spoken over the communicators was perfectly captured by the gray cat, and the gray cat then transferred these information to Cillin through the physical contact between its tail and Cillin’s elbow.

To an outsider, there was nothing untoward about the man and the cat.

“Mm? The fishes are coming! And there are a lot of them!” the gray cat suddenly said.

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