SRH Chapter 135

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Translator’s Notes: Here’s some random bite-sized knowledge for the day. In the original language, ‘station’ and ‘store’ here is literally translated as ‘station point/dot’ and ‘selling point/dot’. The reason the author used ‘Point’ here is because it refers to a dot on the map, which is something you see quite often in public transport like buses and trains, and tourist spots.

Chapter 135: What is the Price Range for the Great Four’s Services?

The roar grabbed every surrounding tourists’ attention. They saw a uniquely designed flying car suspended in the air, and there were a few bodyguard-like characters and an old man who was dressed like a butler surrounding a young boy who was about ten years old. The old man wore a helpless look on his face, but he did not look fed up with the kid. In fact, it looked like he doted on the boy a lot.

Cillin knew that anyone who could own a personal flying car in this place must not be a normal tourist. After all, the management on this planet was stricter than usual. Judging from their appearance, these people should be pretty influential. Even if they were not a part of the Feniers Family, they must be closely related to them.

The one who yelled ‘get out’ just now was that little young master. His attire alone showed that he was definitely a young master from a certain family, not to mention that the disdain and arrogance he wore when he looked at the surrounding people reminded Cillin of Pride.

Right now the little fellow looked to be full of anger. A bodyguard beside him took a step away, but then he the little fellow glared at him and gave him no choice but to withdraw back to his position and pretend that he was a statue.

This was what they called a spoilt boy’s temper, and it appeared that he was being deliberately provocative as well. After all, one moment ago you were telling your bodyguard to get out, and the next you glared him right back into position again. What exactly do you want?

Tang Qiuqiu did not know what the surrounding tourists thought about the situation, but personally she found it unbearable. That being said, she could not find it in herself to care either, so she poked the gray cat with her elbow and pointed at a picture on the camera and said, “Let’s ignore them and keep looking. Wheeze, what do you think about this picture?”

Cillin had helped taken this picture when they were passing over the Rainbow Bridge. Tang Qiuqiu had held the gray cat outside the window where the scattered water droplets refracted brilliant rainbow-colored rays.

The gray cat pressed closer until its entire head was covering the picture. It was obvious that it loved this picture a lot as well.

“You’re blocking my view. Move aside a little!” Tang Qiuqiu scratched the fur above the gray cat’s head while smiling.

Actually, after the little young master had broken into a yell, the surrounding people had subconsciously turned quiet or spoke with each other in a soft voice. Therefore, the fact that Tang Qiuqiu had not lowered her voice at all made her stand out among the crowd. It was also incredibly obvious that Tang Qiuqiu had completely and utterly disregarded everyone else around her while she monologued to the gray cat.

The young master glared at Tang Qiuqiu, but both Tang Qiuqiu and the gray cat were staring at the camera and ignoring his gaze entirely. This infuriated the little young master so much that his face had flushed red. He had never seen someone who dared ignore him like this until today! This was literally unforgivable!


It was just a single word, but it was yelled out with such force that it sounded even more impressive than the ‘get out’ from before. If any proof was needed to prove that the little fellow was a young master of a great family then this was it, lamented everyone in the surrounding inside their hearts. Unfortunately, it did not look like things would go well for the girl. It was obvious that these people were no one to be trifled with. The crowd looked at Tang Qiuqiu with sympathy behind their eyes.

Cillin had been observing the old man from the beginning. Although the bodyguards looked like they were literally acting to the little young master’s gaze, the true person in charge here was that butler-like old man. Still, the good news was that the old man had not expressed any ill will towards them.

When Tang Qiuqiu heard this rather impressive angry roar from the little young master, she raised her head and cast a glance at him. The meaning behind the glance was very obvious: Shut up. Stop distracting us while we’re watching our photos.

Tang Qiuqiu’s obviously disdainful gaze caused the little young master’s face to turn from red to black completely. He was so furious he nearly jumped on his feet.

However, the young boy seemed to recall something and felt his anger subsiding bit by bit. Instead, it was replaced with a strange and ill-intentioned smile.

The old man’s eyebrows jumped a fraction higher. He had a bad feeling about this…

The little young master lifted his chin high and put on his young master pose, taking one step after another until he was in front of Tang Qiuqiu. At the same time, the bodyguards and the old man mirrored the little fellow’s actions and did not take half a step away from him.

Seeing that Tang Qiuqiu and the gray cat continued to treat him like air, the little young master raised an arrogant smile and pointed a finger at her, saying to the old man beside him, “Aren’t we lacking a bodyguard? I want her.”

Tang Qiuqiu turned off her camera and put a honey sweet into her mouth. She jumped down the bench and pulled Cillin’s arm, “Let’s go and watch some more flowers, we’ve rested enough.” She did not want to bother with this crazy little young master.

“Stop right there!”

As the young boy’s voice resounded, the bodyguards blocked in front of Cillin and Tang Qiuqiu’s path. Cillin stopped Tang Qiuqiu from walking forwards and taking a kick at them and looked towards the old man.

The old man gave him an apologetic look before walking forwards and introducing himself without forgetting his manners, “I am Castella, and this is my young master. May I have the honor to invite you two for an afternoon tea?”

Tang Qiuqiu looked at Cillin, knowing that she could not speak carelessly in this situation. The other party was going to use force to get what they wanted.

Cillin looked at the old man and smiled, saying, “I will impose on you then.”

When Castella was introducing himself, he had purposely revealed an emblem on his sleeve. It was the emblem of the Feniers Family.

Since the other party did not make things ugly and even offered them a ladder to climb down stage*, it would only be counterproductive if they turned them down now. Plus, this planet belonged to the Feniers Family. Even if they wanted to quarrel, it was inadvisable to pick on an enemy at their home ground.

*same meaning as a Chinese saying mentioned earlier, to give the other party the opportunity to walk away without losing face

Cillin believed that the old man before them would not lift a hand against them just because of this matter. Therefore, he agreed to Castella’s proposal.

The young boy stared complacently at Tang Qiuqiu before beckoning for the flying car suspended in mid-air to come down.

The flying car was huge and about the same size as a big flower car. However, its interior was a lot more luxurious than a big flower car’s.

Cillin and Tang Qiuqiu went in and took a seat. The gray cat jumped onto Tang Qiuqiu’s lap so she could scratch its itch.

The bodyguards say down at the back and front row of the car. There were only four people who were seated at the middle; Cillin and Tang Qiuqiu sitting directly opposite to the little young master and Castella. Tang Qiuqiu cared nothing for the feelings of the people sitting opposite of her and frowned as she stared at the gray cat on her lap and scratched its chin.

The flying car flew into the air and stopped after a short distance.

A small tea table appeared at the center of the room, and Castella lifted a teapot and poured four cups of tea for them.

Castella took the lead and stated clearly that this incident was a misunderstanding. They had no choice but to bring Cillin and Tang Qiuqiu to the car, because it would create a bad image if they continued to argue down there at the public. Next, Castella started to say that the little young master’s suggestion was a misunderstanding as well. But before he could finish, the little young master forcefully interrupted Castella’s words.

“I already said that I want her to become my bodyguard. Didn’t you say that you want to increase the number of bodyguards yesterday? This is perfect then. I choose her.”

With an odd look on her face, Tang Qiuqiu moved closer to Cillin’s ears and ‘whispered’, “Brother Xiao Shang once said that those who let women protect them are all gigolos who live off women.”

Tang Qiuqiu’s voice wasn’t loud, but obviously both Castella and the little young master could hear her since they were so close to each other. That was her intention; she wanted the little young master to hear what she said.

The old man barely reacted, but the little young master grew furious. With a bang he slapped a palm onto the tea table in front of him and said, “Who do you think you are? I’m the one doing you a favor by offering you the chance to become my bodyguard! How dare you insult me?!”

“Hmph, says the wimpy brat who knows nothing.”

“You’re not even as tall as me, shorty!!”


“Ugly face!”

Both Cillin and the old man watched their kids glaring at each other, banging on the table and sending spittles flying everywhere with their argument. Neither man were perturbed by the situation and said nothing.

Bang! Tang Qiuqiu slammed a fist on the table and gritted her teeth. It was all she could do not to jump right over the table and kick the slob off his feet. In the past she basically did whatever she wanted to, and the cases where a bullet was served just because of a slight remark at Sector V were only all too common. Although she had curbed such behaviors after joining the Sixth B Squadron, this guy really pissed her off.

Tang Qiuqiu turned towards Cillin and asked, “According to the rules, I can accept missions during my free time, right?”

Cillin thought and answered, “Yes.”

“Alright.” Tang Qiuqiu looked at the wimpy brat at the opposite and said, “If the pay is good and it’s within my free time, then I’ll accept this mission and protect you, gigolo!”

The little young master stared disdainfully at Tang Qiuqiu, “How much do you think someone like you is worth? You overestimate yourself! I may as well hire someone from the great four.”

The great four referred to the four great Hunter regiments.

Tang Qiuqiu paused, seemingly hesitating about something.

Cillin took a sip of tea and said, “Go for it. If anything happens I’m right behind you.”

Tang Qiuqiu’s lips curled at Cillin’s words. She took out an item hung around her neck and slapped it on the table, “Sixth B Squadron member Tang Qiuqiu of Vanguard of the four great Hunter regiments says hi. Now, my little gigolo young master, do you know what is the price range for the great four’s services?”

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