SRH Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: What Kind of a Monster is this Kid?

Shawton lifted an eyebrow at Dias, “Fearless?”

On what basis?

He was a B rank genotype Hunter born in the 13 backwater Sectors who was leaving his planet for the first time of his life. He was so young too. On what basis was he so confident? Where did his assurance come from?

However, Shawton believed in Dias. His leadership wasn’t remarkable when compared to the other Lieutenant Commanders, but when it came to an eye for good men, no one could outdo Dias in the entire Sixth B Squadron.

Even the few Lieutenant Commanders who disliked Dias had to admit that he had an outstanding intuition despite his usually unruly appearance. Important talents such as Beaver, Cary, Eudy and so on were all dug out by Dias. From the mundane who were nearly drowned amidst a sea of humanity, to the extraordinaire who were slowly revealing their splendor today, everyone of these men handpicked by Dias were living proof of his intuition.

If it wasn’t for the large scale betrayal incident in a few Hunter regiments a few years back, Dias would not have been forced to investigate Cillin’s identity so deeply.

“He isn’t your average kid. He won’t try to pass off the responsibility.”

“I hope it is as you say.” Shawton sighed. He was under great pressure himself. After all, this was a very important matter for the Sixth Squad.

The other five Lieutenant Commanders had already expressed their dissatisfaction. If the time comes Cillin could not perform well, then he would probably drag Dias through the mud as well. Afterall, Dias did guarantee for Cillin about the matter of making him a main force member and accepting the mission. Otherwise, the Lieutenant Commanders would not have agreed so easily just because Cillin had looked like Aiflon.

On the day of the appointment, Cillin woke up on time like an alarm clock. Shawton didn’t have time to question him too much either, so after he obtaining a ‘I feel okay’ reply from Cillin, he then brought a few men and departed to a planet at Sector R designated by Aiflon with a few men.

Although Sector R was also part of the 13 backwater Sectors, its development was still better compared to Sector X’s. After the spaceship had landed at the port, Shawton had brought only Cillin with him. The others would await orders on the ship.

There were many businessmen who loved to use the 13 backwater Sectors as a raw material processing ground for their product, because it was possible to obtain lots of cheap labor here. While walking down the streets, Cillin once again saw the familiar scenes he had often seen on Planet Brown Earth.

Many different species went back and forth. At a counter inside a shop, a two-headed Dallean was eagerly introducing the shop’s products to the customers. They could communicate with two customers at once, and they were both cute and cheap.

It is commonly known that the species that had an ‘-an’ at the end of their names were human-like primates that had evolved significantly. Of course, some of these species were no weaker than humankind, but because their numbers were small they weren’t seen too often.

Shawton led Cillin into a hotel that was more than a hundred stories tall. After informing the the attendant about the floor of their appointment, the attendant respectfully led the two of them upstairs. No ordinary people could reserve the rooms a hundred floors and above. Moreover, Aiflon had booked five floors at once, so from his wealth alone, one could see that his background was extraordinary.

Aiflon’s men had led the duo to the middle floor of the five floors. Both the floors above and below were stationed with Aiflon’s subordinates. From this, one could see Aiflon’s cautiousness regarding this matter.

Cillin had come here wearing a mask and makeup to disguise himself, and after Aiflon’s and Shawton’s signal, he took off the mask on his face.

Aiflon had observed him closely, then examined him with some equipment. Finally he nodded in satisfaction.

“You can trust us, Mr. Aiflon. We will not lie to a client for profit. The Vanguard’s reputation is well known.” Shawton said while leaning on his chair.

Aiflon’s response was noncommittal, “But his genes are only at B rank.”

“As far as I know, there are quite a few B rank descendants in the Douance Family.” Shawton knew that there were many B ranks; even among the ones requested for by the military among the descendants of some great families. It’s just that they could be slowly improved and evolved into A ranks afterwards. However, not everyone could handle the manpower, material and financial resources required for this process.

Aiflon frowned, “A B rank is too risky. I dislike unnecessary troubles.”

Shawton looked at Cillin and asked for his opinion with his eyes.

Cillin did not get angry. With a smile he politely asked, “Mr. Aiflon. May I ask if the two bodyguards behind you are of A rank genotypes?”


Cillin’s figure moved just as Aiflon finished his words. Even the afterimage he left behind was blurry.


One of the bodyguards behind Aiflon was knocked off his feet. He was smashed right into the special reinforced wall and had sunk inward into a curvature with it. Meanwhile, the other bodyguard had held a gun in his hand and pressed a muzzle to Cillin’s head.

He was definitely an A rank alright. One had to admit that the bodyguard had acted really quickly. If it wasn’t for the fact that Cillin was still useful in this business deal, then he would definitely have opened fire without hesitation.

However, sweat began to drop from the forehead of this gun wielding bodyguard. His shrunken pupils reflected his current emotions right now.

Those people who were ready to charge in after hearing the commotion were all waved out by Aiflon’s butler. The old butler, whose expression would not have changed even if a mountain had collapsed before him, was feeling the shock of his life right now.

While Aiflon was exclaiming that Vanguard was truly full of hidden aces, in truth the Sixth Squad’s Commander Shawton’s heart was beating as wildly as a drum. God knows how much effort Shawton had spent to maintain that calm pretense of his.

Holy shit. What kind of a monster is this kid?!

The round might have seemed like a draw for both sides, but it was in fact otherwise. Aiflon, the old butler and Shawton could see that.

For this bodyguard who was pointing a gun at Cillin, If he could’ve fired his gun at that moment, he would’ve done it and would not have checked if anything had happened to his gun, which was exactly why he had spared his own life. The people who could become Aiflon’s bodyguard must have their own abilities. It was only until after that moment had passed did he realize that there was something wrong with his gun.

There was a black needle stuck between the high-pressure pump and ignition slot. If he had opened fire, then the laser beam would likely have backfired at the bodyguard himself, due to the needle causing a ‘back feed’ reaction from inside the laser gun!

There were very few high-powered, ignition type guns that were as small as this one. It might have looked like a gun that fired metallic bullets, but it was without a doubt a laser gun. But it was also because of this factor that Cillin had been given the opportunity he had.

Shawton rubbed his chin. The guns Aiflon had equipped his bodyguards were new models. It would have been an impossible feat if Cillin didn’t have some level of understanding about them, and if his own physique and reflexes hadn’t reached a certain level.

Two days ago, the tablet Shawton had handed over to Cillin only briefly mentioned about this gun model. When he recalled the flashing monitors inside the room, Shawton had the impulse to press his forehead.

Dias, just where have you found such a freak?

It was true that Cillin had conducted a deeper research through the computer after seeing the gun model that day. It took him only two minutes to collect all the information about the gun, and the ‘sleep’ that happened afterwards was to ‘digest’ all these information. The reason Cillin’s sleep time was longer as of late was because that, when he entered that special state, his focus and comprehension would reach a peak value. He would be able to digest all the information he had collected in the shortest time. It’s just that this state looked no different from sleeping to any outsiders.

Cillin did not pay heed to the bodyguard. He walked back to Shawton’s side and looked at Aiflon; seemingly asking his opinion about his performance.

The smile on Aiflon’s face grew wider, “Very good.”

When the gun wielding bodyguard had withdrawn his gun and stood behind Aiflon once more, the other bodyguard who had been slammed into the wall had ‘pulled’ himself out from it. He stretched his body for a little as it let out many cracking sounds; returning the displaced bones inside his body back to normal. He was an A rank human after all. Although that blow from before was pretty powerful, it did not do too much damage to him. However, the person’s gaze on Cillin was odd. It was as if he was looking at a monster.

“Mr. Aiflon, do you still remember that proposal I made you?” Shawton straightened his face. This Sixth Squad Commander would seize any opportunity that presented itself with his life in order to gain a larger profit for his squad mates.

“Of course.” Aiflon motioned for the butler standing at a side to hand over the documents.

“Seven Lights University?” Cillin was somewhat shocked when he read the document.

Seven Lights University; or its full title Seven Lights University of the Galactic Alliance, was ranked among the best of universities. It was located at Sector B, and not just anyone could attend there.

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