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Chapter 113: I Am Cillin

Dias lay on the sickbed with many tubes and instruments attached to his body. However, his spirit had recovered quite a bit, and after he awakened Asiya had left his side. Right now, Tang Qiuqiu and Cary were the only ones accompanying him.

Tang Qiuqiu pursed her lips and said nothing for a long time. Dias had finally awakened, and both Eudy and Beaver were also out of danger. But Cillin was gone, and what’s even more depressing was that both Cary and Dias refused to tell her where he went to. Tang Qiuqiu might be young, but it didn’t mean that she was ignorant.

Dias sighed once and said, “Qiuqiu, Cillin is just out on a mission. He’ll return in a few days, so don’t worry, okay?”

Tang Qiuqiu continued to keep her head low, “You told me before that a person will look you in the eye if they’re telling the truth. But Cary and the others didn’t look at me when they talk to me.”

At a side, Cary turned his head away to keep Dias and Tang Qiuqiu from seeing the emotions brimming in his eyes. He was in deep regret. While they were busy guarding the patients and drowning themselves in sadness and anger, Cillin had wordlessly picked up that heavy burden.

Still lowering her head, Tang Qiuqiu picked at her fingers and asked in a soft tone, “He won’t be coming back, will he?”

“Cillin is super strong, you know? He took a shot from you and walk away perfectly fine afterwards. Of course he’ll come back.” Dias said with as much certainty as he could muster.

Tang Qiuqiu did not show her face, but her tears dripped one by one on her fingers.

“Come here, Qiuqiu.” Dias raised his remaining arm and wiped the tears off her face, “Be a good girl, and go take a nap. It’ll be okay. Everyone will be here when you wake up.”

He was just finished when Tang Qiuqiu lay still beside Dias’ sickbed. Dias had a mini syringe in his hand. He had taken the opportunity to inject her with anesthetic at her neck while he was wiping her tears.

“Cary, take her to bed, please.”

“Lieutenant, Cillin, he…”

“It’ll be fine. Cillin is much stronger than you all think.”

At the same time, inside the transport, Cillin sat on the only chair of the cockpit and had his eyes closed. He appeared to be asleep.

He did not need to navigate or perform any tasks on the transport himself. Everything had been preset. There was a map coordinate inside the system, but the technician failed to obtain it safely due to the time constraint. Therefore, the Sixth Squad could neither learn where the transport was headed to, nor follow it rashly.

Sector Z was an unexplored zone. Other than the outermost area, there were no long distance cell sites anywhere else in Sector Z, so signal propagation and connection was inconvenient. But this was not necessarily a bad thing for Poison Fang.

Cillin knew that every one of his movements were captured and transmitted to Poison Fang through the security monitors. This was so that Poison Fang could understand better the messenger that’s headed their way. Poison Fang did not fear death, but they were not idiots either. They knew what the sayings ‘know yourself and know your enemy’ and ‘to capsize in a drain’ meant.

When an hour remained on the timeboard, Cillin saw through the display window a reddish planet. The most obvious feature of the planet was the gigantic skull on its surface that could be seen even from space. The crisscrossing dark and light red patterns that delineated the contours of the picture showed that Poison Fang had sunk quite the effort into developing this planet.

Besides that, the planet’s location was rather obscure. Either it was never discovered by outsiders, or those who did discover it were all dead.

Perhaps this was Poison Fang’s true base of operations. To them, Sector V was none other than a hunting ground and a place to absorb recruits. It was no wonder that they showed no restraint whatsoever in Sector V; they cared nothing for any of the planets in Sector V in the first place. As long as this planet in Sector Z remained hidden, then their safety was guaranteed.

It was at the same time Cillin realised that Poison Fang never planned to return the thirty or so prisoners alive at all, and this included Cillin himself inside the transport. Poison Fang did not believe in promises; they believed only in dead bodies. But this was something Cillin had guessed earlier, and it was most likely that Shawton and the others knew about this as well. But Shawton would still have sent the ores as demanded, if there was even a thousandth possibility that they might be returned alive.

Three spaceplanes and more than a dozen or so fighters flew towards his direction. There was probably someone among them who could control the transport ship, because Cillin discovered that its speed had slowed down accordingly.

When a spaceplane had docked with the transport, a few people came through the connected bridge. The leader of the group was a brawny, two meters tall man with his hair braided into a queue. When the man saw Cillin, he chuckled, “To think that the Vanguard Sixth B Squadron would send a reckless brat to be their messenger. Is everyone on the ship dead or something?”

He obviously knew that both sides had exchanged fire not long ago, and that the Sixth Squad had suffered grave losses. There was only one reason he would choose this occasion to say such a thing on purpose, and that was to sound out Cillin’s reactions and guess his personality from them. Cillin was sure that someone on the planet was watching him this very moment.

Cillin stood up and raised his hands to show that he brought no weapons with him. Of course, the transport ship itself had scanners in the first place, so they should’ve known about this a long time ago.

Someone came from behind Big Q* and nodded. By that he meant that they had taken all that needed to be taken, and that no abnormalities were detected on the ship.

Cillin handed over the contract in his hands, but Big Q had thrown it to the floor the second he took it. He even stepped on the contract twice. Cillin frowned and stared at Big Q.

Big Q and the several people around him laughed arrogantly. Then, he raised his hand and pressed a gun barrel to Cillin’s head.

“Alright, kid, your mission’s over. Better say your last words now before it’s too late for regrets.”

Big Q loved to watch the personages of famous Hunter regiments, military or great business families begging for his mercy. Their pitiful appearances and despairing looks were always a feast to enjoy.

But Big Q did not expect Cillin to continue frowning and staring at him before speaking in a calm tone, “I thought you would ask me why the Vanguard Sixth B Squadron would send me over.”

“Mm? Interesting.” Big Q chuckled and tapped Cillin’s head with his gun. Then he pressed it against Cllin’s face and said, “Why, pray tell, have they sent you over then?”

“I am Cillin.”

“I don’t give a damn if you’re called Cillin or chillin**…” Big Q was about to give Cillin a big welcome with his gun when the communicator in his hand suddenly rang.

When he saw the message displayed on the communicator, Big Q narrowed his eyes and removed the gun barrel from Cillin’s face. Then he spoke to the people beside him and said, “Take this brat away. King wants to see him.”

Cillin was led onto a spaceplane. The energy ores that were on the transport had all been taken away, and after the spaceplane had flown a distance away, Big Q pressed a button in his hands.


The transport ship exploded into floating scraps in space. If there were any signal devices or people who were hidden on the ship and had not been discovered by Poison Fang, they would all be cosmic dust now.

*Here the author chose to nickname the guy with a queue, and I shortened ‘queue’ into ‘Q’.

**in the original there is a wordplay on the word ‘Ci’ or ‘Xi’, meaning West. Literally, the dialogue would’ve been translated to ‘West-lin or East-lin’, but here I used another wordplay to fit the English language.

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Hey there, I’m Cillin. Nice to meetcha.

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