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Chapter 107: Change of Plans

‘Poison Fang’ was a very unusual group. There were Hunters, killers, traitors and even veterans among them. But these people – hailing from complicated backgrounds of their own – shared a common trait, and that was madness. A madness to completely disregard of one’s life, be it their own or someone else’s.

Poison Fang’s symbol was a bloody skull, and there were two sharp teeth on the skull’s head that gave it the appearance of a devil. Every Poison Fang member would have a bloody skull symbol on their person, and this symbol was made with a certain bone inside their own bodies.

Poison Fang originated from Sector V and was a literal compilation of every kind of lunatic. Carrying with them Sector V’s cruelty and bloodthirst, Poison Fang would do anything to achieve their goals. In their eyes, the army or the four great Hunter regiments were equal in the fact they were all targets to kill.

If their madness was blind, it would not have been a problem. But what’s troubling was that they weren’t stupid. There was no lack of geniuses among Poison Fang, and even if they were extremely twisted characters, one could not deny that their brains were the real deal. Weapons of mass destruction, highly radioactive nuclear reactions and so on were their bread and butter, and they had all the space in Sector V to test out their new weapons. It was also why half of their numbers were inflicted with radiation sickness.

“Not long ago, Poison Fang tested out a new nuclear weapon and literally polluted a planet until it deteriorated from planetary habitability rank B to rank C. The people who barely survived the disaster were all tortured and executed as well. In response, the GAL army sent their troops to hunt down Poison Fang at Sector V, but what’s strange is that Poison Fang did not fight them head on this time. Instead, they gathered their men, hijacked some warships and fighters before leaving Sector V for Sector Z. Some people said that they were forced to leave, But I believe that things aren’t that simple.” Barthes said.

“Mm. I’ll keep an eye on this.” Shawton could not be careless if Poison Fang was involved.

“You are here at Sector Z to complete your mission. But if you ran into them, then escape as far away as possible. This may sound be a bit demoralising, but if you wish to avoid unnecessary casualties, then don’t fight them head on. We are not the army, and we do not have so many strict rules. Deal with this flexibly. Do not be like Heaven’s Birth.”

Just like Vanguard, Heaven’s Birth was one of the four great Hunter regiments. A few years ago, a Heaven’s Birth B Squadron attracted Poison Fang’s attention while they were headed to Sector V and fought them head on. While their losses weren’t big, they definitely weren’t small either. After all, anyone who could make it as a central fighting unit within the B Squadron of the four great Hunter regiments were naturally elites. It was a loss to lose anyone of them. At the time, while both sides were battling against each other, Poison Fang had thrown five seismic bombs in succession at the location where the majority of the fighter aircrafts were gathered. Out of the thirty or so fighters that were blasted into smithereens, nine belonged to Heaven’s Birth, and twenty or so belonged to Poison Fang. This was how crazy they were.

Naturally, Shawton knew about that incident. If the Sixth Squad ran into ‘Poison Fang’ now…

Shawton’s head hurt at the thought.

“My suggestion will be for you to begin your return journey right now and leave Sector Z. After all, you’ve discovered several unusual energy ores in this place, and this is already enough reason for Poison Fang to go wild at you. The news hasn’t leaked out yet, but it’s still better to be safe than sorry. If you ran into Poison Fang now with your current strength, you may suffer huge losses.” Barthes’ expression was heavy.

After a moment’s thought, Shawton said, “I need to discuss this with my lieutenant commanders before coming to a decision.”

After exiting the spaceplane, Cillin returned to the starship along with Enji. Enji led Cillin to his own workshop, and he found that there were several parasites stored in the room. However, they were all dead specimens.

“They may be dead, and they left no eggs behind, but their genetic material is still intact.” Enji pointed at one of the parasites which he discovered during a cleaning of the starship, “Their genetic material is different from a human’s DNA, and are not of the purines and pyrimidines humans or some other common lifeforms have. Their genetic makeup is something else.”

Cillin accepted the document Enji handed to him. This was Enji’s research findings that he made while he was free, however it was only some basic researches and not in-depth. After all, Enji wasn’t a specialist in this area.

While speaking, Cillin’s communicator rang. It was Cary again.

“Cillin, where the hell are you lazing about?! Get over here already!”

“What is it?”

“Get over here and help us move these energy ores. The haulage robots went haywire the second they touched them, so we have no choice but to move them ourselves. The commander told us to be quick since there’s going to be a different arrangement later.”

“Okay, got it. I’m coming right away.”

Cillin broke off the connection and apologised to Enji, informing that he needed to go to move some ores.

Enji waved his hands and said, “It’s about time the team begin the latter part of the operation. Go busy yourself with your work, I’ll be checking the starship in a minute.”

When Cillin returned to the mining spot on the starship, he saw that Cary was carrying some ores. The red-and-black energy ores caused his entire person to be cast in dark colors.

After he carried the energy ores into the transport spaceplane, Cary wiped his sweat and said, “This thing is heavier than it looks. Hey Cillin, I heard that our plans are about to change.”

“Hmm?” Cillin gave him a questioning look.

Cary looked at his surroundings and whispered secretively, “I heard this from the lieutenant, although the reason is unknown. They were all summoned for a meeting just now, and it’s probably to figure out this matter.”

Seeing no response from Cillin, Cary poked Cillin with his elbow, “Aren’t you curious? With the commander’s personality, there’s no way he would give up on his original plans easily!”

“Yeah, continue.” Cillin rolled up his sleeves and walked up to an energy ore, lifting it up and carrying it to the transport spaceplane.

Cary also carried a block of his own, although his attention was obviously somewhere else, “That’s to say that there must be some special reason behind it. Why don’t you guess what it is?”

“How would I know? We’ll know when they finish their meeting.There’s no point for you to feel anxious about it now.”

Cary was going to reply something when Tang Qiuqiu hopped out of an spaceplane and came over.

“Brother Cillin, brother Cary, let me show you something!”

Tang Qiuqiu ran over cheerfully, and there seemed to be something pocketed inside her clothes.

The gray cat’s nose moved, “Tasty!”

Tang Qiuqiu carefully unwrapped her jacket to reveal an egg about the size of two fists. There were many white circular patterns on the egg, and it looked very beautiful.

“Yo, not bad. I guess that’s an extra meal for dinner tonight!” Cary smiled.

“I want to eat too!” The gray cat gathered over.

“No way. I found this not far away from where Uncle Lu Suo and the others were mining. See, doesn’t it look like cream candy?”

Tang Qiuqiu was bored and had nothing to do, so she went to all of the mining spots to have a look. While she was idling and digging the ice with her tools for fun and warmth not far away from the mining spot of the land of ice, she found the egg. Normally speaking, Tang Qiuqiu had no special interest towards eggs, but this one in particular looked a lot like the creamy lollipop she loved to eat. The circular white patterns looked just like the rings of cream painted on the surface of a lollipop, so Tang Qiuqiu fell in love with it on first sight. Of course, if the egg had looked average, then it would probably stew in the frying pan.

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