Star Rank Hunter Looking For Translator…s?

You thought that the last post is the last post, but no, it is I, DIO!

… Wait wrong place to meme. Anyway, the title says it all. For the longest time I’ve been obstinate thinking that I can deal with the workload and be consistent even during the holidays, but if there’s one thing that convinced me that I need backup it’ll be my grandma being sent to the hospital during Chinese New Year AND my grandpa driving his car into a pool of mud. Oh, and procrastination. Therefore, Star Rank Hunter is now officially looking for ONE backup translator (for now, we’ll see) who can translate Mandarin to English. Added advantage if you’re familiar with sci-fi terms, obviously. Expect to pass a test of sorts to prove your competency.

However, please also be noted that as of now translating Star Rank Hunter will NOT feed your family or even yourself, unless you live in Indonesia or something. There are better translated novels out there to join if you goal is to earn money.

P.S. Please be noted that my ‘glossary’ may as well be non-existent though. Unlike the ones I update for SOTR, SR and ATG, of course the glossary of the novel I’m solely responsible over is sloppy at worst.

P.P.S There’s a high likelihood no one will give two f*cks and I’ll regret to death making this post after receiving no replies 2 weeks later. I wonder how that’ll impact the releases, hmm.

P.P.P.S Silly me I forgot to attach an email here. Please send your requests to [email protected], thank you!