Star Rank Hunter Chapter 207 [Part 1]

Translator’s Notes: First, thank you B.B. and K.Z. for sponsoring the NEXT chapter!

Here’s a thing about Malaysia: it’s hot, humid, and is filled with mosquitoes. Adding that to a neighbor who forsook his house for tens of years and left its yard completely overgrown with weed, you can imagine how I have to suffer through the days. It was especially bad recently because it’s been extra hot and extra humid. Hence, if I posted at an unusual time like today, that’s because I was so distraught I could hardly relax. But no worries, I’ve decided to splash an extra hundred bucks on electrical fee and turn on the air conditioner. The cold would keep any mosquitoes away.

I fucking hate mosquitoes.

Chapter 207: Searching for A Temporary Base, A Strange Planet [Part 1]