Star Rank Hunter Chapter 193

Translator’s Notes:
Alright, time to get serious for a few minutes.

First, I’d like to announce that Star Rank Hunter will REVERT back to its original 3 chapters/week schedule. Two, the Patreon page will be also be closed (will change to patron-only by latest tomorrow. I’d still remind everyone and send you a message to remove your pledge, just in case it doesn’t work) so as to save my wonderful patrons from unnecessary money.

The reason is fairly simple. I’ve returned to the university, and I’ve also agreed to help with etvolare a.k.a bossu’s SOTR daily. This means I’m working on Spirit Realm/Monarch of Evernight,
Sovereign of the Three Realms and Star Rank Hunter at the same time. I’ve also recently received a job from my professor which is supposed to demand my attention for the span of October and November, unless there is a change to schedule. I was even working on a secret project for the past 3 months until the job was complete. In short, I’m swamped. I’ve tried to keep things up as much as I could, but in reality the pressure is killing me since as a freelancer there’s no such thing as Saturdays or Sundays, just less-work days.

But I don’t want to give up on SRH either. I’ve already had to put Single Player Only on an indefinite hiatus due to how busy I am currently, and sending another one of my beginning novels to sleep feels wrong. So, I’m reverting back to the former 3 chapters schedule. This will make my time a lot more manageable, and not cause me a 3 day ~ 1 week headache if I’m sick. I can handle fever, but headaches runs cruelly painful within the family.

The last of the Patreon money will go into the sponsor queue as usual. If it hits $40, we will release an extra chapter. Advise: maybe you shouldn’t. Please save my health from myself! XD

Thank you for your support, and hopefully your understanding. Now that the depressing stuff is over (and I REALLY need to grab that brunch before my sister yells so), let us return to how Cillin backstabbed Scarlet Wind ‘because the bad guys are gonna get to him anyway’…

Chapter 193: Taken Away

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