SS Chapter 148

Hi guys, I had to make a few changes as I went on into the future of Sword Spirit. It simply didn’t make sense to keep using 元力 as soul force as in the future there are terms that seem to be soul related. I have tried going through to correct the places where I made those previous translations. A list of corrections after the link since not everyone is going to care. My recommendation to future translators is that if you decide you’ve translated something not so well, it’s better to make all the corrections earlier rather than later. Especially if you can’t just ctrl+F and replace all.

Here’s Chapter 148, enjoy!

Translated by: Beehugger

Edited by: Khuja



Soul force -> Yuan force

Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic -> Tai Yi Yuan Return Tactic

Guiyuan realm -> Yuan Returning realm (I’m so stupid. That the characters for guiyuan were the same in the Tai Yi one >.<)

Soul spirit force -> Yuan spirit force