SFS Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 – No longer pursuing responsibilities

Wei Chenyue turned his head back, then looked at Zhao Changming before continuing, “However, Ye Tianming went against orders. He cut off communications and stayed behind with another team member. All of this was for three brothers that couldn’t retreat in time, and they didn’t know the status of. Everyone thought that they would perish, but a miracle happened in Ye Tianming. Ye Tianming is a person that can create miracles. There was only five of them, these five people eradicated the American Green Berets and the Japanese Eagle special forces. They even destroyed one of Vietnam’s regiments that was garrisoned at a secret military base. It was because of Ye Tianming defying orders that he got “exiled” here. Yet, his combat techniques and battle experience were very appreciated by the ones up there, so they are prepared to train him as the successor for Blue Sword.”

Wei Cheyue turned around and returned to Zhao Changming’s bedside and glared at him, “This is the person you think is a rascal soldier and a delinquent. Can you deal with him? Even if the Yang family wants to help Yang Chentian let out his anger, they have to consider whether or not Ye Tianming would take revenge against their family ignoring any consequences. Ye Tianming’s daring and craziness has been completely shown on the battlefield. Furthermore, he’s someone that would never take a disadvantage. He is already very dissatisfied with your action of focusing on him. If you don’t give up the attack on him, then you will have to bear the consequence of Ye Tianming’s crazed vengeance.”

Zhao Changming was shocked. He has heard some rumors about Ye Tianming, but he didn’t believe it since only what you see with your eyes is the truth. However, now that Wei Chenyue said it in person, it caused Zhao Changming to truly consider the truth in the rumors. Yet, he still didn’t quite believe it, as he asked, “Old Wei, where did you get this information?”

Wei Chenyue smiled, “Do you remember me representing the military region to go visit and study? That time, I had the fortune of seeing Ye Tianming’s performance on the stage of the world. Normally, it would have been impossible for me to see it with my grade, but the one up there at the time was there was well, and everything happened very suddenly. Since we were in the satellite transmission room, everyone saw it. At the time, the representative of the troops that Ye Tianming originally served – the Shenyang field army, was right beside me. He asked me if I had the possibility of winning if I brought my troops against Ye Tianming. I really wanted to punch him in the face when I saw his smug look, but I couldn’t help but admit that Ye Tianming’s ability as a single soldier can only be described as unparalleled in the world. If I met him on the battlefield, and don’t want to die, I can only hide as far away as possible.”

A wave of helplessness surged up within Zhao Changming’s heart after hearing Wei Chenyue’s words. At the same time, he understood a lot. If he did anything targeting Ye Tianming and forced Ye Tianming into the corner, Ye Tianming will definitely take revenge with his personality. This was not something that he (Zhao Changming) could withstand.

“Old Wei, thank you for coming to see me. I will not pursue on this anymore,” Zhao Changming’s voice sounded extremely weak and aged, as if he aged a lot in an instant.

Meanwhile, Wei Chenyue said happily, “Old Zhao, it’s good that you can think it through.” Then he stood up, “Have a good rest, I’ll be going back.”

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