SFS Chapter 88

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Chapter 88 – Rascal Soldier

Wei Chenyue smiled, “Don’t worry, I’m just to see Director Zhao from the political division. How is here?”

“Director Zhao is fine, he just fractured his right arm, but it was treated by our captain. He’ll be fine after resting for some time.”

“That’s good, where is your Captain Luo?”

“Our captain went to the first company’s headquarters. Two female soldiers came just now, they said that they were participating in the training for special forces soldiers, causing their feet to get covered in blisters. They said that all of the soldiers in the training are like that. Since Captain Luo was worried that the people would get infections, she brought some people to go and treat it.”

Another medic added angrily, “They had injuries that looked terrifying on their shoulders as well. God knows why their captain is so inhumane.”

Wei Chenyue could only laugh wryly, “Alright! Take me to see Director Zhao.”

Hearing that, the two medics brought Wei Chentian to Zhao Changming’s ward. The moment they pushed open the door, they actually saw Yang Chentian there. Wei Chenyue frowned, but didn’t say anything.

Seeing that Wei Chenyue had arrived, he quickly looked towards Yang Chentian and gave him a cue. Yang Chentian stood up and saluted, “Chief! I heard that something happened to Director Zhao, so I came over to have a look.”

Wei Chentian nodded, “Go out first, I have some things I need to say to Director Zhao.” Hearing that, Yang Chentian turned his head to look back at Zhao Changming, before walking out and closing the door lightly on the way.

Zhao Changming chuckled, “Old Wei, sit. If you have anything to say, then say it.”

Wei Chenyue sat onto the chair beside the bed, then said after a brief thought. “Old Wei, what are you going to do about the incident between you and Ye Tianming?”

Zhao Chengming’s expression immediately sullened, “Old Wei, if you came to plead for him, then just leave it. For a rascal soldier like Ye Tianming, he is the tumor of our military region, I have to clean him out of the troops”

Wei Chentian frowned, then sighed, “Old Zhao, you have always wanted to get with the huge tree that is the Yang family. I don’t object to this. However, have you thought it through? If you make a big deal out of it, then you’re still going to be the one that’s being screwed over in the end.”

Saying that, he patted Zhao Changming’s shoulders, stood up, walked to the window and continued, “Old Zhao, do you really think you can push Ye Tianming into a deadlock? Have you thought about it? Yang Chentian was beaten up so badly by Ye Tianming, yet, his shrew of a mother did not come and cause trouble at the military region, doesn’t this prove something? You should have heard of Ye Tianming’s personality, and had a taste of it first had, he’s someone that’s not afraid of anything, he is beyond daring and can do anything. If you really push him into the corner, and he does something to you before leaving, no matter how far the Yang family’s hand can reach and want to help you get even, it can’t reach there. Do you dare to go to Blue Sword to ask for him?”

Zhao Changming fell into deep thought, he also knew that there was no benefits for him if he continued with this. However, he still held a sliver of hope that after making a big deal with this situation, the Yang family could do something, and he could use the chance to get with the yang family. Yet, after hearing Wei Chenyue’s words, he wavered a little.

Wei Chenyue could see his hesitation, and thus, he continued, ‘Old Zhao, I understand Ye Tianming much more than you. I’ll tell you something today. Ye Tianming has been on the battlefield, and he’s currently the captain of Blue Sword Special Forces. He went on a mission half a year ago and was ambushed by the Americans and Japanese, causing them to get surrounded completely. Back then, Zhao Weidong led the troops out of the encirclement and retreated.”

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