SFS Chapter 85

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Chapter 85 – War Condition

When the two people arrived at Chen Zhonghua’s office, they saw that all of the members of the military committee were there. Chen Zhonghua sat on his seat with a sullen expression. When the committee member that had an issue with Ye Tianming, he slammed down on the table with an expression of rage, then threw a letter of accusation onto the floor, “Ye Tianming, you actually dared to say that your comrades and brothers are trash.”

Ye Tianming picked up the letter of accusation and looked at it, he smiled evilly as he raised the corner of his mouth and said, “Yeah! They are trash. In my eyes, useless people are trash, that also includes you.”

“What did you say? Say that again,” That committee member was so angry that his entire body shuddered.

Ye Tianming chuckled, “I said that you’re also trash.”

“You… You actually dare to insult your superior, do you believe that I won’t shoot you,” With that, he took out his gun and pointed it at Ye Tianming’s head.

Chen Zhonghua, Long Zhengliang and the other committee members frowned upon hearing that. At the same time, a bloody light flashed across Ye Tianming’s eyes, causing him to lose control of his emotions. As he faced the barrel, gunshots rang out in Ye Tianming’s ears, comrades covered in blood flashed across his eyes. The person in front of him was not his superior, but his enemy, it was an enemy pointing a gun at him. All of a sudden, the people in the office smelled a dangerous scent spread out from Ye Tianming, all of their faces paled and their pupils contracted.

They had ignored one thing, which was that not even half a year after Ye Tianming returned from the battlefield, he had started training himself in an abusive manner at Blue Swords. It was only when he arrived here that his emotions returned a bit more to normal, but the time was too short since that incident. In other words, deep within Ye Tianming’s heart, he was still in that war. Once someone points a gun at him, that person was an enemy. This was extremely dangerous to do.

Chen Zhonghua knew that it was going to be bad the moment the committee member pulled out his gun, but it was too late to stop him. Ye Tianming’s body moved at an unbelievable speed, and suddenly appeared in front of that committee member.

Before the committee member was able to react and figure out what’s going on, his arm had already been twisted towards his back with a crack, and the gun in his hand was already in Ye Tianming’s hand.

Ye Tiaming pointed the gun at the committee member’s head, while his finger slowly pulled on the trigger. Chen Zhonghua immediately roared, “Ye Tianming, stop it. Are you trying to rebel!!?”

Hearing Chen Zhonghua’s shout, he trembled as the red light in his eyes slowly faded away. However, he did not move the gun away, “Did you know, from the moment you pointed the gun at me, you were already my enemy.”

“Ye Tianming, you’re still not putting the gun down,” Chen Zhonghua roared.

Ye Tianming slowly moved the gun away, then his hands became a blur. Within a few seconds, the gun was completely taken apart by Ye Tianming.

Only at that moment did everyone in the office let out a sigh of relief. This wasn’t a small issue. The committee member had pointed his gun at his subordinate, and Ye Tianming even dared to take the gun, and nearly killed the committee member. If they were to deal with this seriously, then it wouldn’t be good for either of them.

Only then did the committee member let out a terrible scream, as cold sweat flowed down his face while he looked at his twisted arm.

Cheng Zhonghua’s expression was terrible as he called out, “Security.”

“Here!” An NCO pushed open the door and walked in.

“Hurry, take the political division’s Director Zhao to the medics.”

“Yes, sir!” That NCO carefully supported Director Zhao and walked out. When he turned around, he snuck a peak at Ye Tianming with a gaze full of admiration.

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