Sovereign of the Three Realms

Written by Plow Days (犁天)

Synopsis: Jiang Chen, son of the Heavenly Emperor, unexpectedly reincarnated into the body of a despised young noble, thus embarking on the path of the underdog trouncing all comers. No one has the right to call himself a genius in front of Jiang Chen, as no one has a better understanding of the heavens than the son of the Heavenly Emperor. Genius? He who adheres to me shall ascend, those who oppose me can find solace in hell!

Custom TL synopsis: Sentenced to death because of farting in the first chapter. ’nuff said.

Translated by etvolare, edited by Deyna and Crimsonguard.

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TL note: The following are translator defined arcs for easier locating.

Please be warned that chapter titles contain spoilers!

Chapters 1-89: Jiang Chen Awakens: A Shadowy Rise

Chapter 1: Son of the Celestial Emperor – Reincarnation and Rebirth
Chapter 2: Supportive Father, Loyal Friends
Chapter 3: Can’t Take a Hint, Thrash Them Brutally
Chapter 4: Go Thrash Yourself
Chapter 5: If I Can’t Cure You, then I’ll Go Down with You
Chapter 6: Steward Jiang Zheng’s Worries
Chapter 7: Jiang Zheng’s Stage, Pride and Elation
Chapter 8: Shocking the Hall of Healing
Chapter 9: We’re Seriously Rich
Chapter 10: Breakthrough, Four Meridians True Qi
Chapter 11: Medicine Buying Craze
Chapter 12: Genius Beauty? Jiang Chen Doesn’t Care
Chapter 13: I, Jiang Chen, Carry Even More of a Grudge Than You Do
Chapter 14: Denying Face Twice
Chapter 15: Three Foundational Exams
Chapter 16: Entering the Palace, Diagnosis
Chapter 17: Princess? I’ll Still Lecture You Without Fail 
Chapter 18: Princess Gouyu’s Internal Dilemma
Chapter 19: Jiang Family’s Concealed Danger
Chapter 20: Banquet is a Pit? I’m Not Afraid!
Chapter 21: The Pride of the Long Family
Chapter 22: You Think You’re Awesome? Destroyed with One Poke
Chapter 23: Princess Gouyu’s Recommendation
Chapter 24: Jiang Chen Shocks All Those Present
Chapter 25: Legendary Realm of Training
Chapter 26: Jiang Feng Erupts
Chapter 27: Scolding the Elite
Chapter 28: Turmoil in the Capital
Chapter 29: Changes in Everyone’s Attitudes
Chapter 30: Having Fun with Yan Yiming, Again
Chapter 31: Start of the Foundational Exams
Chapter 32: Impressive Performance, Setting New Records
Chapter 33: End of Exams, Brothers Lay Their Hearts Open 
Chapter 34: Secret of the Nine Laughing Oceans
Chapter 35: You Won’t Die if You Don’t Seek Death
Chapter 36: Complaining to His Majesty
Chapter 37: Drastic Change in the Situation, Conquering the Examiner
Chapter 38: The Truth Comes Out, Heads Roll
Chapter 39: Giving Gouyu Pointers, Returning Her Favor
Chapter 40: Father Attacked, Controversy Renewed
Chapter 41: Talk of the Town
Chapter 42: Jiang Chen Has the Desire to Kill and Points to Pill King Garden
Chapter 43: Three Types of Pill Medicine
Chapter 44: Loot from House Raids, Take Your Pick 
Chapter 45: Saber Aura Rising to the Sky
Chapter 46: A Gloating Pill King Garden
Chapter 47: Unexpected Repeat Occurrence
Chapter 48: Upgraded Face Slapping
Chapter 49: Complete Knock Down
Chapter 50: Qiao Baishi Acknowledges a Master
Chapter 51: Layered-Feather Throwing Daggers
Chapter 52: Fatty Xuan Seeks Help
Chapter 53: Fatty’s Counterattack
Chapter 54: Unique Throwing Dagger Skills
Chapter 55: The Hidden Dragon Trials
Chapter 56: Face Slapping Interlude
Chapter 57: Sights Set For Duke of the First Rank
Chapter 58: Competition at Star Argus Palace
Chapter 59: Following the Clues
Chapter 60: The Splendor of Spring and Killing Intent 
Chapter 61: Encountering an Attack
Chapter 62: Sharply Counterattacking the Long Family
Chapter 63: An Eye for an Eye 
Chapter 64: The Second Mission
Chapter 65: First Candidate for the Personal Guard
Chapter 66: Return to Jiang Han Territory
Chapter 67: Provoking the Young Duke
Chapter 68: Increasing Your Knowledge
Chapter 69: Changes in Attitudes
Chapter 70: Vying with Each Other to Sign Up
Chapter 71: Aweing the Tribes 
Chapter 72: A Grand Gift for the Personal Guard
Chapter 73: Legacy of Formation
Chapter 74: Odd Happenings at the Spirit Medicine Garden 
Chapter 75: You Defy Me?
Chapter 76: Make Them Suffer Thoroughly
Chapter 77: Limelight Surpassing the Four Great Dukes
Chapter 78: The Third Mission
Chapter 79: Trials in the Boundless Catacombs
Chapter 80: A Successive String of Bizarre Occurrences
Chapter 81: The Law of the Jungle in the Catacombs
Chapter 82: Falling Prey to a Plot
Chapter 83: A Fight to the Life and Death in the Catacombs
Chapter 84: Cornered into Desperate Circumstances?
Chapter 85: Plunging into the Forbidden Zone without Hesitation
Chapter 86: Forbidden Zone, Spirit Level Beast 
Chapter 87: An Unexpected Transaction
Chapter 88: Swallowing the Killer Xue Sha
Chapter 89: Fatty Xuan’s Bizarre Encounter


Chapters 90-130: Strife in the Eastern Kingdom

Chapter 90: Surrounding the Jiang Han Manor
Chapter 91: Jiang Chen, Descent of the Divine Weapon
Chapter 92: Killing and Displaying a Show of Force
Chapter 93: The Duke of Soaring Dragon in a Messy Disarray
Chapter 94: The Responding Strategy
Chapter 95: Rare Jade Fruit
Chapter 96: Eastern Lu, Here’s Your Dukedom Back
Chapter 97: The Perilous Circumstances of the Eastern Clan
Chapter 98: Jiang Chen Makes His Move
Chapter 99: Changes in the Hall of Healing
Chapter 100: Long Zhaofeng, I’ve Waited a Long Time for You
Chapter 101: Tremble, Long Family
Chapter 102: A Crushing Trample
Chapter 103: Long Family’s Desperate Flounders
Chapter 104: Annihilating Long Zhaofeng, Arrival of the Sect
Chapter 105: Without Equal in the World
Chapter 106: A Mighty Slash
Chapter 107: Harming a Spirit Dao Practitioner
Chapter 108: Swordbirds Setting Up a Formation
Chapter 109: Killing One of the Spirit Realm
Chapter 110: A Frightened Yu Jie
Chapter 111: Senior Brother Xing Han
Chapter 112: Jiang Chen is Under My Protection
Chapter 113: Master Shuiyue
Chapter 114: Self Satisfied Senior Executives of the Hall of Healing
Chapter 115: The Danger Behind Self Satisfaction
Chapter 116: The Mysterious Grandfather and Granddaughter Duo
Chapter 117: Jiang Chen Comprehending Dao
Chapter 118: Jiang Chen Emerges from Training
Chapter 119: Terms of Negotiation
Chapter 120: The Unexpected News from Strong Oppression
Chapter 121: I’m Telling You That You’re a Frog at the Bottom of a Well
Chapter 122: Princess Gouyu’s Complex Emotions
Chapter 123: Will You Take Ruo’er as Your Wife in the Future?
Chapter 124: I Make the Decisions in My Territory
Chapter 125: The Mysterious Visitor
Chapter 126: Gold Buried in the Sand
Chapter 127: Toying with the Darkmoon Kingdom Army
Chapter 128: Killing the First General
Chapter 129: Gouyu’s Astounding Decision
Chapter 130: A Generous Jiang Chen


Chapters 131-183: Establishment in Skylaurel Kingdom

Chapter 131: Rampant Disciples of the Azure Heaven Northern Palace
Chapter 132: It’s So Hard to Keep a Low Profile
Chapter 133: Battling a Half Step Spirit Dao Realm
Chapter 134: A Disadvantaged Half Step Spirit Dao Practitioner
Chapter 135: Facing Off Against Four Practitioners Half a Step into the Spirit Dao Realm Alone
Chapter 136: Bunch of Dumb Birds, Have Fun
Chapter 137: Senior Brother Liu Almost Smacked to Death
Chapter 138: Time for Jiang Chen to Put on a Front
Chapter 139: An Old Man Who Plays Dumb, Acts Cute, and Has No Principles
Chapter 140: The Difficult Problem of Settling Within the Capital
Chapter 141: The Wishing Tower
Chapter 142: The Wish Scroll
Chapter 143: To Slap or To Be Slapped?
Chapter 144: A Crude and Simple Way of Face Slapping
Chapter 145: Hitting Someone in Addition to Slapping Face
Chapter 146: Not Just Beating Someone, But Also Killing Someone
Chapter 147: The Matter Grew Big
Chapter 148: Undercurrents Billow and Surge
Chapter 149: Ordering Around Two Heavyweights
Chapter 150: Vice Head Shi is Quite Enraged
Chapter 151: Lu Wuji has Caused Great Trouble
Chapter 152: The Dragonteeth Guard Trembles!
Chapter 153: All of this has to do with Jiang Chen?
Chapter 154: The General Director’s Choice
Chapter 155: Lu Wuji is On His Knees
Chapter 156: Vice Director Yang Wanted to Cry but Had No Tears Left
Chapter 157: Blackmailing Vice Director Yang
Chapter 158: The Nine Magnificence Dew Wine that One Goes Crazy For
Chapter 159: Some Houses Rejoice, Some Houses are Sorrowful
Chapter 160: You’re Right, I am Indeed Quite Proud
Chapter 161: Old Man Fei Begging to be a Medicine Servant
Chapter 162: The Renewal Purity Pill
Chapter 163: The Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill
Chapter 164: Old Man Fei’s Grievous and Sad History
Chapter 165: Realizing the Philosophy Behind Entering the Spirit Realm
Chapter 166: The Birthday Banquet of the Spirit King Protector of the Kingdom
Chapter 167: Meeting on a Narrow Path, Eyes Ablaze with Hatred
Chapter 168: Lordmaster Ye with the Invincible Aura
Chapter 169: The First Prince who’d Invested A Lot
Chapter 170: The Gift Mocked By All
Chapter 171: Results that Cause Dan Fei’s Jaw to Drop in Shock
Chapter 172: The Ranking that Caused Everyone’s Mouth to be Agape with Shock
Chapter 173: The Furor Brought by the Gift in First Place
Chapter 174: The Honored Tutor’s Difficult Problem and Promise
Chapter 175: Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon
Chapter 176: The Cocky and Bullying Genius Sect Disciple
Chapter 177: Jiang Chen Makes His Move
Chapter 178: The Most Straightforward Way to Resolve Things
Chapter 179: The Lord Master’s Shock and Handsome Gift
Chapter 180: Take a Master? I’m Really Not Interested
Chapter 181: Dan Fei with Her Emotions in Disarray
Chapter 182: Miss Dan Fei Actually Rifled Through the Trash
Chapter 183: The Future of Younger Cousin Jiang Yu


Chapters 184-219: Maze Realm Autumn Hunt

Chapter 184: Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill, Finally Entering the Spirit Realm
Chapter 185: First Prince Ye Dai Seeks an Audience?
Chapter 186: Spots in the Maze Realm Autumn Hunt
Chapter 187: The Weird Sect Disciple
Chapter 188: Dan Fei’s Invitation
Chapter 189: Dan Fei and Her Greatly Shifting Personalities
Chapter 190: Tang Long Runs into Enormous Trouble
Chapter 191: Must You Really Throw Your Weight Around?
Chapter 192: Tang Long Becomes a New Person
Chapter 193: Dan Fei’s Sincerity
Chapter 194: The Maze Realm Autumn Hunt Begins
Chapter 195: A Bizarre Combination Running into Bizarre Matters
Chapter 196: Let’s Talk About the Split in Profits Before We Cooperate
Chapter 197: Dan Fei Goes Crazy Too
Chapter 198: Thank Goodness for Jiang Chen
Chapter 199: Victory from the Jaws of Extreme Danger
Chapter 200: Jiang Chen, Can You Help Me?
Chapter 201: Dan Fei’s Punishment
Chapter 202: A Ye Dai Prepared to Kill His Own Brothers
Chapter 203: The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, Unaware of the Oriole Behind
Chapter 204: First Prince, We Meet Again
Chapter 205: First Level Spirit Realm? One Shot, One Second, One Kill
Chapter 206: After Joy Comes Sadness for Ye Dai
Chapter 207: The Tide of Rats Is Coming!
Chapter 208: Thoroughly Surrounded by the Rat Tide
Chapter 209: Jiang Chen as Beautifully Eloquent as a Lotus
Chapter 210: The Goldbiter Rat King Compromises 
Chapter 211: Ye Qiao is the Mastermind Behind the Scenes
Chapter 212: Second Prince, Enjoy Your Last Moments
Chapter 213: Jiang Chen Has More Plans
Chapter 214: The Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice
Chapter 215: Circling Around Behind It, Stealing the Spirit Essence
Chapter 216: Returning with Rich Rewards 
Chapter 217: Pressure from the Elder of the Precious Tree Sect
Chapter 218: Jiang Feng’s Martial Dao Goals
Chapter 219: Qiao Baishi and His Confict with His Future Mother-In-Law


Chapters 220-275: Winds of Political Change in the Skylaurel Kingdom

Chapter 220: Danger with No Forewarning
Chapter 221: The True Culprit
Chapter 222: The Goldbiter Rat King’s Accomplishment
Chapter 223: Plan of Counterattack
Chapter 224: Lu Wuji in Fine Fettle
Chapter 225: Xue Tong Goes Missing!
Chapter 226: Death Struggles
Chapter 227: Executing Lu Wuji
Chapter 228: The Situation Oscillates
Chapter 229: Yang Zhao’s Backer
Chapter 230: Yang Zhao Retaliates! The Situation Changes Again
Chapter 231: Heading Straight for the Dragonteeth Guard Headquarters
Chapter 232: Elder Iron Arrives
Chapter 233: Three Arrows to the Head, Slapping Elder Iron’s Face
Chapter 234: Ye Chonglou’s Strong Attitude
Chapter 235: Yang Zhao is Dead?
Chapter 236: Must Repair Relations with Jiang Chen
Chapter 237: Iron Father and Son, Secrets of the Sixteen Kingdoms
Chapter 238: The Goldbiter Rat King’s First Taste of Sweetness
Chapter 239: Breakthrough, Second Level Spirit Realm!
Chapter 240: A Brand New Old Man Fei
Chapter 241: Proposing a Marriage, a Wedding
Chapter 242: A Frightening Entourage to Propose Marriage
Chapter 243: Jiang Chen is My Honored Master!
Chapter 244: Palace Head Ning Wavers
Chapter 245: The Conflict Escalates
Chapter 246: Old Man Fei’s Extraordinary Face Slapping
Chapter 247: The Marriage is Settled
Chapter 248: A Plan for Future Strength
Chapter 249: The Mysterious Grandfather and Granddaughter Appear Again
Chapter 250: Elder Shun, Observing Jiang Chen from the Shadows
Chapter 251: Something’s Happened to Gouyu?
Chapter 252: The Purple Sun Sect is Involved?
Chapter 253: In a Precarious Situation, the Scorching Green Ray
Chapter 254: Battle Between Geniuses of Two Great Sects
Chapter 255: The Bewitching Lotus Reveals Its Might
Chapter 256: The Lotus Devours and Grows
Chapter 257: The Disciple Scared Witless
Chapter 258: Jiang Feng’s Departure
Chapter 259: The Monsterapes Begin to Awaken
Chapter 260: Dan Fei’s News
Chapter 261: Visiting the Honored Tutor
Chapter 262: Rumors of the Upper Eighth Realm
Chapter 263: The Great Selection, the Legacy Territory of Ancient Times
Chapter 264: Dan Fei Falls in Love
Chapter 265: The Law Enforcement Disciples of the Sect
Chapter 266: The Eight Trigrams Assimilation Formation Appears Again!
Chapter 267: Battling the Earth Spirit Realm
Chapter 268: The Sect Disciples Ankle Deep in Mud
Chapter 269: To Be in a Quandary
Chapter 270: Jiang Chen’s Resolute Killing Intent
Chapter 271: A Good Opportunity to Extort Someone
Chapter 272: The Iron Family Panics
Chapter 273: A Great Extortion, Making Out like a Bandit
Chapter 274: Startling News About the Great Selection
Chapter 275: Giving Pointers to Lordmaster Ye Chonglou


Chapters 276-317: The First Selection

Chapter 276: The Final Preparations Before the Great Selection
Chapter 277: Curtains Open on the Great Selection
Chapter 278: The Four Great Forefathers
Chapter 279: The Five Trials of the First Selection
Chapter 280: Three Sects Fight Over Jiang Chen
Chapter 281: The Purple Sun Sect’s Decision
Chapter 282: Jiang Chen Refuses
Chapter 283: The First Trial, Path of Rebirth
Chapter 284: Trial After Trial
Chapter 285: A Myriad of Illusions, Heart as a Boulder
Chapter 286: One with Genius Strength of Heart Has Appeared
Chapter 287: A Thousand Attentions Concentrated on One
Chapter 288: The Trial of Talent, Jiang Chen’s Choice
Chapter 289: A Freak with the Boulder’s Heart
Chapter 290: The Endless Mountain
Chapter 291: A Magnetic Storm
Chapter 292: Treasure of the Ninth Floor, the Thundercloud Tree
Chapter 293: The Thundercloud Golden Beetle
Chapter 294: Marching Onto the Tenth Floor
Chapter 295: Danger Lurks All Around
Chapter 296: The Lord of the Golden Seal
Chapter 297: The Test from the Lord of the Golden Seal
Chapter 298: A Transaction and A Comprehensive
Chapter 299: The Disappearance of the Magnetic Golden Mountain
Chapter 300: Interrogation and Friendly Indications
Chapter 301: The Fourth Trial, the Perverse Genius Continues
Chapter 302: Passing Easily
Chapter 303: Jiang Chen’s Goal
Chapter 304: The Decision of Victory in the Midst of Risk
Chapter 305: The Fifth Trial, the Valley of Destruction
Chapter 306:The Strong Determine Their Destinies
Chapter 307: The Divine Tree of Dreams
Chapter 308: A Frightening Massacre
Chapter 309: Fire For a Hundred Li
Chapter 310: The Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice, Flying Through the Earth
Chapter 311: A Massacre Between Two Kings
Chapter 312: Desperate Battle, Each With Their Own Plans
Chapter 313: Earning a Profit Without Working For It
Chapter 314: A Crazy Battle
Chapter 315: Jiang Chen’s Rich!
Chapter 316: Since You’re All Courting Death, Then Go Die!
Chapter 317: No Doubt About the Champion of the First Selection


Chapters 318-341: The Second Selection: Mystic Quadrant


Chapters 342-405: The Second Selection: Finale

Chapter 342: Advancing into the Earth Spirit Quadrant
Chapter 343: Five Kinds of Rings
Chapter 344: Second Level of the Nine Transformations of Demons and Gods
Chapter 345: A Comical First Win in the Earth Quadrant
Chapter 346: Raging Tide of Flames? Too Weak!
Chapter 347: A Stab That Turns the Complex, Simple
Chapter 348: Receiving Pointers from Jiang Chen
Chapter 349: Master Shuiyue’s Resentment
Chapter 350: A Targeted Scheme
Chapter 351: Sparring Beneath the Moon
Chapter 352: A Shameless String of Fights
Chapter 353: What’s the Point of Keeping Trash?
Chapter 354: Stunning the Earth Quadrant
Chapter 355: Master Shuiyue Incites Public Anger
Chapter 356: Kill!
Chapter 357: The Situation Greatly Changes
Chapter 358: Master Shuiyue is Relieved of Her Duties
Chapter 359: Fated Rivals
Chapter 360: The Thundercloud Tree, Refining the Golden Body
Chapter 361: The Three Geniuses of the Shuiyue Faction
Chapter 362: Two Portions of Beast Blood
Chapter 363: Liu Wencai Undergoes a Complete Change
Chapter 364: The Rules of the Sky Quadrant
Chapter 365: Meeting Long Juxue Again
Chapter 366: Obtaining Points
Chapter 367: The Betting Madman
Chapter 368: Conceding Defeat, Calling You Boss
Chapter 369: Lackey for Life
Chapter 370: Always Ready for a Beating Huh?
Chapter 371: Jiang Chen’s Plan to Grind Out Points
Chapter 372: Easily Completing the Level Two mission
Chapter 373: Divine Class Potential
Chapter 374: Unprecedented, Level Five Mission
Chapter 375: Stunning the Sky Quadrant
Chapter 376: Catching Up At Top Speed
Chapter 377: Too Much of the Limelight, Time to Suppress Him a Bit?
Chapter 378: I’ll Make the Rules One Day
Chapter 379: I’ll Slap Whoever Dares Show Their Face
Chapter 380: A Meeting of the Most High
Chapter 381: The Top Geniuses Convene
Chapter 382: Jiang Chen Barges Into the Meeting
Chapter 383: Arriving Calmly, Leaving Stylishly
Chapter 384: Elder Shun and Huang’er Appear Again
Chapter 385: The Foundations of the Eternal Spirit Mountain Shakes
Chapter 386: Unexpected News
Chapter 387: The Plan to Assail the Sky Quadrant
Chapter 388: Long Juxue’s Breakthrough
Chapter 389: Long Juxue’s Mind Games
Chapter 390: The Arrival of the Final Match
Chapter 391: The Two Biggest Wild Cards in the Final Matches
Chapter 392: The Second Round of Matches Begin
Chapter 393: Thoroughly Trouncing Iron Dazhi
Chapter 394: The Fight After Comprehension
Chapter 395: Others May Forsake Me, I Cannot Give Up on Myself
Chapter 396: Top Sixteen, Selection of the Geniuses
Chapter 397: Unexpected Betrayal, Unexpected Face-Slapping
Chapter 398: Jiang Chen’s Choice
Chapter 399: The Ranking Battles
Chapter 400: Facing Off Against Lei Gangyang, Every Blow Connects Solidly
Chapter 401: Eastern Amethyst Qi, Dance of the Lightning and Thunder Snakes
Chapter 402: An Incomparable Stroke
Chapter 403: The Duel Between Fated Rivals
Chapter 404: Cleaving Long Juxue
Chapter 405: Accidents Happen


Chapters 406-459: Alliance with the Myriad Domain

Chapter 406: Eternal Spirit Mountain, Impasse
Chapter 407: Elder Shun Inquires About an Illness
Chapter 408: Generation Binding Curse
Chapter 409: Saving Someone and Seeing Them Through to the End
Chapter 410: Precious Tree Sect, Rage of Forefather Thousandleaf
Chapter 411: Eighth Level Spirit Realm
Chapter 412: Plans to Leave, Elder Shun’s Request
Chapter 413: Return to Skylaurel Kingdom
Chapter 414: Dan Fei’s Letter
Chapter 415: Return to the Eastern Kingdom
Chapter 416: Big Changes
Chapter 417: Jiang Chen’s Rage
Chapter 418: Besieging the Shangyang Kingdom
Chapter 419: In Front of the Formation
Chapter 420: Internal Conflict, Internal Strife
Chapter 421: Armageddon for the Wu Clan
Chapter 422: The Might of the Evil Golden Eye
Chapter 423: One VS Two is Still a Trampling
Chapter 424: Destroying Shuiyue, Enraging Sunchaser
Chapter 425: A Stalemate Between Origin Realms
Chapter 426: Sunchaser Backs Down
Chapter 427: Joining the Precious Tree Sect
Chapter 428: Envoy from the Sky Sect
Chapter 429: Divine Fruit of the Rosy Dawn
Chapter 430: The Iron Family Submits
Chapter 431: Calming Internal Conflict, Induction Ceremony
Chapter 432: A Domineering Arrival
Chapter 433: Domineering Arrogance, the Agreement of Nine Matches
Chapter 434: The Momentum of Utter Trampling
Chapter 435: The Momentum of Defeat
Chapter 436: Jiang Chen Emerges From Closed Door Cultivation, Strikes Back with Strength
Chapter 437: One Point, One Palm. Astounding His Opponents
Chapter 438: The Aura of the Earth Origin Realm
Chapter 439: Zuo Lan Flees in a Panic
Chapter 440: The Inheritance from the Precious Tree of the Rosy Dawn
Chapter 441: A Hundred Flowers Bloom When Huang’er Smiles
Chapter 442: The Origin of the Ninesuns Sky Sect
Chapter 443: Regal Pill Palace, Intentions to Ally
Chapter 444: Envoy from the Regal Pill Palace
Chapter 445: Initial Alliance Agreement
Chapter 446: Regal Pill Palace Head
Chapter 447: Gathering At the Precious Tree Sect
Chapter 448: Strange Phenomenon in the Skies
Chapter 449: Jiang Chen Enters the Origin Realm
Chapter 450: Sky Sect Against the Regal Pill Palace
Chapter 451: Wait For Me to Behead Sunchaser’s Dog of a Head
Chapter 452: Battling Sunchaser
Chapter 453: Chasing Sunchaser
Chapter 454: Destroying Sunchaser, Shocking Feng Beidou
Chapter 455: A Fight Between Earth Sage Realm, Golden Lotuses Surge
Chapter 456: A Match Full of Suspense
Chapter 457: The Olden Times of the Myriad Domain
Chapter 458: The Paramount Realm in the Myriad Domain
Chapter 459: Traveling to the Regal Pill Palace 


Chapters 460-531: Establishment in the Regal Pill Palace

Chapter 460: The Identity of a Core Disciple
Chapter 461: Jiang Chen Refuses To Be Taken Down a Peg
Chapter 462: The Demigod of Wood
Chapter 463: Great Barkers Are No Biters
Chapter 464: Stunning Four Seats with One Point
Chapter 465: Huang’er Makes Her Move
Chapter 466: A Contest of Controlling Fire
Chapter 467: Winning in the Dao of Pills, Facing Off with Martial Dao
Chapter 468: The Pitched Battle Between Origin Realm Cultivators
Chapter 469: Fame With One Match
Chapter 470: The Endless Recruitment of the Elders
Chapter 471: An Eight Star Mission
Chapter 472: The Hexarune Dragon Pill
Chapter 473: Pill Refinement Pointers
Chapter 474: Rewards After Pill Formation
Chapter 475: The Allusion of the Pill Battles of Mt. Rippling Mirage
Chapter 476: Breakthrough, Peak of Second Level Origin Realm
Chapter 477: Geniuses Converge on Bluesky Mountain
Chapter 478: Fists Determine Reason
Chapter 479: Danger Emerges
Chapter 480: Chaos in the Lava Region
Chapter 481: Schemes and Plots
Chapter 482: Waste of Scheming, Easy Trampling
Chapter 483: Rune of Heavenly Water, Prison of Water
Chapter 484: Dragon!
Chapter 485: Jiang Chen Reveals Himself
Chapter 486: Use of All Trump Cards, Destroying Wei Wudao
Chapter 487: Dancing with Dragons
Chapter 488: Cutting the Hair and Washing the Marrow, An Enormous Change
Chapter 489: Returning with Fruitful Results
Chapter 490: The Battle Over Residences in the Sovereign Area
Chapter 491: Gifting Pills to Ye Chonglou
Chapter 492: Blood of a True Dragon
Chapter 493: Tang Hong Becomes a Golden Thigh to Hug
Chapter 494: The Open minded and Straightforward Palace Head Dan Chi
Chapter 495: The Tussle Begins
Chapter 496: A Dominating First
Chapter 497: Threats and Temptation
Chapter 498: Jiang Chen Strikes Back, Linghu Runs Into Bad Luck
Chapter 499: Astounding Answering Speed
Chapter 500: Temporarily First
Chapter 501: The Only Uncertainty
Chapter 502: Final Rankings, Assignment of Residences
Chapter 503: Innate Wood Constitution of High Order
Chapter 504: Taking Up Residence
Chapter 505: The Conception of a Formation
Chapter 506: The Monthly Sovereign Area Meeting
Chapter 507: Suppression and Counterattack
Chapter 508: If We’re Going to Bet, Let’s Make a Bigger Bet
Chapter 509: Enormous Arm of Buddha’s Warrior Attendant
Chapter 510: Jiang Chen Wins the Bet
Chapter 511: You Have Questions? The Hell Does It Have To Do With Me
Chapter 512: Handing Out the Wood Spirit Spring
Chapter 513: Tempting the Ancient Cicada
Chapter 514: A Dominating Proclamation
Chapter 515: The Dao of Wealth
Chapter 516: Jiang Chen’s Amazing Arts
Chapter 517: Shen Trifire Bows in Defeat
Chapter 518: Elder Lian Cheng
Chapter 519: An Opportunity to Get Rich Comes Knocking
Chapter 520: Demanding A High Price
Chapter 521: The Utmost Pill Battle (I)
Chapter 522: The Utmost Pill Battle (II)
Chapter 523: The Authority After One Battle
Chapter 524: Formation Preparations
Chapter 525: Assimilating the Golden Cicada’s Bloodline
Chapter 526: Successful Formation Setup
Chapter 527: The Ling Family Sisters
Chapter 528: Ling Bi’er’s Trouble
Chapter 529: A Crazy Ling Hui’er
Chapter 530: Fifth Level Origin Realm
Chapter 531: The Thorny Problem of the Divine Befuddlement Miasma


Chapters 532-599: Pill Battles of Mt. Rippling Mirage

Chapter 532: Converging on Mt. Rippling Mirage
Chapter 533: Provocation of Heavyweights
Chapter 534: Bi’er’s Pursuer
Chapter 535: Femme Fatale?
Chapter 536: Baffling Killing Intent
Chapter 537: A Grand Bet
Chapter 358: The Pill Battles Begin
Chapter 539: Champion of Fire Control
Chapter 540: Renewed Frenzy
Chapter 541: Attacked By All Sides
Chapter 542: Ding Tong Extends an Invitation
Chapter 543: Jiang Chen’s Strange Actions
Chapter 544: Art of Spirit Reaping
Chapter 545: A Triple Champion
Chapter 546: Temptress Wei Xing’er
Chapter 547: The Way of Divergent Pills, Jiang Chen Finds an Opening
Chapter 548: The Longevity Pill
Chapter 549: Rich Fruits of Achievement
Chapter 550: Verbal Sparring
Chapter 551: A Proud Walkabout Sect
Chapter 552: The Ultimate Comeback
Chapter 553: The Uproar Brought By the Longevity Pill
Chapter 554: Pill King, Pill Emperor
Chapter 555: Two Heavyweights Fight Over Jiang Chen
Chapter 556: Furiously Fighting Over the Longevity Pill
Chapter 557: A Preposterous Bidding War
Chapter 558: The Longevity Pill That Turns Back Time
Chapter 559: A Thrilling and Exciting Effect
Chapter 560: Mt. Rippling Mirage
Chapter 561: Ding Tong’s Background
Chapter 562: Who’s the Prey Now?
Chapter 563: Destroying Ding Tong
Chapter 564: The Hidden Chameleon Cloudpine
Chapter 565: Intent After Glimpsing Wealth
Chapter 566: Killing and Counter Killing
Chapter 567: Plotting and Scheming
Chapter 568: A Dejected Elder Wu Hen
Chapter 569: Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 570: The Appearance of the Ancient Herb Garden
Chapter 571: Once in Three Thousand Years
Chapter 572: The Ulterior Motives of the Tristar Sect
Chapter 573: The Sacred Sword Palace Elicits Public Anger
Chapter 574: The Rippling Mirage Formation
Chapter 575: The Sage Fledgling Grass
Chapter 576: Jiang Chen’s Rich!
Chapter 577: His Only Crime Was His Wealth
Chapter 578: A Series of Bizarre Events
Chapter 579: Jiang Chen, You Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing!
Chapter 580: Meeting Wang Han Again
Chapter 581: The Divine Island
Chapter 582: Being Framed
Chapter 583: Asking For A Face Slapping
Chapter 584: Wang Han Slaps His Own Face
Chapter 585: Rules of Division
Chapter 586: Fighting Uproariously Over Spirit Herbs
Chapter 587: Deliberate Suppression
Chapter 588: The Sacred Altar
Chapter 589: Appearance of the Sky Rank Spirit Herbs
Chapter 590: Is Jiang Chen Crazy?
Chapter 591: Jiang Chen In Control of Everything
Chapter 592: Profiteering
Chapter 593: An Exorbitant Price for the Antidote
Chapter 594: Returning with Arms Full of Loot
Chapter 595: A Solo Operation
Chapter 596: Each With Their Own Plots
Chapter 597: Elder Chen’s Doomsday
Chapter 598: Sudden Changes in the Altar
Chapter 599: The Formation Closes


Chapters 600-635: Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect

Chapter 600: The Mysterious Cemetery, The Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect
Chapter 601: The Mysterious Ruins
Chapter 602: Jiang Chen Trapped!
Chapter 603: Sky Origin Realm, Breaking Through the First Formation
Chapter 604: Thundercloud Cicada Wings, Magnetic Golden Mountain
Chapter 605: The Hearts of the Girls
Chapter 606: The Ten Great Disciples, Sky Sect Geniuses
Chapter 607: Attack on the Regal Pill Palace
Chapter 608: An Arrogant Cao Jin
Chapter 609: Mysterious Cloaked Person
Chapter 610: There’s Always Someone Stronger
Chapter 611: Fleeing For His Life
Chapter 612: The Ancient Slaughter Formation
Chapter 613: Jiang Chen Challenges the Formation
Chapter 614: The Mystery of the Myriad Domain
Chapter 615: Disbandment of the Tristar Sect
Chapter 616: Partitioning the Tristar Sect
Chapter 617: Ninth Level Origin Realm
Chapter 618: Breaking Through All Three Outer Formations
Chapter 619: An Unrepentant Cao Jin
Chapter 620: A Storm Brews Again Over Mt. Rippling Mirage
Chapter 621: Haggling
Chapter 622: Finally Entering the Sage Realm
Chapter 623: Challenging the Tower of Inheritance
Chapter 624: For Everything That Exists, There Exists Its Counter
Chapter 625: The Three Treasures of Inheritance
Chapter 626: Who’s the Prey?
Chapter 627: Destroying One First
Chapter 628: Toyed By the Formation
Chapter 629: Divide and Conquer
Chapter 630: Victory in Numbers, Who’s Afraid of Who?
Chapter 631: The Battle That Caused Cao Jin To Have a Mental Breakdown
Chapter 632: Cao Jin Dying With Everlasting Regret
Chapter 633: Jiang Chen’s Departure
Chapter 634: Conflict in the Regal Pill Palace
Chapter 635: Return to the Regal Pill Palace 


Chapters 636-702: Myriad Grand Ceremony

Chapter 636: Rumors from Ancient Times
Chapter 637: The Young Master Has Ascended to the Sage Realm?
Chapter 638: Dispelling the Divine Befuddlement Miasma, Senior Sister Reveals Her Thoughts
Chapter 639: Upgrade to the Nine Gates Incineration Formation
Chapter 640: Setting Out for the Myriad Grand Ceremony
Chapter 641: Tragic Ruins
Chapter 642: The Cocky Sacred Sword Palace
Chapter 643: Alliance Proposal
Chapter 644: The Great Scarlet Mid Region
Chapter 645: Hotly Ambitious
Chapter 646: Huang’er, Bi’er, and the Lingering Affections of Young Women
Chapter 647: Jiang Chen Confers Knowledge in Sword Dao
Chapter 648: Encountering a Genius of the Sacred Sword Palace
Chapter 649: A Bizzare Match
Chapter 650: Sent Flying With One Kick
Chapter 651: Stunning All Sides
Chapter 652: The Fires of Battle Continue
Chapter 653: Voluntary Forfeit
Chapter 654: Jiang Chen Muddies The Waters
Chapter 655: Jiang Chen Takes The Field
Chapter 656: Jiang Chen VS Wang Han
Chapter 657: Light from the Eyes Breaks Through Mystical Ice
Chapter 658: We All Have Trump Cards, But I’m Still Stronger Than You
Chapter 659: The Utter Domination of Wang Han
Chapter 660: The Sacred Sword Palace Withdraws
Chapter 661: The List of Top Four
Chapter 662: Finals, each Punch Finding Its Target
Chapter 663: The Power of Bloodlines Shocks the Audience
Chapter 664: A Physical Battle to a Civil One, A Battle of Grace
Chapter 665: Forfeiting with Frankness
Chapter 666: Jiang Chen Reveals Himself, Astounds All Present
Chapter 667: Sacred Sword Palace, All Of You Come At Me Together
Chapter 668: Opening of the Myriad Domain Paramount Realm
Chapter 669: The Ming Tuo Relic
Chapter 670: The Transcendent Region
Chapter 671: Huang’er Sounds the Warning
Chapter 672: Dan Chi Retreats
Chapter 673: Like Turtles in a Jar
Chapter 674: Qin Mo, Besieged on All Sides
Chapter 675: Diverting the Heat
Chapter 676: The Sacred Sword Palace Betrayal
Chapter 677: Hunting in the Paramount Realm
Chapter 678: Emperor Featherflight, The Mysterious Palace
Chapter 679: Ling Bi’er’s Circumstances
Chapter 680: Jiang Chen Reveals Himself
Chapter 681: Jiang Chen Successfully Schemes Against the Two
Chapter 682: Emperor Featherflight’s Remains
Chapter 683: Refining the Abode
Chapter 684: Two Inheritances
Chapter 685: Encounter on a Narrow Path
Chapter 686: The Stalwart Ling Bi’er
Chapter 687: The Terrifying Power of Restriction
Chapter 688: Devastating Battle Situation
Chapter 689: Jiang Chen to the Rescue
Chapter 690: The Shattered Sect
Chapter 691: Huang’er Makes A Move Again
Chapter 692: Huang’er’s Affection
Chapter 693: The Counterattack Begins
Chapter 694: A Bold Plan
Chapter 695: Baiting a Fifth Level Sage Realm Genius
Chapter 696: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Chapter 697: Capturing Gong Qi Alive
Chapter 698: More Unexpected Events Arise
Chapter 699: Consecutive Blows
Chapter 700: Immense Losses
Chapter 701: Bounty, Pursuit


Chapters 702-751: Veluriyam Capital

Chapter 702: New Journey, Veluriyam Capital
Chapter 703: Dan Chi Captured?
Chapter 704: The Tyrannical Eternal Celestial Capital
Chapter 705: Encountering Old Acquaintances
Chapter 706: Dog Eat Dog Between First Rank Sects
Chapter 707: The Tragedy Caused by a Single Sword
Chapter 708: Tricked by Jiang Chen
Chapter 709: Gifting Huang’er an Opportunity
Chapter 710: Huang’er’s True Face Is Revealed
Chapter 711: Gathering at Infant Shriek
Chapter 712: A Three Way Match-Up
Chapter 713: The Crimson Heavens Formation Disk Reveals Its Might
Chapter 714: Complete Annihilation?
Chapter 715: None Left Alive
Chapter 716: Famed Throughout the Regions
Chapter 717: The Final Hurdle
Chapter 718: Many Troubles
Chapter 719: Ninelaugh Golden Buddha Powder
Chapter 720: A Transaction Style Medical Consultation
Chapter 721: Young Master of the Wei Family
Chapter 722: Barred At the Northern Gate
Chapter 723: A Narrow Escape Through the Northern Gate
Chapter 724: A Candid Interaction
Chapter 725: Veluyiram Capital
Chapter 726: Slave Market
Chapter 727: Why Don’t You Beg Me Instead?
Chapter 728: Preliminary News
Chapter 729: A Revolting Business Custom
Chapter 730: You Forced Me to Rob You
Chapter 731: Regal Pill Palace Disciples
Chapter 732: Running Into Yet Another Problem
Chapter 733: Gouyu Awakens
Chapter 734: Intra-Sect Friendship
Chapter 735: Group Acceptance
Chapter 736: Ten Sage Realm Cultivators Submit
Chapter 737: Lord of the Majestic Clan
Chapter 738: Wave After Wave
Chapter 739: The Goal of Establishing Himself in Veluriyam Capital
Chapter 740: Inner Turmoil At House Wei
Chapter 741: The Deviant Pill Faction
Chapter 742: Jiang Chen Strikes
Chapter 743: Elder Zhuo’s Great Admiration
Chapter 744: The Secret Recipe That Makes Wei Mo Blush
Chapter 745: Great Success
Chapter 746: Half-step Immortal Elixir Pill
Chapter 747: A Battle Between Pill Kings
Chapter 748: A Game of Life and Death
Chapter 749: Sudden Turnabout
Chapter 750: The Coming of the End
Chapter 751: All is Ready


Chapters 752-785: Deviant Pill Faction


Chapters 786-: Coiling Dragon Clan
Chapter 786: Imperial Advent Defense Talisman
Chapter 787: Mutual Love, Huang’er’s Background
Chapter 788: Myriad Abyss Island, Eternal Divine Kingdom
Chapter 789: News of Elder Shun
Chapter 790: Mu Gaoqi’s Whereabouts
Chapter 791: The Coiling Dragon Clan Lord
Chapter 792: Diagnosing the Coiling Dragon Clan Lord
Chapter 793: A Way to Delay Cultivation Dissipation
Chapter 794: The Five Elements Augmentation Art, Success
Chapter 795: Preparing for Long Xiaoxuan’s Breakthrough
Chapter 796: Invaders
Chapter 797: Leave None Alive
Chapter 798: The Loyal Captain Zhang
Chapter 799: The Murong Clan
Chapter 800: The Coiling Dragon Clan Turning of the Tables
Chapter 801: Long Xiaoxuan’s Human Form
Chapter 802: Emperor Shura’s Interference?
Chapter 803: When Kings Fight, Vassals Suffer
Chapter 804: Jiang Chen Sets A Plan In Motion
Chapter 805: Taiyuan Lodge Opens Once More
Chapter 806: Free Longevity Pills
Chapter 807: Whetting One’s Appetite
Chapter 808: The Peafowl Guard
Chapter 809: Take Them Down
Chapter 810: The Domineering Peafowl Guard
Chapter 811: Taiyuan Lodge Is Done For Again
Chapter 812: Emperor Shura
Chapter 813: Seething With Rage
Chapter 814: Fifth Level Sage Realm
Chapter 815: Emperor Peafowl
Chapter 816: Emperor Peafowl’s Intentions
Chapter 817: All-Seeing Eyes
Chapter 818: Redistribution of Longevity Pills
Chapter 819: The Sacred Peafowl Mountain
Chapter 820: An Imperial Opportunity
Chapter 821: The Test Begins
Chapter 822: Passing Three Stages in a Row
Chapter 823: The Thousand Peafowl Mural
Chapter 824: Unexpected News
Chapter 825: Pentecolor Divine Swords
Chapter 826: Provocation from Pillfire City
Chapter 827: Preemptive Strike
Chapter 828: Emperor Pillzenit
Chapter 829: The Preparations of a No Preparation Period
Chapter 830: Emperor Peafowl’s Wish
Chapter 831: Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s Inheritance
Chapter 832: News of Ling Hui’er