Sovereign of the Three Realms joining Wuxiaworld!

How’s that for a humdinger of a post title? (Although the cat was wayyyy outta the bag, y’all are amazing sleuths!) I’m truly beyond excited and honored to announce that STR has been invited to join Wuxiaworld! *capers happily* We’re joining on a leap year! 😀 It’s always been a dream of mine that STR (whoops, guess we’re called SOTR now) would make it onto the greater audience at WW. Although I’m infinitely grateful to the brave, the few, the mighty who’s been here since chapter 1 and followed us all the way, I really wanted SOTR to be noticed by as big of an audience as possible.

This, along with real life, has been the reason behind our apologetically messed up release schedule last week. The round of changes I made a post about were also in preparation to move to WW. I’ve also been doing as best of an TLC I could for all previous 50 chapters. This process was arduous, painful and mind numbingly boring for me. So I’d like to recruit a TLCer! Someone to give a little TLC to the chapters after translation. STR tends to be written a bit more flowery and abstract than most, so if you’re up to the task and want to get advance preview to STR chapters, please contact us using the form to the upper right!

As we make this move, I’d love to thank my dearest editor Kidyeon who was the first to take a chance on me in the translating community, for dealing with my utter ineptitude at websites (everything you see on volareTL is all him!) and my random butt translation times. I’d also like to thank you, readers, for loving and reading the series! And a big thank you to the sponsors (who are also forever thanked in the STR TOC) who kept us publishing 5x a week for the last month! And finally a thank you to Ren for enjoying the series!

Now, as for the previously promised Sunday/Monday (depending on your time zone) double release of regular chapter + sponsored chapter.. in celebration of our move and as an apology for the delayed schedule last week, there’s still a double release! Of two sponsored chapters. 😀 This clears the queue for the wonderfully generous donation from anonymous of TX, USA and is the first chapter from another generous donation from Joseph G of serving his country, US(But give me a sec to post them please, I’m getting flooded with comments everywhere. Much <3 to everyone).

Now what does this mean for volareTL? Will we become an empty shell just posting links to other sites? Stay tuned… 😀 And as a parting gift, LOL at my friend Studmonster.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.45.01 AM

And I, Kidyeon, want to thank all of you readers too!  You guys have no idea how much it means to me see all this moving along like this… and I’m now like… “Something I’m editing for is on WW?!  When and how did this happen?!  OMGWTFBBQ!”
I’m just an editor – replaceable.  I’m someone who’s a dime a dozen, compared to etvolare.  She is someone who can actually translate – and not just that, someone who can do so at a professional level!  Have you guys checked out Fausts Alptraum?!
Anyway, I don’t really have word for all the great feelings that I have accrued from this.  All I can say is… enjoy the read, and see you next chapter!