Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 50

Oh my gosh it’s chapter 50!

Hello all, this is the chapter that would’ve been published on Tuesday — apologies for the tardiness. Kidyeon’s been slammed by real life lately, and in the last seven days I’ve moved halfway across the world, been giving 120% on something that y’all will soon see the results of, and managed to put out double releases on two days with no stockpile. ><

This is also a bit of a moving chapter for me. STR was the first novel that I started with on the online wuxia community scene, a little over three months ago. Since then I’ve done a little more than 110 chapters spread out across three projects, finished translating a video game and gotten requests to do two more. My goodness!

We continue to appreciate your patronage though! We will be soon clearing the queue for the absolutely generous donation from anonymous of TX, USA, and have had another extremely thoughtful donation from Joseph G of serving his country, US. You guys are keeping us busy!