SOTR Chapter 393

Let’s stick with the flower for a bit

Edited by: Oz

I’m re-appropriating it as the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice! Since Jiang Chen is about to fight. Will he bring out the Lotus? I don’t know since I don’t read ahead. 😀

But aiii I see a lot of hearts going out to Chu Xinghan. Me. Too! The poor guy. Imagine if your master of twenty years just upped and discarded you like this… b*tches will be b*tches indeed. I had a lot of fun putting that into English. That line in the raws actually came from an imperial harem themed drama immensely popular in 2015. The line became so popular that it was used in a lot of variety shows and Youtube vids. (Vid after the break)

She says the line at 0:30.

This is villainous numero uno for a good part of the drama, lamenting that the Emperor has gone to stay in the female MC’s residence for the night. She asks her maids, “Hasn’t the MC been turning down the Emperor all this time?”

Her maid responds, “That’s what this servant has heard, but for some reason she accepted the Emperor again.”

all together now.

Villainous says with tears in her eyes, “B*tches will be b*tches.”

<3 etvo