Song of Exile

Song of Exile coverBorn under a bad sign, little Cai Wenchang is blamed for an epidemic that killed his parents and over a hundred of his kinsmen in Cai Family Village.

Bullied, beaten, under-clothed and underfed, forced to work hard day in and day out, he ekes out a living the best he can. 

A chance encounter with an old freak sets off a chain of events that will change his fate. 

Having taken all the torment he can take, Wenchang decides to enter the jianghu and join the ranks of society’s seedy underbelly. He will walk his own path and show them that he is not a helpless lamb, that the years of abuse he received have been carved into his bones and engraved in his heart.

But once you enter the jianghu, it is not so easy to get out…

Written by: Yun Zhongyue 雲中岳
translated and edited by: Guan Zhong (GZ) Twitter | Instagram | Website

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Translator’s Note: Song of Exile, 《亡命之歌》, is a print wuxia novel originally published in 1965 in Taiwan by author Yun Zhongyue (1930-2010). This is not a webnovel, but is being adapted for the web for publishing here. It has been licensed directly with the author’s family. Big thanks to them for being so cooperative and supportive of this project. Song of Exile is a novel I have been wanting to publish officially for over three and a half years. Yun Zhongyue was the first wuxia author I discovered when I moved to Taiwan in 2010, when I barely knew any Chinese. Since then I have learned more about his work and the wuxia genre in general. Song of Exile is one of Master Yun’s best novels. I read one netizen write once that if you have not read Song of Exile then you have not read Yun Zhongyue, and I agree as it is a good representation of his overall style, which is one of realism and detail.

The novel is set during the Jiajing reign period of the Ming dynasty. Master Yun’s characters and world are true-to-life, both with regard to historical detail as well as human personality and behavior. His characters feel like real people, his villages and cities feel like real places. His descriptions of geography and other cultural minutiae are based on extensive research, and unlike most wuxia authors of his day, he outlined his novels beforehand and wrote them in their entirety before publishing them, as opposed to the chapter-by-chapter newspaper serializations of his peers. The result is a novel with a tight plot and a satisfying resolution, and without any filler.

Wuxia is a relatively unknown genre in the West, and it’s the first licensed wuxia novel to be published in our webnovel community. SOE is a pretty good introduction to the genre, actually, as it illustrates clearly what certain concepts such as the jianghu are, so that just by reading this novel you will be pretty much up to speed on what wuxia is all about. Unlike the fantasy and xianxia novels popular here, wuxia focuses more on realistic (albeit exaggerated) martial arts and character relationships. There are no qi cultivation ranks. There is, however, plenty of martial arts fighting.

Song of Exile is one of my favorite wuxia novels, and Yun Zhongyue one of my favorite wuxia authors. I hope many of you like it as well.


Note: This novel, being a print novel, is rather short compared to most webnovels. About 160+ chapters. So no need to stack up too much first.

Warning: This novel is intended for a mature audience. It contains strong language, violence, and adult themes. Reader discretion is advised.

Table of Contents

1: Altruism and Animosity on Tiger Ridge
Chapter 1: Death of a Hero
Chapter 2: White Tiger Star
Chapter 3: Hare Hunting
Chapter 4: The Old Freak
Chapter 5: Second Encounter
Chapter 6: Qigong Training
Chapter 7: Jade Marrow Dragonhorn
2: The Golden Dragon Bares Its Claws
Chapter 8: Snowball Fight
Chapter 9: The Final Straw
Chapter 10: Fine Horse Village
Chapter 11: Invitations
Chapter 12: A Warning
Chapter 13: Meeting the Flood Dragon
Chapter 14: Street Fight
3. Affection and Enmity Begin to Form
Chapter 15: Negotiations
Chapter 16: Down the Dark Alley
Chapter 17: The Code of the Jianghu
Chapter 18: A Way Out
Chapter 19: Black Iron Pagoda
Chapter 20: The Banquet
Chapter 21: Deadly Designs
4. Wreaking Havoc in Fine Horse Village
Chapter 22: A Show of Stilts
Chapter 23: Ambush
Chapter 24: Making a Friend
Chapter 25: Death Arrives
Chapter 26: Farewell
Chapter 27: A Lesson in the Jianghu
Chapter 28: Battle in the Valley
5. The Martial Fraternity at War
Chapter 29: The Autumn Mountain Mist Painting
Chapter 30: Two Masters Duel
Chapter 31: The Road to Tong Pass
Chapter 32: Spring Comes Early
Chapter 33: The Revenant Swordplay
Chapter 34: Assailed in the Snow
Chapter 35: Haunted Ruins
6. Strange Temple Apparitions
Chapter 36: Captive
Chapter 37: The Tunnel
Chapter 38: The Main Hall
Chapter 39: Silver Sword
Chapter 40: Frigid Scorpion
Chapter 41: Young Master Mei Lin
Chapter 42: Manipulation
7. Bloodshed in the City
Chapter 43: Breached
Chapter 44: Chang’an Tavern
Chapter 45: Tavern Brawl
Chapter 46: The Three Heroes of Chang’an
Chapter 47: The Young Nun
Chapter 48: Entering the City
Chapter 49: Tweaking the Tiger’s Whiskers
8. Chivalrous Courage
Chapter 50: Iron Claw
Chapter 51: Giving Chase
Chapter 52: Make Way!
Chapter 53: Hold Up
Chapter 54: End of the Rope
Chapter 55: Pandemonium
Chapter 56: Yin-Yang Bone Sword
9. Nine-Cycle Elixir
Chapter 57: Misery Valley
Chapter 58: A Scene of Carnage
Chapter 59: Cultivation
Chapter 60: Monk Fight
Chapter 61: The Exchange
Chapter 62: Hand It Over
Chapter 63: Payback
10. Good Will Be Rewarded
Chapter 64: Interference
Chapter 65: Bloodsucker Feng’s Mansion
Chapter 66: Night Ambush
Chapter 67: Night Escape
Chapter 68: An Angel Appears
Chapter 69: Red Sand Palm
Chapter 70: Home Invasion
11. Sleek Horse, Soft Furs
Chapter 71: Eye For An Eye
Chapter 72: The Fugitive
Chapter 73: Alarm Bell
Chapter 74: Robbed
Chapter 75: Entertaining an Eminent Man
Chapter 76: Spring Outing
Chapter 77: Flirting
12. Secluded Experts
Chapter 78: Great Wild Goose Pagoda
Chapter 79: Surrounded
Chapter 80: Showdown
Chapter 81: Iron Arm Ape
Chapter 82: Pagoda Fight
Chapter 83: Lightning Bolt
Chapter 84: Snake Demon Alchemist
13. Tragedy at the Wen Estate
Chapter 85: The Pleasure Quarters
Chapter 86: I’ll See Myself In

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