Song of Exile Chapters 1-21

Woot! Song of Exile is finally here!
You can check out the table of contents here:
I will be releasing daily with bonus chapters when I can.

Chapter 1: Death of a Hero
Chapter 2: White Tiger Star
Chapter 3: Hare Hunting
Chapter 4: The Old Freak
Chapter 5: Second Encounter
Chapter 6: Qigong Training
Chapter 7: Jade Marrow Dragonhorn
Chapter 8: Snowball Fight
Chapter 9: The Final Straw
Chapter 10: Fine Horse Village
Chapter 11: Invitations
Chapter 12: A Warning
Chapter 13: Meeting the Flood Dragon
Chapter 14: Street Fight
Chapter 15: Negotiations
Chapter 16: Down the Dark Alley
Chapter 17: The Code of the Jianghu
Chapter 18: A Way Out
Chapter 19: Black Iron Pagoda
Chapter 20: The Banquet
Chapter 21: Deadly Designs