Slight terminology clarification within GDK

Hello all,

A light bulb abruptly blinked over my head as I was translating the latest chapter of GDK. All along, we’ve been aware that Han Shuo possessed some mysterious magical yuan that he got thanks to Chu Cang Lan. This enabled him to practice the demonic art, which no one else in this world seems to have been able to do. The “yuan” is a direct, pinyin translation from the raws because it would’ve been too confusing and vague down the road to use “element” or any other variant.

However, starting about 50 chapters or so ago, the author also frequently mentioned magical “gong” — with this character meaning service, achievement, work, or craft. He seemed to use this interchangeably with the magical yuan, and I just ignored it — thinking it was a mistake as authors are wont to do sometimes. It finally clicked for me that he means magical cultivation, since Han Shuo’s school of art is a mix of magic and wuxia. Han Shuo has progressed to a point now where he’s actually cultivating and becoming something great in this path.

So going forward, you’ll start to see words such as “magical cultivation” and “demonic cultivator”, keeping in line with what I believe are the author’s intentions. Pardon it took me so long to realize, and I hope this heads off any confusion beforehand!