Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since my last recommendation, but I have a good reason for that. I was watching an anime which is today’s recommendation. It’s an old anime from 20 years ago called Slayers. Don’t underestimate the high potential of entertainment of the series. You just have to get over the art and focus on the characters and story’s plot.

One of the things I love about the series is the characters, especially the main character, Lina Inverse. Far too often when it came to female protagonist, there is a certain frame that they are set into be it in japanese or chinese novels, animation and others. Sometimes we get the archetypes female main character that act more like a man, but I personally found that the character end up not balanced despite the author/creator adding moe characteristics. In recent years, we get to see more well-rounded female protagonists either on screen or in books which is a good things. But amongst them, Lina still stayed as one of the oldest well-rounded female characters that existed.

The first episode of Slayers started really well with Lina bombing a bandit lair and stealing their treasure… Lina Inverse is a young teenager, but also a strong and infamous sorceress traveling around the world, causing troubles everywhere and also saving people. She met with various companions and her hilarious yet serious journey will bring her to push the limit of her abilities. There’s no real romance in it since the author is not an adept of it. XD

There’s no good trailer of the anime because it’s so old, so I found an AMV of the opening song of Slayers. I love that song.

It’s so easy to find the anime on youtube. I don’t usually do this, but here’s the complete first episode for a change. I prefer subs over dubs, but the english is also very easy to find.