Runway Cop (2012)

Happy friday everyone!

It’s already December! The end of the year is approaching, but before that it’s crappy weather time. Where I live, it doesn’t really snow, more like raining some days, ice raining the others, then everything melt and, next day, it’s freezing to the point my eyeballs felt stuck in my sockets. This week, the weather was cloudy all day and it made me miss summer.

To counter the bad weather, this week recommendation is a hilarious korean movie from 2012, Runway Cop. It’s good humour, nothing like American Pie. In fact, this movie has a similar humour and plot line as Miss Congeniality (2000) with Sandra Bullock. I personally find Runway Cop more hilarious than Miss Congeniality.

Runway Cop is the story of a cop who’s so busy catching criminal that he doesn’t care about taking care of himself, looking more like a fat hobo than a cop. Now, the thing is…the prime suspect for their case is a supermodel in the world of fashion. Of course, our protagonist is not the first choice to be the agent going undercover, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to do it since he wanted to catch the criminal. Now, throw in the childhood friend who became a not successful fashion design and coach him spartan style to turn into a decent model… You will laugh until your stomach hurts.

I hope this recommendation will give you a bit of sunshine to your weekend.